Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Happy Tuesday to all! And to all a good night? Lol...sorry, been listening to the same Xmas songs over and over again at work x.x Its literally playing now in my head as we speak ._. Not that i dislike it, i mean its one of my fav hols ever and the songs always make me nostalgic...bt the version here, sounds like what we hear in malls....and im getting irritated. Gahs >_>

And and and Im feeling a slight paranoia cz of my JP exams this weekend *gulps* Hence the lack of sanity at the very moment. Mehsss...

Am currently waiting to clock out coz not is xmas song sien-ing, its also making me yawn...alot x.x Its putting me to sleep... *slaps self* T_T

So decided on doing something 'exciting' instead!

Alot of my outstation friends who plan to visit Penang, always ask me what the best sight seeing spots in Penang and if i could take them ard.. honestly having lived here all my life, well almost all my life, i seriously cannot think of any places at all which would be interesting ._. HONEST! Im not saying Pg is that bad, but em.....sorry really cant think of anything :X The only thing i feel worth mentioning is the food! Lol... or shd i also mention the mushrooming of malls now all over town? ._. which in a way reminds me of Sg lol...

So, i decided to do a little research myself, and find out what ppl thought were cool places to go to :x Lets just say its preparation and also to not 'sia sui' myself by telling ppl im from Pg ._.

Please take note that some of these places, i hv not been in a gazillion years =\

Penang Hill! I seriously cant remember the last time i took the trams up...i think we were all pretty young coz i remember being retardedly excited with the ride up :x Had a few school trips as well but was always ard the foothills after that bt nvr up there le...hmm, maybe i shd go up again and reminisce one of the days.. :)

Funny thing about Botanical Gardens was, i only remembered being chased ard by monkeys? Oh and that little stream we used to love picnicking by on the weekends, seriously, we really loved our picnics last time :p

Now this was something which alot of fond memories lol, once again images of being a retard comes to mind...happily jumping ard (like monkeys?) whenever we saw the jellyfish brought up by the waves by the side of the ferry lol... i conclude that i was a retard when i was young ._. Mum was working in Butterworth that time, and me and siblings would take the ferry just to meet up with her at Emporium Supermarket (woah i remembered the name!!) fr our CNY shopping :D

Penang Bird Park - was there only once in my lifetime ._. All i could remember was the sad looking birds which i at the time was almost compelled me to set them all free :x I wonder if its still like that :'(

Batu Feringghi! I loved this place at a kid, like i said, we loved our picnic leh.. we would scour for hidden places where it wasnt so crowded with ppl and swim like....retards? >_> Anway, this is one place i dont mind goin again soon ;)

Kek Lok Si - another place which family hasnt been to fr awhile now, very pretty lights which i can even see frm my home lol, and packed to the max x.x We really had a lot of places to take pics of last time....hmm, i wonder why we dont take them anymore. It feels like time stopped at tht time lol :(

Fort Cornwallis, with its big bad ass cannons lol. This ive been to recently, and no not to see the firepower cz im nt really interested in big guns o.o Lol :p It quite deserted most of the time and mum told us we used to live in the squatters ard the area when we were babies... so cham hor? We really were poor last time, bt im still thankful :) Ive been there a few times during CNY coz thats the time we would do live shows.. yes yes, i played the sax fr the jazz band and the viola fr the orchestra lol :) I kinda miss it now...

So there u have it, pretty amazing the places u can find online lol :p But most of the places are really heritage places, so unless ur interested in history *coughs* i shall nt tell u abt them here :p

Summary? Come for the food, even tho ive been having them most of my life, there are still little nooks and crannies to discover :D Even tho Penang is nt my birthplace, its always somewhere i call home :3

Tatas!! :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ahhh Looooor~!

Hee, i actually just woke up x.x coz i ended up sleeping at about 6am last nite lol... aiya, happy it was a day i didnt have exams or classes or work! Triple combos which i have been having for the past cpl of months :(

Neways, i apologise for the lack of postings and updates here, just didnt have the time cz was worried sick for my last exams last Thursday :D Yeap, its done! All is left is my 30hr assessment which ill only be doing after CNY hehe.. Exam was epic tho, started at 7.30pm and went on to almost 12.30am! LOL! Cool right? One thing good about courses like this, it didnt really matter what time we finished, even Julian (one of our teachers and the owner of the centre) said, we could do it up to midnight if we wanted....which we did? Rofl :x

Even then, we didnt really have enuf time, but was too exhausted liao, and brain juices dry D:

So, whats been up with me?

