Tuesday, June 8, 2010

T'was a horridly crazy day x.x and im seriously worn out. To make matters worse, there a cpl of other projects which haven't even started and now that i am alone in that god forsaken place that only means one thing, ima dead. Man... x.x


I shant dwell on sad stuff dy, it only saddens me more unless i can find new job as soon as possible, i have no choice but to grit my teeth and move on :( Im doing things which arent in my job scope anymore, dealing with drawings among other stuff and they *as in the bosses* just keep throwing every single thing at me, and they cant even be bothered to see that im swamped. Sighs.

Maybe i shd take a few days mc and let them have it. Fkers =.=

Yes, i know, most of the bosses are like tat, so why bother even saying anything? The reason is coz if i dont, i think ima gonna explode in a gazillion smithereens ._.

Bad enuf i only reached hm almost 8, they keep on sms'ing to ask this and that wtf. They dont even pay fr my fkin phone bills ok? So i dont bother replying most of the times. Unless im being accused of nt doing something which wasnt supposed to be done by me in the 1st place. Which was happened last nite. Once again, fkers.

I dono la, im just really sad with work at the moment. And i cant even say it to anyone, esp with family :(

I hope im able to stay sane =\

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