Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am i am i am!! Well sort off....coz bro is getting a new car =.= Ass-much.

And here it is..

Toyota Mark X!..Jealous righttttt!! Hmph!

Its been his dream car for like ages dy...But then again, cars arent really top on my list of 'wants', though i wont really push it away if given the chance to walking contridiction much? *pouts*

Work has been crazy today, though the bosses seem to be treating me nicer than usual, which is kind of creepy. All of a sudden wanna pay allowance for my hp and my claim are paid out o.o I must say, i dont know what they're up to, but it feels like reverse psychology to me =.= They dont know who they playing this game with, when ima pro at it :p

Anddd... i overspent this month T^T, ima broke T^T, ima no money T^T..... Lol..until i get my pay again..heng i nvr even dip into my savings :p Suddenly feeling very lonely and emotional this few weeks and been splurging to keep myself happy :( Retail therapy la they say >_>*

Too bad, most of my retail therapy has been in audi. Fuggity fug fug fug!

Sigh, need to earn more moolah i can splurge more :x Sadded. Bahss..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


..bad headache comin over me all off a sudden. Maybe its because i just came out of exp :x Yaya...its been ages since i attempted joining compy, i cant even remember when i last was brutally slaughtered out of the 1st rd :( I wanna advance to at least 2nd rd like i used to leh! T^T

Extremely saddening.

Though i did quite well i must say, if not for the baka who x16 and keep kpkb'ing in the room saying how tyco he was. Ya, tyco my cute arse.. hack la >_> i was well in 1st and 2nd place until i got ninja-ed to 4th in the last min. Bah! Maybe i shd try again tomoro...if im not screwed up with work.

How i could make an endless list of how much i love my job and the crap i take daily with the measly amount im paid. Like i told someone, im doing the job of a manager and getting paid for office boy/girl. Something to that effect ok? U get the picture :)

Its like every single dam thing i have to do. No material, i order, cannot send, i go take, wages i have to take to the workers and i need to work out the pay, machine break down i have to send to shop and take back, checking on the daily progress of the site and write a daily report to the bosses *like i have time to sit down*, do price comparison, do quotation, talk to subcontractors, talk to supplier..........and on and on and on....Mind you, this is only one days' work. 'Nuf said.

Did i thank god that i have new job and leaving this one soon? Thank you God! Hallelujah!

Anyway, i think they're out to get me to do more things now tat ive officially resigned. I wonder when the "ceramah" on work ethics will start...hmmmm =.=

I intend to do what i set out to do, and finish up any loose ends with this project. Anything coming after that, they can go fug wall and do it themselves :) I can say, Monday was definitely not a good day for me. But then, so are the other 4days ._. FML really.

I didnt even tag hearts as much :( and i have 1.2k more to go. Sheesh. At some point i was even thinking, why do i even bother when u dont? And did this..

Notice anything different? Lol..

P.s. If u had bothered to look here, u would know, i would never had gone through it, it would sadden me too much, but put urself in my shoes once in a while and for once think of other ppl than yrself. Since u cant reply me, then i have nothing to say too.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farewell Weekends T^T

...and here comes the dreaded Monday :(

Didnt do much except, woke up, dragged body out of bed, went to Jp class, came home, had lunch, oinked for 2hrs, tagged hearts, oinked somemore :x, camped in mall in audi (omg im so addicted :X), tagged somemore hearts, played with babe a few rds, tagged somemore, and VOILA end of Sunday. Fun wasnt it? :DD

And oh ya, beggeddddd bro for a new movie to watch coz ive been watching all the dvd's in the hse at least 4times =.= What la....i need entertainment when i tag ma...abo sian die me :( Not tht my cpl is ard ok? *hints*

Well, he gave me this to watch...

Another remake of an old show...The Wolfman.

Which wasnt all that bad. Benicio del Toro wor...well at least thats wat my brother said when he handed it to me. Alot of ripping of body parts, intestines, head rolling, arms being flung...that sort of thing. If u like gore then this is the movie for not so much *gacks*

Didnt really like the ending though...kinda letdown. But then all good body slicers must come to their end, regardless of how cool they were..Lol :X

On a Sunday Morning~

.. and i just finished my nihon no shukudai *pouts* Very sleeepy now....*pouts again*..

But but but! 1st things 1st....



The afternoon 2nd interview was just a formality and they just wanted to see me again and look through my resume..abit of chit chat...and TADA! New job :D And best part is...more pay..way more and not as tiring...physically i mean :) Well, hoping for the best in this new company which i will be starting end of next month. Pray that im goin to have a more tolerable boss ;)

Mum has a new lappy after my last acer one dieded and is in a coma for a week now.. Sadded case coz even with numerous attempts to resusitate, it still refuse to wake up. It was my bestest companion when i was all alone working in KL, accompanying me throughout all my lonely nights T^T~ R.I.P my good friend....

Ok enuf is the new addition to our electronic family :)

Toshiba Satellite L645 :p Kinda cool also la... Hmmph!

Anyway, didnt do much except tag tag hearts..1.5k left T_T so far yet so near...In the middle of game, mum pushed an old new table to my room. Reason why i say old new is coz, its relatively new looking but bought ages ago :x There must be a reason why i didnt use it the other time...Oh wells, continuing my story, she pushed it beside my old table and this is what happened,

Mum: U wanna change to this table bo?
Me: Erm, why? Now?
Mum: Coz im clearing the back, and this is excess. Now cant change ar? Ur playing?
Me: Hmmm (is tagging considered playing?)....arh..ok i change.
Mum: Well, if u dont wan nvm, i take back to the back room *got knife liao la this sentence*
Me: Ok la, i change NOW *regardless of how much work is needed to take out all my stuff from my old table*

*pouts* I nvr can win =.=

So this is it... my extremely high table and suddenly very bright area =.= *now i know why i never used it*

So neat right? Bt abit small :( And i need a new cooler kb :(((

My wrist is still giving me problems at the moment..and its going to my thumb area hence making it painful to press space bar :( Sadded... do i need to go to the sinseh again?

Random shot of my poor hand :x Pain la :(

Ok, stop the lame-ness and time for bed and dream of my Jp homework =.=

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rest time!