Hmmm... *thinks* To say nothing would be an understatement, but not overwhelming at the same time? Me is dono what me is saying...:p

Anyway, like i said, been studying fr the past week, too many things to look into for this particular subject le, now only i know how bad my grammar is ..but its become kinda interesting now that i sort of understand the basic rules :) Grammar rox! *i feel like such a geek :x* and my group of classmates are a crazy bunch and we always hv a great time in class :D Im so gonna miss them since the course is over, but im hoping we'll keep in touch :) So, shall just wait for my results in early Jan and hoping i do well *fingers crossed*

Also have been rather involved in Steps lol, the mall is just too dam enticing :x It kinda reminds me of HS5 , beautiful graphics, lousy gameplay, as in i cant perf well ._. But then again, nt everyone has problems with that *coughs*...*u know who you are*....*coughssss* Mum has been on my back when she saw it, says im gettin too engrossed in a new game again ._. Its not like i play alot of it, coz all the ppl who started b4 me already pass me lvl like so much ...doh la really, so yuan wang de T_T Most of the time im online but afk-ing just to listen to the songs :(

Was planning to record a vid coz i look too dam hot not to (in Steps la i mean), but my damn graphic card is so bery de lousy which reminded me of my better one which is with my pc guy....this is the result of not sending my pc for its monthly repairs like last time lol. Dam it, its been like 5months? Geez =\ Thankfully evey says she'll help lol :D

Random note - bosses are back to talking again, after like erm more than a month? Lol, guess it was kinda time they did lol, i could tell :p Which at some point is good fr me, coz im not the messenger anymore.. yay! Not that i minded....erm wait ya, i did mind >_>

Oh wells, i guess all is good at work for now? Despite being tired most of the time.

There's also been new relationships which were totally the CMOG type, but i guess, is good in a way, but now i try not to put so much or think too deep into it, but more of enjoying it as it is and see where it goes :)

I always planned to update at work, but the whole building's net is totally cmi ._. really gets on my nerves at times, actually most of the times, up to the point that my hp is also having problem getting any coverage 7&*(%#IJWSFJKD3852qwrlrear ANNOYED AH!

Ah well, ill be having Jp exams next Sunday x.x and it will be the end of my "enjoyment" of having exams fr the time being.. really drains a person x.x but it was fun...at times :x Which i could just go back to studyin full time lol D:

That being said, i might poofie for a few more days to prep fr Jp test, but fret not, i shall try to update, even if they're short one :D


P.s. Sry late posting again....kinda slept the weekend away hurhurhur :S

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Should i?

Im so sleepy i think im gonna drop dead right here, right nao :x If ur asking why, i dont wanna tell u just yet.. LOL! Wait ba, the reasons behind my insomnia shall soon reveal itself.. tho fears of kena saying 'huo gai' come to mind.. :S Mai ane le, be nice wor :p Besides, i dont knw how long this current interest will be ard, it might be gone in a cpl of weeks time hurhur xD

I wonder why i always explain why i dont blog...hmmmmm.. Its shdnt really matter coz if u guys love me enuf, u will check regardless of the updates (or the lack of it) right? LOL! <- BPS to the max person talking :x

Ok la, the honest truth was, i was seriously NOT in the mood ._. Not only did i have to work on Wednesday when majority of ppl were sleeping happily, neither was it coz it was raining like *&6783asdjaf that day, but also that i hab no consolation this weekend to make up for my lousy week coz im having extra lessons fr exams next week T_________________________T

Kill me nao ba :(

Now to the topic of what my title post is referring to,

On a very random note, ive been contemplating to make my blog sound more sophisticated and profound..Now why this sudden thought? Well actually its been there for awhile now, just nvr really executed lol. Now im a constant reader of blogs, no matter who's it is, not coz im kepo or what la (well sometimes i am :x) but because i like to see how ppl put words into their emotions, hw they express their feeling, and believe me, sometimes i feel the exact same emotions as they are and wonder, why the hell couldnt i say it like that?

I hope ur not reading my blog for any other reason that u absolutely love me to death? T_T;

Im more of a M16 sort of person, when its bullet filled, it comes out like nobody's business, bt when its empty....nothing, nada, zilch. Lol. Im like an extreme opposite...of MYSELF. Cool right? :XXX

Let me give u an example frm i blog i follow of a certain someone, who i knw who she is, but she doesnt who the hell i am lolol... i feel so transparent wtf, but thats another story ._.

