Tuesday, June 29, 2010


..bad headache comin over me all off a sudden. Maybe its because i just came out of exp compy..lol :x Yaya...its been ages since i attempted joining compy, i cant even remember when i last was brutally slaughtered out of the 1st rd :( I wanna advance to at least 2nd rd like i used to leh! T^T

Extremely saddening.

Though i did quite well i must say, if not for the baka who x16 and keep kpkb'ing in the room saying how tyco he was. Ya, tyco my cute arse.. hack la >_> i was well in 1st and 2nd place until i got ninja-ed to 4th in the last min. Bah! Maybe i shd try again tomoro...if im not screwed up with work.


How i could make an endless list of how much i love my job and the crap i take daily with the measly amount im paid. Like i told someone, im doing the job of a manager and getting paid for office boy/girl. Something to that effect ok? U get the picture :)

Its like every single dam thing i have to do. No material, i order, cannot send, i go take, wages i have to take to the workers and i need to work out the pay, machine break down i have to send to shop and take back, checking on the daily progress of the site and write a daily report to the bosses *like i have time to sit down*, do price comparison, do quotation, talk to subcontractors, talk to supplier..........and on and on and on....Mind you, this is only one days' work. 'Nuf said.

Did i thank god that i have new job and leaving this one soon? Thank you God! Hallelujah!

Anyway, i think they're out to get me to do more things now tat ive officially resigned. I wonder when the "ceramah" on work ethics will start...hmmmm =.=

I intend to do what i set out to do, and finish up any loose ends with this project. Anything coming after that, they can go fug wall and do it themselves :) I can say, Monday was definitely not a good day for me. But then, so are the other 4days ._. FML really.

I didnt even tag hearts as much :( and i have 1.2k more to go. Sheesh. At some point i was even thinking, why do i even bother when u dont? And did this..

Notice anything different? Lol..

P.s. If u had bothered to look here, u would know, i would never had gone through it, it would sadden me too much, but put urself in my shoes once in a while and for once think of other ppl than yrself. Since u cant reply me, then i have nothing to say too.

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