Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hola hola~! :) Its finally Wednesday and im already hoping that its the weekends again...actually i wished for it on Sunday LOL :x

Dont we all? ;) Its one of life's pleasures to go through the week hoping the weekends come soon as a reward for all the hard work done. My problem is, the weekends are just too bladi short ._.

And ive been dream singing the World Cup theme song these past few nights ._. Not that ima fan of football. Guess that song has been playin on the radio WAY too much. Wakka wakka indeed >_>

Work was relatively free ytd than i expected since i was not ard on Monday.. hmmm..and boss seems to be treating me nicer than usual...which is kinda creepy coz it feels like they're up to no good ._. or maybe they're just scared ill leave too. Hmmmmmm...

I even got organic grown bananas from them. Random i know, bt imagine how weird it was on me to be asked to take a bunch home. AND she even bought me lunch O_O! Ok, now im freaked out =.= bt i still left work such a sucker ..

Anyway, life at home is pretty ok recently..Thank goodness one headache temporarily gone..nw if only i get some good news soooon :x Audied abit, watched Tooth Fairy which was erm...very...interesting. Somehow The Rock in tutu seemed...oh well, entertainment regardless lol :S And thats it, ive finished all my 6 DVD's T^T! I need new shows or rather old shows to watch. Any suggestions? :)

Work this morning has been kinda crappy, coz they're now rushing to complete current project in order to start on another one. All coz we are using the same workers. So chasing materials to be sent out. And if ur asking why i still have time to blog abt tis, dont ._. Im just bein rebellious...and besides, it lunch dy ok? >_>

Ah well, hopefully the day ends faster *dont i always say that?* and another day of my life is over T^T...

Oh ya! I wanna collect kokeshi dolls now! Lol..:X Sorry for my recent insane out of nowhere random-ness ;eeks but ill always wanted to, just i was nvr able to find them here in Penang till recently :D Yay lol..Momentary outburst of happiness... :x

Purdee right?? :x

So now u know what to get for me... :p


P.s. Everytime my phone rang and i would think its u, it nvr was. Guess im naive to think u would be the 1st to sms instead of me :)

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