"Coloring the darkness that fills this hole are the cruelty forged in the depths of man’s heart. Blocking the rays of hope out are the cowardice of man’s ignorance. Silencing the screams of help are the layers of sarcasm binding in man’s words. Losing the last of goodwill are the selfishness of man’s desire to outshine all others."

And mind u, she's actually talking abt a dream she had last nite... chim right? Lol.

So, what do you think? Shall i start a new way to saying what i feel, coz some parts of me are abit like her ^ but then i try to not make life sound so hopeless, even tho it is at times lol, or shall i continue sounding like a cartoon and leading ppl to believe im actually very young girl nia (in other words, an airhead ._.) ?

Must tell me ar, if not, ima spout Hamlet and other Shakespearean works here till u die from overexposure to incomprehensible and over the top drama :x (Shakespeare lovers please dont hate me, i actually really love his works D:)

Summary, MUST TELL ME! ;wild

P.s. I was driving when i thought of this, and it sounded much nicer then T_T i need mobile blogging! Lol hopeless.. >_>

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


...or maybe i should start saying, "Hello there, I hope your day has been as beautiful as morning sun after a night of cold hard rain" LOL! Im sorry, im just being an insufferably bored arse :s


I did remember promising to blog on Sunday after resting from exams...but...hor...i erm, got lazy :x Anyway, nothing much to talk about other than having Jp class in the morning and coming home and comatose-ing for the remaining of the day... i sound so rest deprived huh? T_T and to think this week will be even worse >_> with extra classes for last exams and work and studying and exams and more work...arghhhhh x.x ima gonna go into bonkers overdrive ._.

So, my conclusion is, i always have valid reasons for not bloggin :p so must always love me and come visit me de hor? And also lately, have been finding it hard to blog at home, coz im constantly distracted by alot of things. Somehow, there seems to be no peace and quiet and i eventually end up staring at the post for hours n hours n hoursss .... @_@;

*this post itself im finishing on a Friday..:x*

Ok la, mai divert dy...where was i? Oh, thats it really LOL! Sad huh? Ah yes, now i remember the other reason i didnt blog dy, i was busy fiddling ard with Photoshop Cs5! Finally got it up and running on my pc dy and didnt really hv the chance to play ard with it and also to watch the tutorials on how actually to get abt playing with it lolol...Youtube tutorials ftw!

Managed to get a rather, sort of, kind of decent de edited audi pic out :D but cant post it here, coz well, im at work and im using the Mac lappy coz fr the past week my pc has been unable to access to net.. tmd, dam annoying can? I really bth the networking in this office, feel like unplugging the whole damn thing and redoing it myself ._.

So, if u guys are wondering where that pic is...im using it as my FB proffy pic rofl :x Im vain that way... and i like to show the whole world my noobish attempts on being artistic T_T... im being so harsh on myself *sniffs*

LOL! Thats it, ive officially lost it thinking of how my next weeks is gonna be mental torture on me... walao i might just go bananas leh.. sked or not? :s

Ok la, enuf of insanity and time to move on to next post .... tatas!

P.s. Net connection died halfway during the writing of this post hence makin me too damn pissed to continue till well, its now almost 2am... Blahs.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yay! Its over! :D

My practicals are over! Woohooo!!

And to think i was scared i wouldnt have enuf material to go on for half hr or more, ended up they rang the bell to end the session even b4 i could do more stuff.. Hmmmm... ima gonna make a cool teacher eh? LOL! Im sorry, bery brain dead today coz i ended sleeping at almost 4plus last nite and woke up at 8 x.x

So, all thats left is my grammar exams which is gonna be 2 weeks from now and i already got my grammar book today. Havent even looked at book coz the minute i reached home i went into a coma lol.. Shall start that revision next week ba :) Then ima free! For now :D

Now, ima gonna go lie down again coz im still pooped and brain juices are surprisingly dry ._.

