Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quiet Wednesday :)

Its a cold cold Wednesday... heavy rain since this morning.. how i wish i was back home in bed :(

Work has been erm...relatively quiet. Since the arguement between my boss and the client *the undecided and fickle minded one?* which works just started ytd. Long story bt amusing as hell coz the client is just like them, count every penny n using ppl to the max =.= So when they were complaining abt hw bad those ppl were, i just agreed and said, "yeah some ppl can be so horrid" - indirectly shooting their attitude :p

And workers arent here today, more like they were here but couldnt start work due some last min stuff which im lazy to talk about, just in summary, im at peace for today and with bosses not ard = peace of mind. So am currently doing paperwork and clearing my table which has been stacked high like Mount Everest =.= Maybe i shd do origami with those papers *pouts*

But with quietness also come thoughts. Thoughts of past and present, sad memories..happy ones.. everything ba. I guess i nvr really forgot the bad stuff, just repressed it deep down so that i dont have to face it. The little-est things can remind me of how painful those memories were, how i was put down and disappointed by alot of things.

How do we forget and let go of the past?

Dont make promises today, if u intend to break them tomoro.

P.s. I go revise abit of Jp for tonight's class better =.=

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