Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello Sunday, Bye Sunday.. D:

Noooooo..... Sunday is leaving me D: D: D: ... Hurhur, i love being dramatic, dont u? :p

Ive made a conclusion, i love eating Japanese food, totemo dai dai dai dai dai suki! Lol... dont ask why, but its slowly becoming one of my favs lol, well other than mum's tao ew bak of course.. nothing can beat that.. Slurp!

Planned to go to Tao's today de, but everyone ppk me >_> and i was gonna treat leh! Tsk, its not everyday i so semangat wanna treat ok? Shd take this opportunity and eat ma right? Sheesh, beh hiao de they all :s

In the end, me n sis went to Queensbay's Jusco and got a truckload of sushi, sashimi and what not's from their Jp counter, which was actually 3 times cheaper than eating at Tao's... and its about the same stuff we would actually order there lo, except no abalone..sashimi was kinda limited, no mussels x.x LOL! Ok la, not complaining k since family so considerate and help me save my hard earned dough :D

Bought fresh norwegian salmon even to grill ourselves, omg so niceeee X_X I love Jusco :3 Lmao! I saw cod fish as well....shall get that too the next round .. Yummy! Even my doggie was stealing the salmon from us wtf, high maintenance dog ._.

Actually took pics of the load that we bought, but pics came out yucky and the end, only the pic of the salmon looked decent.. :S

So there....

I know it might not seem as yummy as i said, but hey pictures can be deceiving.. plus the fact that i said, it was a DECENT picture nia :x Believe me, it was totally omgee :s

So there u have it, my short little weekend which turned out quite alright, except fr the little stuff which i managed to get over with good food, a lovely bed, wonderful weather and some serious kb whacking...which reminds me of the kb i hv yet to get.. tsk tsk.. Boos me D:

....Im so gonna be having Monday blues later T^T.. oh well, together gether ba...and for those who are not working tomoro.....Shaddap!

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