Saturdayyyyy! ♥

...and so far its been an ok one. Havent really been doing much work though :S hey its been awhile since my Saturday has been this quiet and the bosses n client not coming in and staying the entire morning.. But there's still 2hrs b4 i actually finish work so im hoping they dont come in AT all...or they come after ive left :x

Ytd was tiring as expected coz we were clearing debris from the project site and the head of the workers was on 'mogok' mode and didnt come over to work so i had to watch the workers closely to make sure everything went on smoothly. Plus it was raining the entire afternoon ._. Body ached like hell when i reached home and took a bath and somehow i managed to hurt my wrist. Now i cant move my left hand fingers without it feeling painful :(

But i still managed to finish off babe's exp needed to lvl despite having wrist pains....OCD ftw! :x I just really bth when its so close and besides i get to tag hearts too wad...ish a win win situation :)

Well, will be having that interview later today after work...abit nervous...not coz of the interview, more like hoping for the best :) Hope the best for me too ya!!

Ok la, i shall be a good employee and stop blogging and facebooking for now...and do some work :p Once a while snake not bad la hor...still very good employee.. although i bitch abt work alot :x Shuuush! D:

Fairfarren all~ ♥

P.s. Why am i having tummy aches all of a sudden..? Or is it butterflies in my stomache? :x

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy TGIF!!! :)

First of all, i apologize for my "little" outburst i couldnt help it and having no one to shout it out to, i had to release the pressure somewhere =.= I just really really dislike being the middle man, coz everyone gets to indirectly direct their frustration at the other party at u. What do i look like? A punching bag? :galit:

Anyways, things got a little better in the afternoon, though its been raining like crazy these cpl of days...hopefully it continues raining over the weekend WHEN im actually NOT working? ._. It tends to be so bright and sunny and HOT when im at home.. What did i do wrong?? T^T

Work has been crazy with bosses, deciding to drop the project one day and doing back the next. Very tiring and my mind has somehow gone kinda blank when it comes to them telling me what they intend to do. Im like, Uh yea...whatever. Im even getting smses from them till 12am...siao or not? >_> And i tot it was my lansi zhu replying...guan lai..not :((

Well, like i said ytd, i got a call back fr a 2nd interview and im hoping for the terms of better pay, better working environtment though according to sis, who knows the bosses coz she's dealt with them b4, are quite nice ppl... *fingers crossed*

Maybe i wont get so tempremental and moody dy? :x

Oh ya, OM suddenly belanja-ed me this ytd when she said she was hungry (and she constantly is..) she went to get this and got one for me also O_Ov..

Cornetto!! :3 Its really been ages since i had one...nice and somemore it was raining outside...LOL :x

In case ur wondering, whats with the doodle on the ice cream....erm...i had....too much time on my hands and i know it looks sucky...Arts was nvr a strong point for me =.= Still nt bad la huh? D:

Have a great Fly-day peepos, though i know im gonna be pooped, im still thankful its finally the weekends :)


Thursday, June 24, 2010


I hate my work.

I hate my bosses.

I hate alot of things in my life today.

And i hate you.

P.s. Just got a call for 2nd interview, hopefully i get to leave my god forsaken job soon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quiet Wednesday :)

Its a cold cold Wednesday... heavy rain since this morning.. how i wish i was back home in bed :(

Work has been erm...relatively quiet. Since the arguement between my boss and the client *the undecided and fickle minded one?* which works just started ytd. Long story bt amusing as hell coz the client is just like them, count every penny n using ppl to the max =.= So when they were complaining abt hw bad those ppl were, i just agreed and said, "yeah some ppl can be so horrid" - indirectly shooting their attitude :p

And workers arent here today, more like they were here but couldnt start work due some last min stuff which im lazy to talk about, just in summary, im at peace for today and with bosses not ard = peace of mind. So am currently doing paperwork and clearing my table which has been stacked high like Mount Everest =.= Maybe i shd do origami with those papers *pouts*

But with quietness also come thoughts. Thoughts of past and present, sad memories..happy ones.. everything ba. I guess i nvr really forgot the bad stuff, just repressed it deep down so that i dont have to face it. The little-est things can remind me of how painful those memories were, how i was put down and disappointed by alot of things.

How do we forget and let go of the past?

Dont make promises today, if u intend to break them tomoro.

P.s. I go revise abit of Jp for tonight's class better =.=

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rainy Monday & Sunny Tuesday..

And to come back to a hot hot office because they switched off my aircon for *cost saving* measures is just ridiculous =.= especially when im out under the hot, sweltering sun and hoping for some cool air in the office.

To make things worse, my aircon is like 1million yrs old thus takes abt 1million yrs b4 i feel any cool air. Sheesh =.=

Monday was the complete opposite though, it rained and rained and rained through the nite till the morning till the afternoon till alot of parts of Penang actually flooded! Why didnt it rain when i was at home on Sunday?? RAWR!! I almost couldnt get out of bed and felt a kind of sickness comin over me :x

Anyway, work has hectic as predicted and rushing for completion is not fun esp if u have a undecided and picky as hell de owner. But then again, thats life eh? If only all work were fun and enjoyable and we can do what we want... LOL! :x

Despite it being an awfully tiring day, i did get to the one thing that gave me momentary reaching 61! :DD Didnt really think i would coz i was tired as hell when i got home but still the 5% was really bugging me... :X So i did it hehe :D

And i got my Lvl 61 set too...which i used to say looked kuku but i think i carry it off nicely
...dont u think Sotong? :p

Now for my new ring....which is still so far away T^T~ If only i get to cbp more often..hmmm...

Oh wells, ima prolly gonna reward myself with a new set for my hardwork and determination to get to this lvl...LOL :X WADDD! ._.

Back to me doing labour jobs, and running to and fro to hardware shop ._. Yay for me! I just friggin love my work so friggin much !!!

P.s. Just now i went to collect and send machines for repairing and the uncle which was suppose the boss and my regular repairer suddenly called out to me, "Lai sui cha bor, come inside and wait" LOLOLOL! OMFG so dam shocked and ps :x But then i think he eng siu me only la *poutssss* T^T

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sleepy weekend~

..and its ending soon :(((

And the worst part of it all was, how fuggin hot it was today. I mean i couldnt even take a nap for more than an hr coz i was practically tossing and turning just to get SOME wind or air or cold breeze...i mean anything which resembled air =.=

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. FML.