Shall post more tomoro! I promiseee! :p

Friday, November 12, 2010


Lol...yea, in the end i took the whole day off as mc even tho i initially thought of taking the afternoon off to prepare for my practicals tomoro. But the bosses were all busy and since all not talking to each other, what better way than me taking the whole day and leaving them alone.. hahaha :X

But i was actually feeling sick de hor in the afternoon x.x Had a bad tummy ache and migraines were killing me as usual. Didnt wanna feel sick the next day, im already feeling nauseous and panicking enuf @_@;

Shd be ok ma hor? I dont think i did anything bad..altho i feel like i did..but then that just me being paranoid :s

So slept it off in the afternoon and started compiling my worksheets and lesson plans for tomoro just now lol.. I really hope i dont freak out tomoro...its been awhile since i went up in front of alot of ppl and crapped even if its for half n hour nia *_* And to think, mum was reminding me of all the times i mc-ed for events, but thats not the same lor, coz i cant really see the ppl im talking too coz of all the bright lights LOL x)

Was watching one of bro's DVDs while doing all this, lol dont ask, i have a tendency to work better if there was tv noise in the background...seriously! :x But it was some extremely and i mean extremelyyyyyyy lame ass show, "MacGruber" Omg wtf-ing type of lame ok? Its a cross between Jackass and Scary Movie type movie .__. So if thats yr tha'ng then this is yr show, if not i seriously dont recommend you to watch it or you'll end up feeling like me, having the urge to bitch slap the lead actor >_>

Watch Grown Ups instead!

I mean it! Its extremely hilarious with the most funniest cast :D I ended up watching it 2ce leh...really go watch it and ull know wat i mean...no lame ass jokes here, well there were some, but funny lame ass jokes :p

Ok la, time to get some shut eye and pray i go thru tomoro in one piece :)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love is a fragile thing and sometimes we are not its best caretaker, so we muddle thru it and hopes it survives...against all odds

I cried last nite while watching a movie, tho the story itself was kinda lame but i cried still ._. Bla, i guess im just weak that way lol..

On the other hand, im seriously stressed out with alot of things, its gettin kinda tiring and im just hoping that i can run away :s

Also on a random note, i have a sudden liking to.....lollipops! Lol, dont ask me why, im weird but in a cute kind of way, yes? :x

Poke pops! Arent they just adorable? :S

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello! Again!

Almost forgot to blog about this! Bro bought a stack of new dvd's to watch ytd and me having to watch the same old movies like xNNNNN times, was absolutely ecstatic!! So sis went thru his stash and found some nice ones among the the stack of lame ass, mindless body chopping, B-grade type movies which he loves so much. Dont ask, i dont get his choices at times ._.

So these were what we found,

Star-studded cast, although there were still limbs flying around, but the who cares when all the big names are there? We almost expect them to do it or we get extremely disappointed. Lmao! And Stallone leh! But i should say, i think he had his eyebrows done....extremely weird non macho look :x I suspect he had his whole face done :O I dont know, he just looks... weird and girly x.x

Really leh! If u guys have watched it, u shd knw wat i mean ok :S And i love Jet Li in here, so cute.. as in he looks like a mini GI Joe.. Kawaiii!! LOL! Jason Statham is cool as usual :3 and the dude from White Chicks, the one who loves white girls? Everytime i see him, i imagine him singing that song "A thousand Miles" and his face.. Hilarious! :D

Moving on..next!

Tho they were given extremely bad reviews, i kinda found damn entertaining leh, and funny shit. I mean i was literally laughing my head off for the entire show. The storyline was abit crappy i suppose, but the stand up comic and screwed up jokes made up for it lor. Me and sis laughed so hard, we were wtf-ing all the way lolol :x

Well me being an outdated person when it comes to movies, since i nvr watch it on the big screen for a very very very long time dy, hence i dont know hw long this one has been out, but if u havent watched it, and in need of some serious mindless laughing, this is the show! Seriously! :p

Okie! Enuf of snaking and back to work..i think? Hee!


So how was ur Monday? How? How? How? Good or not? Lol...

Mine, not so much ._. all coz of the silent treatment which is still going on in the office with the bosses and is slowly getting on my nerves. I cant work with ppl who cant work together, even if they work perfectly fine with me, but its like im in the middle of all them ._.

Regardless of hw kepo i can be at times, this is so not my thing and i hate, no wait hate is not s strong enuf word, em.. cant think of any others, but yes i HATE being the messenger, coz u knw what they say right? The messenger always gets gunned down ._. even if they're not directly shooting at u, its still not fun. Gah.

Its a wonder they can actually stop talking for almost a month dy leh. Wth =\ Grown-ups are weird. LOL! :S

Oh well, nom nom nom nom..

Moving on, cant believe its actually November ady and moving faster, soon itll be Christmas and Harpie New Year! again... 2011! *gulps* I think someone should pull the time brakes abit, moving abit too fast for comfort x.x

Tho, im actually looking forward to Xmas.. its the only time of the year which makes me warm n fuzzy... Hahaha :D

Oh yea, after so many friggin months of trying to get photoshop to work, i finally got it! Wee! Now i can experiment again on picture and ava editing :D...tho i havent gotten the grasp of Cs5, but nvm, Youtube tutorial ftw! *and to think i shd be studying for my exams* tsk tsk...Rawrers!

