Saturday, June 19, 2010


Finally home!!!!

And to think i had to work extra on a Saturday all coz my bosses were still there and was amending some plans that was requested by clients earlier =.= Spent almost the entire morning listening to them decide and un-decide on wat to do with the renovations of their house >_>

Not that Friday was any better, kept running back and forth to site just to make sure the workers were doing the correct things and meeting with one supplier after another. As if it wasnt tiring enuf, had to hear crap from sei boss about how much work he did that day coz my OM just so happen to mentioned to him that i shd be exhausted frm all the running ard the whole day. My god, like it was some kind of competition with him. Please la, grow up dude =.= Let u win la ok? Sheesh.

Lets not continue dwelling on my sucky work ok? I dont wan to spoil my just started weekend which is already one hr shorter and im wasting time dwelling on it x.x..

Lets now focus on my brother's new toy instead...or rather forced new toy *well according to him la*...

His new Blackberry Bold =.= which he says he was forced to get due to some package/website/service his company is doing which requires all the sales personnel to get BB's after he had just gotten his Iphone about a month back. I wasnt really listening coz i was busy fiddling ard with his phone :x Something to that extent la ok? ._.

Anyway, its about the same as my E71 so im not really into it, just wanted to fiddle with it and see the difference..I mean there are differences just tat im more in love with this one....

Maybe i can "koom" his iphone? :x Fat chance la! =.= Sadded.....

And so, day was spent dreaming in bed, and audi abit here and there coz im still trying to get to 61 =.= but the bed seemed to be more enticing... :S Plus i get a chance to dream many a wonderful things...*which im not gonna tell :p*

Life was pretty much peaceful, no noise from work and no noise from family, so ima content chick~ :)

Now if only i have some new movies to watch coz ive been repeatedly watching the same 6 dvds that i bought 2 weeks back over and over again till thy kingdom comes =\

Help? D:

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