Been kinda restless the entire day since coming back from Jp class which coincidentally is moving at breakneck speed and the sensei is turning into Superman zooming past the chapters like there was no tomorrow ._. And i realised i havent been payin much attn for the last cpl of weeks lessons coz im kinda having brain exhaustion. Sighs.

Anyway, its been a dazy Sunday, me hopping ard sites and looking for things to do...looked for new wallpaper...looked for a new nicer desktop clock...looked for a new avatar for my FB profie pic..looked for stuff to do...looked looked and looked somemore.. :X

At least i managed to find some new cutesy stuff and i have a new wallpaper!! :D....

My new wallpaper ~
Actually i posted this here coz i wanna show off my pretty red desktop clock..LOL!
Lame i know.. bite me =.=

Audi? Nothing much...still crawling to get to 61 and to my new ring T^T~

But like they say, all good things must come to an end..and so life goes on, ze Monday blues are starting already. My predictions for the week? Dead tired, as usual but with another new project due to start tomoro, im even more deader. Yay to me!!

And lastly.. i just realised something.. a day which i have not celebrated since i was 8...

Happy Father's Day

... to the father i never knew :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Finally home!!!!

And to think i had to work extra on a Saturday all coz my bosses were still there and was amending some plans that was requested by clients earlier =.= Spent almost the entire morning listening to them decide and un-decide on wat to do with the renovations of their house >_>

Not that Friday was any better, kept running back and forth to site just to make sure the workers were doing the correct things and meeting with one supplier after another. As if it wasnt tiring enuf, had to hear crap from sei boss about how much work he did that day coz my OM just so happen to mentioned to him that i shd be exhausted frm all the running ard the whole day. My god, like it was some kind of competition with him. Please la, grow up dude =.= Let u win la ok? Sheesh.

Lets not continue dwelling on my sucky work ok? I dont wan to spoil my just started weekend which is already one hr shorter and im wasting time dwelling on it x.x..

Lets now focus on my brother's new toy instead...or rather forced new toy *well according to him la*...

His new Blackberry Bold =.= which he says he was forced to get due to some package/website/service his company is doing which requires all the sales personnel to get BB's after he had just gotten his Iphone about a month back. I wasnt really listening coz i was busy fiddling ard with his phone :x Something to that extent la ok? ._.

Anyway, its about the same as my E71 so im not really into it, just wanted to fiddle with it and see the difference..I mean there are differences just tat im more in love with this one....

Maybe i can "koom" his iphone? :x Fat chance la! =.= Sadded.....

And so, day was spent dreaming in bed, and audi abit here and there coz im still trying to get to 61 =.= but the bed seemed to be more enticing... :S Plus i get a chance to dream many a wonderful things...*which im not gonna tell :p*

Life was pretty much peaceful, no noise from work and no noise from family, so ima content chick~ :)

Now if only i have some new movies to watch coz ive been repeatedly watching the same 6 dvds that i bought 2 weeks back over and over again till thy kingdom comes =\

Help? D:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Fly-Day!

Welcome back Friday~! Long time no ive missed u so T^T~ Lol... :x

And finally new ring!






No, not me... Jx and lumpy ._. Cant believe they beat me to Gladiolus 1st :( And im still like 3k away T^T ...Lol :x Gratz on ur new rings la guys...esp Jx, coz we know why right? :p I wan my new ring :(

Oh wells...

Work suck-ed as usual..dam busy as usual...tired as usual.. Wat else is new? ._. Another project just started up and the hse owners are rushing fr completion after dilly dallying on the confirmation for weeks. Now who is the one who will die? Yours truly >_> Sadded. I seriously need a new job fast!

I really dont like to complain abt work but i hate waking up dreading to go to work =\ the job itself doesnt really bother me coz i do learn alot of stuff, its just the attitude of the bosses who dont seem to care if ur the only person doing all the work, and still thinks ur not doing enough thus keep giving u more n more and expect everything fast. Its just very tiring mentally..sighs. I have a knack for choosing the lousiest bosses ever. Bahs.

Anyway came home late again, mum nagging me why i stay on so late and bother with them since they dont even pay me ot, so decided to satisfy her craving for durians and took her out to buy some just to make her happy... *yaya a bribe* :p

Unfortunately, she kena tipu'ed and ter-bought siam durians instead of the local ones which are more nicer..LOL:x Kek si her in the end ><.. And the fact that my bro kept mentioning it didnt help at all ._.

Ive actually stayed away from durians for awhile now since my mum overdid the buying of durians a cpl of years back. I mean everytime i came home there were like 10 every single day for almost 2 weeks x.x almost made me sick and in the end the whole hse was heaty and ended up drinking alot cap tiga kaki water lol *cooling water* ._.

Anyways, i really hope Friday ends faster and the weekends come soon...i really time off from work.. though i know i might end up NOT sleeping much zzzzZZZZZzzz...

Happy TGIF again peepos!

P.s. im so dead tomoro T^T

P.s.s The only reason im upset is coz i missed having u ard...if only u could understand :(


Busy busy busy~! And kinda happy that its finally Thursday... So far things have been kinda chaotic, why i dont really know. I mean yea we have projects going on, bt its actually kinda small and the kind of hoo haa hype they get their self into seems to feel like the projects are actually worth millions ._.

Chill guys! Gosh..

Like ytd morning, they got so hyped over nothing and try to pull in to their vortex of unneccessary crazed frenzy, i just heard what they had to say and once they hang up, i went back to enjoyin my morning coffee and bread =.= Seriously ppl, get a grip! And they call themselves pros in this line. Bahs.

It may sound like i dont give a damn abt work, which actually is true but still despite the grumbling, whining and what nots, i still get the job done by the end of the day. Unless they suddenly changed their mind...which happens alot. Hence ive learnt to live with their fickle minded-ness. No wonder im so unstable. I have unstable bosses =.= LOL :x

Oh work... how i love thee... >_>

Nothing much in the evening..Jp class...came home..audied abit..watched tv abit and slept early lol.. im trying to turn in earlier nowadays coz seriously i look like a walking zombie T^T. And tat waka waka song is still in my dreams. Geeeezzz!

