Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am i am i am!! Well sort off....coz bro is getting a new car =.= Ass-much.

And here it is..

Toyota Mark X!..Jealous righttttt!! Hmph!

Its been his dream car for like ages dy...But then again, cars arent really top on my list of 'wants', though i wont really push it away if given the chance to walking contridiction much? *pouts*

Work has been crazy today, though the bosses seem to be treating me nicer than usual, which is kind of creepy. All of a sudden wanna pay allowance for my hp and my claim are paid out o.o I must say, i dont know what they're up to, but it feels like reverse psychology to me =.= They dont know who they playing this game with, when ima pro at it :p

Anddd... i overspent this month T^T, ima broke T^T, ima no money T^T..... Lol..until i get my pay again..heng i nvr even dip into my savings :p Suddenly feeling very lonely and emotional this few weeks and been splurging to keep myself happy :( Retail therapy la they say >_>*

Too bad, most of my retail therapy has been in audi. Fuggity fug fug fug!

Sigh, need to earn more moolah i can splurge more :x Sadded. Bahss..

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