Nya nya nya....dont judge a poor soul like me ma :x

Oh my, im so proud, i did 4 posts in less than 2 hrs...hiak, and its almost time for lunch. Dont get me wrong, im actually busy de, except fr the days the accounts ppl come and i end up with nothing much to do coz they'll be using the pc i normally use to make orders and stuff...this pc im on now, is just for me to play on.. Lolololol...

Ok la, back to work lor, happy working all! ._.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello Sunday, Bye Sunday.. D:

Noooooo..... Sunday is leaving me D: D: D: ... Hurhur, i love being dramatic, dont u? :p

Ive made a conclusion, i love eating Japanese food, totemo dai dai dai dai dai suki! Lol... dont ask why, but its slowly becoming one of my favs lol, well other than mum's tao ew bak of course.. nothing can beat that.. Slurp!

Planned to go to Tao's today de, but everyone ppk me >_> and i was gonna treat leh! Tsk, its not everyday i so semangat wanna treat ok? Shd take this opportunity and eat ma right? Sheesh, beh hiao de they all :s

In the end, me n sis went to Queensbay's Jusco and got a truckload of sushi, sashimi and what not's from their Jp counter, which was actually 3 times cheaper than eating at Tao's... and its about the same stuff we would actually order there lo, except no abalone..sashimi was kinda limited, no mussels x.x LOL! Ok la, not complaining k since family so considerate and help me save my hard earned dough :D

Bought fresh norwegian salmon even to grill ourselves, omg so niceeee X_X I love Jusco :3 Lmao! I saw cod fish as well....shall get that too the next round .. Yummy! Even my doggie was stealing the salmon from us wtf, high maintenance dog ._.

Actually took pics of the load that we bought, but pics came out yucky and distorted..in the end, only the pic of the salmon looked decent.. :S

So there....

I know it might not seem as yummy as i said, but hey pictures can be deceiving.. plus the fact that i said, it was a DECENT picture nia :x Believe me, it was totally omgee :s

So there u have it, my short little weekend which turned out quite alright, except fr the little stuff which i managed to get over with good food, a lovely bed, wonderful weather and some serious kb whacking...which reminds me of the kb i hv yet to get.. tsk tsk.. Boos me D:

....Im so gonna be having Monday blues later T^T.. oh well, together gether ba...and for those who are not working tomoro.....Shaddap!

Friday, November 5, 2010


I admit it, i succumbed to la resistance and and got.....acash! T^T~ I actually blame it on my dieded messenger which FORCED me to reload...:X

But then on ze very bright side, im looking bery cool! LOL!

Cute right? right? right?? Lmao :S

Anyway, spent the day sleeping my ass off as usual, dono why im so bedridden everytime there's an off day x.x Im waitin for the next one next next week, but thats on a Wednesday...hmmm, maybe i shd take the rest of the days off..or maybe i shd start utilising my mc's...LOL! Hey abit bo tat ok if i dont use it :p Ok la, im a good ger ma, will be my morder emproyee till thy kingdom comes...or till i get lazy..whichever comes 1st. Lololol :x

Been playin for hrs in audi these cpl of days, getting tortured by 9k, by 180/200bpm songs and by Jx....yea yea i like it la ok, not that im saying ur SM (which u are btw :p)

My supposedly practicum exams which are to be held next saturday, still no news yet, which makes me partially relieved but abit mortified as well. What if they suddenly confirm it and i havent finished my lesson plans? O_O; But then again, it might get postponed to January which mean delays in getting our certs...Which is better? I personally think getting over the massacre earlier is better than prolonging the torture... Arhhhh #__#

Bah, shan't think too much and go back to watching my animes and enjoy whatever is left of my solidad holiday and BE HAPPY tat im working full day tomoro >______________>

Toodle de doo!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, i know this is gonna come out a little too late, but hell, who cares! Its my blog and u say nothing about it...lalalala :x

Hehe, ok la, enuf of the self consoling, moronic ass crap from me, im just happy that its finally Friday and ima don have to work...come cheer with me ok? Yay! Yay! Yay! :p

Downside would be...i hv to work on Saturday...full day somemore! So not gonna think about it now and enjoy my rest day..hurhur :S

Anyway, took some pics of the new Rhythmholic mode on Audi lol, just for fun...yea im THAT bored :x Been playing alot of audi again recently, and i suck...to the max ._. Blahhhhh.