And oh ya, thinking of privatising my blog by invitation only coz erm...i can? Lol. No la i just feel like it :x So im gonna be posting invites to whoever who comes soon, so tell me if u didnt get it coz really, except for a few, i dont know who visits here anymore ._. Dont worry, u jz need to enter ur emails once and it will register to ur ip and u wont have to key it in everytime..i think :X

Back to work! Goin out to meet the electrician soon :) Have a great Thursday ya!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hola hola~! :) Its finally Wednesday and im already hoping that its the weekends again...actually i wished for it on Sunday LOL :x

Dont we all? ;) Its one of life's pleasures to go through the week hoping the weekends come soon as a reward for all the hard work done. My problem is, the weekends are just too bladi short ._.

And ive been dream singing the World Cup theme song these past few nights ._. Not that ima fan of football. Guess that song has been playin on the radio WAY too much. Wakka wakka indeed >_>

Work was relatively free ytd than i expected since i was not ard on Monday.. hmmm..and boss seems to be treating me nicer than usual...which is kinda creepy coz it feels like they're up to no good ._. or maybe they're just scared ill leave too. Hmmmmmm...

I even got organic grown bananas from them. Random i know, bt imagine how weird it was on me to be asked to take a bunch home. AND she even bought me lunch O_O! Ok, now im freaked out =.= bt i still left work such a sucker ..

Anyway, life at home is pretty ok recently..Thank goodness one headache temporarily gone..nw if only i get some good news soooon :x Audied abit, watched Tooth Fairy which was erm...very...interesting. Somehow The Rock in tutu seemed...oh well, entertainment regardless lol :S And thats it, ive finished all my 6 DVD's T^T! I need new shows or rather old shows to watch. Any suggestions? :)

Work this morning has been kinda crappy, coz they're now rushing to complete current project in order to start on another one. All coz we are using the same workers. So chasing materials to be sent out. And if ur asking why i still have time to blog abt tis, dont ._. Im just bein rebellious...and besides, it lunch dy ok? >_>

Ah well, hopefully the day ends faster *dont i always say that?* and another day of my life is over T^T...

Oh ya! I wanna collect kokeshi dolls now! Lol..:X Sorry for my recent insane out of nowhere random-ness ;eeks but ill always wanted to, just i was nvr able to find them here in Penang till recently :D Yay lol..Momentary outburst of happiness... :x

Purdee right?? :x

So now u know what to get for me... :p


P.s. Everytime my phone rang and i would think its u, it nvr was. Guess im naive to think u would be the 1st to sms instead of me :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh yayayaya....! Watched "Its Complicated" yesterday afternoon...

....and i loved it! Extremely hillarious and fun! :D Meryl Streep is funny as hell here and wonderful chemistry with Alec Baldwin though he is kinda...hmmm...distorted recently :x Especially the last part when he comes in her room and strips naked not knowing she's on webcam with another person (Steve Martin) and uses the laptop to block his erm...hmmm..u know. The reaction from Steve was really epic. LOL!

If ur anything like me and need to watch movies looong after they've shown in the cinemas AND have to resort to getting DVDs (RM10 for 3 :p) then by all means GO BUY AND WATCH IT!

Laugh si you for sure...and it surely made my day :)
Extremely sleepy Tuesday T^T!

Well, good thing im so bombarded with work since i played hookey ytd ._. And the reason why im still able to update despite having tons and tons of crap to do is coz the crap is nvr gonna finish so might as well take a breather once in awhile.. no? :D

Not that i really have anything to put here. Hmmm..

A feeling of coldness is coming over me,
No more warmth, no more covers to comfort me,
Time has moved back and i suddenly find myself back to where we were before,
Feelings of indifference and distance,
This cycle of hurt has somewhat numbed me,
Soon, it will be a memory which i will barely remember.

Like i said, i have nothing to write. Just being random :)

P.s. Tu me manques, mai pensez-vous de moi.. ♥

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday is ending...and i dread thinking of going back to work tomoro x.x

Oh well, all good things must come to an end, if only they always appear and then the phrase, all good things comes in small packages, comes to mind...oh fk it, who am i kidding? I wan the weekends to come and nvr ever ever leave meeeeeeeee D: Boo!

So, how was my extended weekend? Didnt really feel like much of an off day. Well actually i ditched work...last min :p I know, my sis ive changed coz i wouldnt even dare to not go to work last time. I blame it on the job! It has made me not give 150% on the job... Lol... :((

Anyway, had the job interview in the morning and i felt it was alright. Its still in the same line as im doing..just that i get to be more focused on handling projects instead doing all the chap chap and nonsense stuff which does not concern me here ._.

I really wonder if they thought they could add my job descriptions as time went by..on a daily basis...they seriously nvr fail to surprise me with their inconsiderateness.. pffft!

Well the job is kinda a high end type of company, doing soft furnishings imported frm Europe mainly and im gonna be coordinating with the sales managers on purchasing those items. Seems kinda interesting so hopefully i get some good news soon. Anything to leave this place ><.

Came home and looked at other jobs for interviews..trying to keep my options wider and not put all my eggs in just one basket. growing mama. LOL! :x

And then tagged hearts :x Shhhhhh! I know i said i wouldnt anymore, but being the ocd freak that i am, i just cant resist not to ._. Blah me. Im still feeling the same way as i did ytd night. Lost.

And and and! I didnt sleep in the afternoon! Omgosh, im really surprised that i managed to stay aliv...i mean awake the entire afternoon though there were countless times i really wanted to sleep. Bah.

Gonna head off to bed soon, thinking of watching The Tooth Fairy with the Rock as the main char...i wonder if its nice.. hmmm.. Oh ya, watched Its Complicated this afternoon. Loved it! Will talk about it tomoro lol..

Now i go koon dy! Niteessss!

Sunday - Part 2!

Sorry this came in abit late, i sorta forgot to save another post for Sunday and realised its not sunday anymore! T_T But no Monday blues this week :p

Ima ditching work...muahahahahaha :X Hopefully all goes well with my interview though D:

Had a good sunday with my sis today...well sort of if not for the horrid jam in Penang....AND I MEAN ALL OVER PENANG! jkJAJDAKFAmnfksajmalfmasl =.=*

Alot of out of towners i guess and we were stuck in the worst place possible. Gurney Drive >_>! Thank goodness we didnt decide to go to town ;wild

After ditching patchie at the doggie place, we went...well attempted to go to Gurney plaza. Scrapped that with the screwed up jam and no parking at all ._. Instead went straight to Midlands to get my DVD's ♥

Honestly, Midlands is a very sad deserted and vacant shop lots everywhere bt its a dvd haven for most of the locals here :p So loitered ard in that ghostly mall and went to get mouse for mum coz her's is like out of control. And i got 6 DVD's!!! Hurhur xD

And i got thesee.......

