Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yay! Its over! :D

My practicals are over! Woohooo!!

And to think i was scared i wouldnt have enuf material to go on for half hr or more, ended up they rang the bell to end the session even b4 i could do more stuff.. Hmmmm... ima gonna make a cool teacher eh? LOL! Im sorry, bery brain dead today coz i ended sleeping at almost 4plus last nite and woke up at 8 x.x

So, all thats left is my grammar exams which is gonna be 2 weeks from now and i already got my grammar book today. Havent even looked at book coz the minute i reached home i went into a coma lol.. Shall start that revision next week ba :) Then ima free! For now :D

Now, ima gonna go lie down again coz im still pooped and brain juices are surprisingly dry ._.

Shall post more tomoro! I promiseee! :p

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