After like xN times, finally got it abit...i just realised my rhythm sucks ALSO now >_> And to think my 1 2 party was good T_T

Crying doggies and meows coz i missed ._.


Lets forget about my suckiness and lets continue cheering for ma hori-dai again mmkay?

Woots woots woots!! :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I feel so sick right now and i almost trip on the staircase :( This weather is so not cool and im feeling like im so gonna barf... uwek D:

On a random note, shall i just close down my chatbox since no one really leaves any msgs for me and i get is spam?

Sigh, i wanna go home :(((

P.s. ね ばか! あなたがいなくて淋しいです... >_>

Hiidee Hoo~!

My eyes have been twitching since this morning when i reached the office, i wonder why is that? Hmmm, think i need to go google up and see what it means lol :x I used to have a colleague who's eyes twitched last time, then she went to the doc who told her that it was coz of stress.. hmm's again..

Do i have stress now? Let me think...,

1. I have my praticum exam in about less than 2 weeks time and i hv yet to finish my lesson plan and have no idea what to do for my mock teaching class,

2. I gonna have my last exam on grammar, which btw is the toughest module so far or rather the toughest ever and im still waiting for my grammar book to arrive,

3. My JLPT (JP exams) which is gonna happen on Dec5th and i have alot to read up in terms of GRAMMAR and other shi.. i mean stuff,

4. im basically busy abt 95% of the time at work (5% is for lunch break) which makes it almost impossible to do any revision at work..

Nah, im not fuckin stressed out, why in the world would i be? ._.

Or maybe its that older generation tales, that someone is thinking of u if ur eyes twitches, or was it ppl talkin bad about u? or or...? Blah, its still twitching and im getting pissed off coz the only to stop it from twitching is by closing the eye.

I feel like a pirate somehow... >_>

Monday, November 1, 2010

I run to you....!!

Sorry for the nonsense title of this post, was listening to my blog song and didnt know wat to put there, so .... :x Anyway...


Ps for the lack of posting over the weekend, or rather no posting at all, even tho i had a long weekend...lol.. bery lazy la... that and also the fact that ive been sleeping like there's no tomorrow x.x Seriously leh, i think i slept more than 15hrs on Saturday itself :S Sis was goin on about not seeing me awake long enuf to talk to me n get a reply coz the minute she turned ard i already zzzz dy @_@;; I dono why im so tired also la, mentally awake coz i was having bladi weird dreams ._. but body like dont wanna get out of bed :(

Not that i was sleeping the WHOLE time la, i did watch some...animes, and ended having to rewatch coz i eh.. fell asleep halfway :S and the fact that it was raining most of the times did not really help..the weather really bth x.x and predicted this whole week to be even more rain :@ i foresee some places flooded dy in here lol... too bad my place wont flood one, then no need work.. LOL :x

Happy thing i look forward too this week is, Flyday bo work~ Muahahahaha!! Happy Deepavali in advance!! Lolololol :x

Fug la, its so cold that im sneezing non stop dy, or is somebody talking about me! ;wild

And the fact that its so bladi cold makes me so sked to go bath T^T I havent even stepped in the bathroom my mo kui all standing liao leh!

So what else have i been up to this weekend? Well not much ba, the rain tends to bring out the 'best' in a person by making a person lazy to do anything else :p But im guessing that only applies to me coz even with the heavy rain, the roads were jam packed...according to mum who oh so rajin-ly went shopping lolz. Jp class on a Sunday morning was the only time i was out the house and even then on the way back i was swearing n cursing all the ppl who were out driving in such an incorrigible weather ._.

Have been goin back to watching online animes again lol, and well wat else? Marathon watching lor, i dont like watching halfway and having to wait lol, i rather wait till all the epis are out :p No wonder sis doesnt like watching with me... say i watch too fast T^T ...i think i get too carried away coz i ended up finishing one anime at work :XX

Read that audi is having patch on Tueday, new modes wor, hmm.. time to go back n check it out when its done :x One glitch is my messenger dieded dy, which makes it not fun..coz i need my messenger! :s

Oh well, gonna be having a quiet week ahead coz lady boss will be away for seminar on Tues and Wed and well the husband dont really ask me to do alot of stuff and most of the times he's in his room lol. So yay! Momentary burst of happiness for these 2 days! :@

Can Friday come again now? LOL :x

P.s. Sometimes, even a thousand rights could nvr mend one wrong? :)