Kirei ne? :D My RM10 for 3 earrings lolol :p

After that took doggie back, stuck stuck stuck in jam again and finally reached home sweet home...just to quickly switch on all airconds and hide in house :x Hot ok!

And started on my movies galore :DD!! Well, not really new movies la...and when i mean not new, its sort of like...ermm...less than 1yr de movies x.x waddddd...i havent been goin to the movies for a very long time liao ok? :(

So watched...

Alice in Wonderland

Ok, relatively new one this one. Wonderful graphic play and makeup & costumes were amazing. Loved the main chars as well...esp Johnny Depp ♥ One of my fav non conventional actors :D and not forgetting Helena Bonham Carter, one cool chica ;) Amusing in some parts though the storyline was abit hmmm...i dono book adaptations dont seem to really work for me, unless ive nvr read the book version.


Angels and Demons~

Ok, i didnt read the book version of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons hence i found it interesting. Alot of plots and twists and turns here and there and its nvr wrong with Tom Hanks as the main character :D Though i dono what my opinion would be if i did read the book...hmmm..well i didnt so thats that :x Im very intrigued with the codings and symbols part of it :p Anyway, as usual, there is always a surprise at the end with his book on who the real culprit really is, so ok la, not bad overall ;)

Now for something random.

Yes, that is my really china made dvd player in my room. Mum actually got it from her china buddy who brought it in from....china. Lol :X The reason why u see a dvd box under it is coz, well, its dying :S and its making weird to make those weird sounds go away i have to resort to doing this :x I need a new player :(

And i need a Polaroid camera so that i can take much more prettier piccys!

Ok, random again ._.

Have a great week ahead...mine hasnt started yet :P

So what shd i watch next? ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Im...very..sleepy x.x Just came back not too long ago after sending mum to the airport coz she's meeting up with bro in KL who went to Melaka for his company's Family Day thing. Its their so called, mother and son shopping at Ikea's lol... =.=

And i nvr knew it was so hard to go to KL.... well with mum that is lol. We drew maps, printed pictures of the buses and trains she should take, even google mapped for her o.o. Even after droppin her at the airport and telling her where to check in and get her tickets, she called 15mins later to ask if she should go to the sales counter O_O; So i turned back and walked in the airport just to make sure she doesnt end up in Abu Dhabi ... @_@;

Came back home and going out again soon though to send dog for its professional once a month clean up lol.. :x Maybe go do some window shopping with sis and get some NEW dvd's to watch instead of watching the same shows over and over and over and over again... =.=

Saturday was gone fast, though in the morning work was kinda free...for like 1hr before the chaos set in again ._. Phone calls after phone calls, one after another, clients coming to the office, suppliers coming to the office, paperwork to finish up (coz im ditching work on Monday :p....for an interview ok :D) The client which i feared the most also kept calling up and AFTER ALL that, i left work late and still had to go to her house and take the rubbish that we left behind after the rectification works on Thursday to throw =.= FML yet again.

Says her husband tried carrying it but it was all stones inside bla bla, and annoyed that we left it there and refused to listen to why we did. It was becoz we already asked the workers and they said the rubbish ppl do take it away. Hw the hell shd i knw they wouldnt this time? Now im annoyed.

She's somewhat like my fker boss, who accuses ppl and when realised they have wrongly accused, refused to accept that fact and still stand on their earlier grd. Even though they were WRONG. Ego man EGO!

Oh wells, took the rubbish to the large garbage area and guess wat? The stones fell out of the bag and into my car zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! Great. I love my saturday.

Anyway, reached home and cleaned the poor thing...since i havent been for a loooong time now :X and now she's all purdee again :DD

Guess thats about uneventful day and well the rest of the day was spent mindlessly in front of the pc ...Lol :S Oh shuuush, bite me ._.

Gonna go off now, in hopes of making myself happy by spending money recklessly..LOL!


Saturday, June 12, 2010


Happy weekends peeps!!!!

I actually just finished watching this on dvd (courtesy of bro) ... :)


Totally new 3D animation by Pixar which was in summary absolutely hilarious and endearing at alot of the parts of the story....really made me laugh and pulled at my heartstrings :)

About this guy who made a promise to his wife when they were really young and how he lived up to his promise after her death. In his journey, he meets up with this young scout who is aiming for his last badge of honor which is assisting the elderly, dam funny scenes. Then there's this talking dog and huge bird. Shall not say more... :P

Seriously, if u havent watched it, GO WATCH IT! Ima gonna watch it again tomoro~♥


Friday, June 11, 2010


Finally TGIF!! :D

Thank goodness.....i almost died from work today and suddenly came in contact with a very old friend of mine. Not related in any way the both things that happened to me today but still it was sort of like the ying and yang of it. More like.....the good and bad of it ;)

The good 1st...

I suddenly received an sms from a very old school friend of mine today. She was one of the few close friends i had when i was in Form 1 up to Form 3 and every Hari Raya and hols i would always go to her house and we would go house hopping and eat till we couldnt eat no more. Lol..And though i was immensely busy that day having to run ard non stop to office and shop and site, her sms came as sort of a calm me down-er and took some of the stress off coz it reminded me of the days when my worries were what show i wanted to watch after school or where we wanted to go to lepak lol..

Yes, i lepak-ed at that age. I dono why so dont ask =.=

She asked me normal stuff, hw im doing, how was work, etc etc.. lol But in those few smses that we exchanged brought back alot of good memories and how much happier i was when i was in school. Man, if given the chance, i would go back even if it was just for one day. The lame things that we did, the pranks, the idolising of these guys....

NKOTB - New Kids on The Block..LOL! Remember them?!?

