Friday, November 5, 2010


I admit it, i succumbed to la resistance and and got.....acash! T^T~ I actually blame it on my dieded messenger which FORCED me to reload...:X

But then on ze very bright side, im looking bery cool! LOL!

Cute right? right? right?? Lmao :S

Anyway, spent the day sleeping my ass off as usual, dono why im so bedridden everytime there's an off day x.x Im waitin for the next one next next week, but thats on a Wednesday...hmmm, maybe i shd take the rest of the days off..or maybe i shd start utilising my mc's...LOL! Hey abit bo tat ok if i dont use it :p Ok la, im a good ger ma, will be my morder emproyee till thy kingdom comes...or till i get lazy..whichever comes 1st. Lololol :x

Been playin for hrs in audi these cpl of days, getting tortured by 9k, by 180/200bpm songs and by Jx....yea yea i like it la ok, not that im saying ur SM (which u are btw :p)

My supposedly practicum exams which are to be held next saturday, still no news yet, which makes me partially relieved but abit mortified as well. What if they suddenly confirm it and i havent finished my lesson plans? O_O; But then again, it might get postponed to January which mean delays in getting our certs...Which is better? I personally think getting over the massacre earlier is better than prolonging the torture... Arhhhh #__#

Bah, shan't think too much and go back to watching my animes and enjoy whatever is left of my solidad holiday and BE HAPPY tat im working full day tomoro >______________>

Toodle de doo!

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