Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hiidee Hoo~!

My eyes have been twitching since this morning when i reached the office, i wonder why is that? Hmmm, think i need to go google up and see what it means lol :x I used to have a colleague who's eyes twitched last time, then she went to the doc who told her that it was coz of stress.. hmm's again..

Do i have stress now? Let me think...,

1. I have my praticum exam in about less than 2 weeks time and i hv yet to finish my lesson plan and have no idea what to do for my mock teaching class,

2. I gonna have my last exam on grammar, which btw is the toughest module so far or rather the toughest ever and im still waiting for my grammar book to arrive,

3. My JLPT (JP exams) which is gonna happen on Dec5th and i have alot to read up in terms of GRAMMAR and other shi.. i mean stuff,

4. im basically busy abt 95% of the time at work (5% is for lunch break) which makes it almost impossible to do any revision at work..

Nah, im not fuckin stressed out, why in the world would i be? ._.

Or maybe its that older generation tales, that someone is thinking of u if ur eyes twitches, or was it ppl talkin bad about u? or or...? Blah, its still twitching and im getting pissed off coz the only to stop it from twitching is by closing the eye.

I feel like a pirate somehow... >_>

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