Hey, dont judge me. They were super cool last time and she reminded me by asking "Do u remember how crazy we were over them?" LOL! Who could forget la....The omg omg he's so cute, the fantasizing, the books and magazines we bought just to keep informed about them.. yea, the whole teen craze thing going on :x

I even have an autobiography book given to me by my dad that time and i was like the coolest person in school that time. LOL! Yes, i know right =.=

Anyway, it was a short convo which brought back alot of fond memories and i gotta thank her for making my day that less frustrating :)

And now the bad..

Well, come to think of it i dont have much feelings about it anymore now lol. Maybe coz ive actually cooled down and is more rational as oppose to the insane me on the actual day x.x Started work b4 9 and ended at 8plus pm. Non stop. Carrying ladders, paints, throwing out broken tiles, mopping the site aftermath, to and fro the shop xN times to get supplies, cement, brush..bla bla etc etc. I think i logged abt 100km fr a site which actually only takes me 10mins to reach. Thats hw many times i drove to and fro ._.

All for a site which has already been handed over and my boss does not have the guts to tell the houseowners enuf is enuf. So in the end, im the one who does all the shit =.= FML.

The worse part is, not the work itself, i can handle the work and though i complain coz it really is tiring , i still make sure i do it. What i cant stand is the fact that after i finally was done, they were still sms'ing me to ask if i had done other things. Which sounded like i hadnt been doing anything at all. Sigh.

Well, interview on Monday. I hope i get to leave this god forsaken place soon. And to think they proclaim to be Christians. I have NO comments. Wish me luck :)

Didnt do much when i got hm though, my arms were lying dead by the sides and as soon as i bathed, i hit the sack and str8 coma'ed lol..

Oh wells, all in a days work. Though i would like to blame someone for the shitty position and dilemma im in, i shant. Ill just have to try harder and get another job ^^;

Weekends soon! Resting time :D~!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010 x.x

Oh ya, before that, i rewarded myself with a Sub for lunch! Hahahaha!!! :X It was yummy ok? Meatball marinara :S Golly... Didnt manage to take pics of it coz was in a rush, yea even lunch time i dont have time to rest coz even when they see me eating in the office, they still ask me to do things =.= Asses right? Think next time, i shall just take the whole hr OUTSIDE of the freaking office zzzzz...

And and! I bought this when i went to Popular Book Store.....~

And then it got decapitated T^T~

Its a pencil sharpener la! :D With an eraser on top!! :DD *grins widely*

Rofl :x Sorry for being lame, but i realised my work recently has made me kind of moronic ._. Seriously, ive become an idiot. Even when i was in Jp class today, i was mumbling and saying things that i didnt even know i was saying =.= Well, according to my sis la, i was like repeating the same sentence over and over again even after they had moved on >_>

Bah! :S

Anyway, work is slowly getting to be a real pain in my cute behind and ive sort of losing my cool when it comes to the bosses. I mean, come on, im not asking for commendation but dont give me accusations too. I do what i can in the time given to me, talk is always easy esp if ur not the one doing it. But i always manage to do it. Problem is now, i dont like doing it for u =.=

Im rambling i know. Bahs again.

Tomoro is gonna an even worser day, have to deal with this hse which we have been doing for almost 1yr and still cant complete. I dono la, tat hse really suay man lol. Alot of problems keep coming up when we try to repair it. I cringe to think of what will happen tomoro. One thing i know for sure, Im gonna be so dead.

Bahs again and again and again and again.............

Cest la vie non? In my case, moi fugged la vie =.=

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

T'was a horridly crazy day x.x and im seriously worn out. To make matters worse, there a cpl of other projects which haven't even started and now that i am alone in that god forsaken place that only means one thing, ima dead. Man... x.x


I shant dwell on sad stuff dy, it only saddens me more unless i can find new job as soon as possible, i have no choice but to grit my teeth and move on :( Im doing things which arent in my job scope anymore, dealing with drawings among other stuff and they *as in the bosses* just keep throwing every single thing at me, and they cant even be bothered to see that im swamped. Sighs.

Maybe i shd take a few days mc and let them have it. Fkers =.=

Yes, i know, most of the bosses are like tat, so why bother even saying anything? The reason is coz if i dont, i think ima gonna explode in a gazillion smithereens ._.

Bad enuf i only reached hm almost 8, they keep on sms'ing to ask this and that wtf. They dont even pay fr my fkin phone bills ok? So i dont bother replying most of the times. Unless im being accused of nt doing something which wasnt supposed to be done by me in the 1st place. Which was happened last nite. Once again, fkers.

I dono la, im just really sad with work at the moment. And i cant even say it to anyone, esp with family :(

I hope im able to stay sane =\
My Monday....

To say it was mundane would be an understatement, but to say it was eventful would also be. It has been an...erm..interesting day :O

Morning started off as usual.. Wakin up and goin to work looking like ive been partying the entire weekend with the hangover look on my face =.= Paperwork, shit loads of it, ordering of materials, checking work progress on site, bla bla bla etc etc... one word sums it all. Busy. Eh wait, can i add another word? FRIGGIN busy.

Colleague seemed blase about it and sitting around much ado about nothing. And yet, as if i give a damn what he does or does not do as long his shit doesnt come into my corner.

Sadly, i was wrong. His shit did come my way ._. Well, is coming my way...soon.

He was fired/resigned whatever. I dont really know which is it, all i know is he's gone and im in deep...well u know what i mean >_> So i guess, im back to being to the only staff in the office. Me and the OM but her stuff doesnt really concern me. Man, i hope they hire someone else soon or ill be so dead :(

Carried on doing my work after he left and said bye bye to me... yadda yadda kkthxbye =.= Surprisingly, boss did not bring up the me not answering and replying his sms on Friday/Sat to go over to client's place. LOL. As if i care?

This is the FML part of the day..

Had to go over to suppliers place to pick out some wall tiles and in the end had to follow boss to town to hand some stuff over to lawyer's office. Why i had to go, has been lingering in my mind since i was forced to go down, but then ive learnt to never ask why in this job, coz its, erm...pointless?

The worst part was, the whole fkin town area was jammed up like hell. I mean it was non movement for most part of the time. Hence i was stuck in the bladi car, with my boss, for 2 whole hrs. Fuggity fuggity fug! x.x

Reached back to the office almost 7 le and i promised mum to take her grocery shopping, hence reached home and went out straight again to sunshine farlim. One thing ive concluded abt me and grocery shopping is that i seem to have developed a time frame when i actually stay conscious whilst shopping.. I figure abt 1 and half hrs b4 i become a walking zombie and everything mum asks or says will be answered with a "uh huh" or "ok" lol =.=

Plus the fact that i was stuck 2hrs in the car with the boss.. Did i mention that?

