Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy TGIF!!! :)

First of all, i apologize for my "little" outburst i couldnt help it and having no one to shout it out to, i had to release the pressure somewhere =.= I just really really dislike being the middle man, coz everyone gets to indirectly direct their frustration at the other party at u. What do i look like? A punching bag? :galit:

Anyways, things got a little better in the afternoon, though its been raining like crazy these cpl of days...hopefully it continues raining over the weekend WHEN im actually NOT working? ._. It tends to be so bright and sunny and HOT when im at home.. What did i do wrong?? T^T

Work has been crazy with bosses, deciding to drop the project one day and doing back the next. Very tiring and my mind has somehow gone kinda blank when it comes to them telling me what they intend to do. Im like, Uh yea...whatever. Im even getting smses from them till 12am...siao or not? >_> And i tot it was my lansi zhu replying...guan lai..not :((

Well, like i said ytd, i got a call back fr a 2nd interview and im hoping for the terms of better pay, better working environtment though according to sis, who knows the bosses coz she's dealt with them b4, are quite nice ppl... *fingers crossed*

Maybe i wont get so tempremental and moody dy? :x

Oh ya, OM suddenly belanja-ed me this ytd when she said she was hungry (and she constantly is..) she went to get this and got one for me also O_Ov..

Cornetto!! :3 Its really been ages since i had one...nice and somemore it was raining outside...LOL :x

In case ur wondering, whats with the doodle on the ice cream....erm...i had....too much time on my hands and i know it looks sucky...Arts was nvr a strong point for me =.= Still nt bad la huh? D:

Have a great Fly-day peepos, though i know im gonna be pooped, im still thankful its finally the weekends :)


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