Came home extremely exhausted and ended up playing cbp with babe, which something i wanted to do but in the end, my eyes were like @__@ and sudden spike lags frm the both of us which made the whole playing process...well.. hmm.. i was annoyed with both =.=

Tagged hearts awhile after babe left and my sis suddenly got bored with her youtube and did this to me while i was actually tagging...

Purdee flowers~ ♥
Pro right to actually have us both doing this while im tagging... lol :p
*ps, dont mind the ugly hand T^T*

Well, am exhausted even more, and im kinda dreading going to work until they actually find someone to replace colleague's position. Else im really dead. Sighs. Am already feeling the extra burden as it is when he was actually ard =.=

God save me x.x help me with some good news soon...

Ah well, until then, i guess i have to endure and take whatever shit that comes my way, though i wont take shit completely in until ive dried out all my other options lol :x


P.s. I wish the nite ended with you saying gtg after this and not one more round then everything would have been ok and forgotten :(

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My beautiful Sunday~ :)

Literally, i mean i really a wonderful weekend. The not having to wake up early, the cooling weather to sleep in and the peace and quiet was just...blissful ♥

And since i already spent the day out on Sat, decided to just rot at home on Sunday instead :DD! Woke up early though, but was in and out of consciousness throughout the day lolol :x

Oh ya! Just managed to get this out of my phone after searching high and low for my phone cable...which was actually found in my bro's room ._.

My new bag!! ♥ Cool right?!
And got a new purse which mum got fr me, but not shown here la :p

Mum and bro were out the entire day, and i was in and out of audi the whole day ;) When they came back, they also brought back yummylicious seafood mee goreng and the prawns were like omfg humongous can? They also bought KANI! Crab crab! Its a pity i didnt take any pics of it..and no it wasnt coz i was in a rush to dig in..=.=

Times like this i really wish i had bought a polaroid camera...Looooool :x Then i could have taken cool pics ok! T_T

My lansi who went to genting babe, came home and we finally played CBP. Seriously, cpl mode is not one of my favs, bt i kinda like tis mode and it sucks that i suck at it ._. Went to exp compy too but dieded in the 1st rd wtf and it was S8 ok! Wtfs again and again and again >_>

Did more CBP after tat and babe chose the 120's de songs ._. Alot of almost wins but as i said, cpl mode sometimes stresses me out, esp when im playing with the zhu tou. Summary, there was alot of pek chekness >_> Though in the end we did win a 120 de bp :D Which was bery cool haha :p

Another of the hidden npc for the 122bpm song lol :D Extreme cuteness ♥

So that was that, my Sunday slowly leaving me *sobs* And i cant friggin believe its raining cats and dogs now =.= Why didnt it rain this heavily during the past 2 days! ._. FML man...

Well..hopefully the week will be a good one and lets pray for another long weekend for me ne ;) *flips through calendar* T^T~

Have a wonderful week ahead all! ♥♥

Saturday, June 5, 2010 mum and sis today! O_O;;

Surprised? Me too lol. Well i figured its been ages since i did it, and since it was a public hol, might as well ba :) And also wanted to get a new bag... which i did! :DDD

*will put pic in later coz i cant find my cable -.-*

Though it was like a super fast shopping thing, coz the pet place which we always drop our dog when we go out shopping was closed and they opened it up for us juz for a cpl of hrs. Bt considering the bad bad crazy jam we had to endure just to reach Prangin Mall and back, we only had less than 2hrs to shop and hv lunch ._. I dono why we couldnt have just left the dog at home. It kinda felt like those shopping game shows last time which u had to get in, buy ur stuff and leave as soon as possible. Lol x.x

But got mum a new bag which according to sis, she's been eyeing for awhile now. So, nows she's happy...lolz which is good for me :D

Came home, rested abit, audied abit, well actually afked abit lol... oh ya, tried out the new couple bp and since babe wasnt ard, jx helped play with me so that i could see what it was all about. Kinda cool i must say and quite easy to win, well for songs 100 and under la...anything above 110 then gg dy... It has to be married cpls coz on top of dens we also earn cpl hearts. No wonder i keep seeing cpls playing this now =.=

The hidden npc's so damn cute can!

When this 2 come out means the npc will not be drained.. i couldnt help bt laugh at this 2! According to jx, there are other types of avas too.. Babe! i wanna play la! U doink head =.=

So, played one at each speed just to see where i will actually start dying lol.. but was dead tired instead and blurry after alot of c9 playin earlier =.=

Am having a cold suddenly, dono why but dam irritated can? I dont even think i kena rain earlier when i was out. Sheesh.. Damn my sinus problems. Its like non stop de. Very pissed off now ._. Need to go lie down and play dead then it will stop =.=

Mum and sis went to mall again at nite to claim a 10bucks voucher lol. I was too tired to get my butt outta chair dy so didnt follow them lol x.x But they got ice kacang ! Yummy :D With my cold its like totally :p But still, im happy things are kinda better now at home than b4. I dono, but hopefully it stays tat way for awhile :)

Well, thats my saturday and to think i still have sunday :3

Friday, June 4, 2010

Yay! Friday is finally here and goneee!! :D

My hopes that all will go well, turned out erm much to expectation haha.. not much incidents at work other than busy-ness but its still ok. Made my day move just a little bit more faster :D Colleague ended up leaving at half day, that jerk =.= On a bright side, boss' wife is teaching me more stuff and im learning more abt the business than b4, a positive to look at that is. Negative side would be me doing all his work =.= Till that day comes, ima act dumb :p

Had lunch with sis at QB, and she brought me to Johnny's. Despite all the bad rappo ive been hearing abt that place, it turned out..hmm..ok la. Im not saying the service was excellent but still acceptable lol. Maybe im not tat demanding, or maybe they caught me on a good day? :p

Forgot to take pics coz was rushing through lunch actually. Needed to go to the bank and get sis to help me pay up my citibank debts. AND YES! Another card has reached its freedom! Lol :X Ima happy babe on a Fly-day~

Anyway, had the hot and spicy fried rice, which was not spicy at all..well not to me.. But the sambal was yummy! Sis had mushroom chicken rice which was also ok la, for the price :) Also had something fancy on the menu, ravioli soup.. which actually looked like Sui Kow =.= LOL! Oh wells, not bad if not for the overwhelming taugeh taste x.x

Surprisingly, managed to leave work early and went home to slack ard. Was determined to clean up my desktop and now... TADA!!!

I hearts my new desktop.. it looks so so neat! T____T and
i found the cute icons to replace the fugly default ones :D

Lol...wad la, dont u agree it looks way much better? :x

Played abit of audi, as in normal games :x It was overall a good nite except when i received an sms from boss asking me if im free to go over for a site inspection at the house of the client that has been giving me so much problem since he refuse to answer their calls. Yes, this is the one the boss was trying to teach me hw to handle and ask me to tell them off =.= So i wonder, why does he need me to go then? He scared they will fug him ar? Want me hold his hand and go in? >_>

I..did not reply =.= He can go fug wall.

Other than that, it was good nite lol. Played abit audi, tagged abit of hearts and oh, joined compy as well and died the 1st rd =.= My fs modes sucks nowadays since there are so many new moves and sometimes i end up with pressing dono wad zzzZZzzzZZ.....

Despite it all, am still very excited that i dont hv to wake up early for 2 whole days! Yay!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Thursday!! :D

Cant believe one more day and its the weekends! And the reason im so cheery in my otherwise so far dreary week, its that i just realised there's no work on Saturday! AND i dont have JP class on Sunday!! Omgomgomg *happy dancing across room*!! 2 days of sleeping in and not having to wake up at 9! *faints from excessive happiness* T__________T;;;

Its been a crazy day yet again at work. But then again wats new eh? After 1 1/2 days of not working, i didnt expect lesser than a storm at work =.= Colleague outdone himself yet again as well, crapping over his work and me cleaning up after him. And he has the cheek to show face, wtf. I was only too busy trying to undo his mess, if not, his brains would be splattered all over his table =.= Idiotic ego-ical basket.

And still having to take shit frm a client coz my boss refuses to answer her calls. FML!

Well enuf of the HAPPY parts ._.

Just came back from Jp class, cant believe its almost at the end. Well, end of the elementary lvl that is lolol :X I have a premonition he's so gonna speed through the remaining chapters. And its at the most important part, like adjectives and nouns, etc etc.

Anyway, came home and audied 'normally' with dc ppl lol. But i must say, i didnt do as bad as the 1st time i went through audi's tag-a-thon. Safe to say, ive gotten used to the mindless tagging to the point i can switch my brains on and off when i feel like it. LOL! get.... to.... 61 @____@;;

Somehow even typing the word 'tag' makes me feel nauseous x.x Next up, new ring? Maybe, as soon as i can managed to start t.. ta... taa.... well, u know the word =.=

Oh ya, have just fallen in love with something and its into my every growing "Must have" list!

Harajuku Fragances! Dam cute little things which im determined to have!
Sis showed me on ebay ytd and well, i just! D:

Oh well, despite sleeping like 10pm ytd till the next morning, i still feel extremely tired. But then again, im always sleepy =.= I just love my friggin bed too much! MY BED ROX!

Lol.. signs of lack of sleep. Oh wells, only one thing to do then... SLEEP!


P/s: Must pay phone bill tomoro! Musttttt! :x

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I really love.....

Audi's new addition - The Love Box ♥ Dam cute can? :x

I didnt realise we have so many rings... now i can change any ring i want :x

Random i know. But my mind has been blank since ytd.. :(

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

Dreams by Langston Hughes

I feel like walking away again, leaving this place.
The difference is, i shall not turn back like before.

I feel broken and hopeless,
For even the closest people in my life has shut me out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Omg, it somehow feels like dejavu..hmm i know why, i intended to blog ytd, opened up my blogger and everything and all i managed to type was "Hola Monday!" before goin back into my other dimension and continued tagging till thy kingdom comes :S *cues Twilight Zone music...yet again*

So, audi's x2 event is finally and officially over today. No more mindless tagging. NO MORE! And no, im not 61 yet :( BUT i am a lvl 60! (reached 100% at 5am >_>) But yay! Im finally all grown up after being in the 50's zone for more than a year .. LOL! :X

I still want my 61 mind u, im just not up to taggin at the moment *sudden nausea*

So, my leave day wasnt really a rest day, as in i didnt even rest as much ._. Woke up early to go to JPJ to cancel both my cars bank loans stuff. Do u friggin know how friggin many ppl are there, all the friggin time?? Sheesh. And apparently they've gone online in terms of cancellation. Applause for government in going paperless? Or so i thought.

1st car, was still using the borang borangs meaning still paper required, bt mine, which i just settled last week, the banks told me, dont need all this paper shit le (shit added by me) they've gone online. So in my mind, i was like great! Easier and saves me the trouble of running to the main bank to get those papers. I was so WRONG. Managed to cancel the 1st car with the papers bt the online one, apparently still no records. =.=" Can you ppl pls tell me what is the point of going online if in one week u guys still cant update the road transport dept? BETTER DONT!

*rants rants rant* *mutters* *grumbles*

Then went to EPF office to help sis with her withdrawal and then to banks, banks and more banks ._. Went over to Prangin mall to have lunch and did some window shopping. I realised it has been a looong time since i did this. It all feels so alien to me :S

Had to rush home coz mum had an appointment and sis gave wrong info abt the time she was suppose to meet a client. Hence i had to speed racer back home. Imagine frm town to my house which normally takes ard half hr, i managed to get in 10mins and in Monday traffic. Im so cool =.=

Spend half an hr sitting at park while sis walked the dog to do his daily routine. Looked at the trees, smelt the somewhat fresh air. Lol. I really havent been out of the house for the longest time..

Went home and started my suicidal tagging again. Can u believe it actually took me 12 fkin hrs to get to 100%? so messed up. Ended up tagging till almost 5am. Well there were some delays in between coz of lack of ppl to tag with. But thanks to my sotong, we managed to finish up the last 15% in less than 2hrs ._.

Shagged ah! Thank god i took half day off today but it didnt help that as soon as i was about to leave home for work, it rained. Heavily. FML ._.