Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Happy Tuesday to all! And to all a good night? Lol...sorry, been listening to the same Xmas songs over and over again at work x.x Its literally playing now in my head as we speak ._. Not that i dislike it, i mean its one of my fav hols ever and the songs always make me nostalgic...bt the version here, sounds like what we hear in malls....and im getting irritated. Gahs >_>

And and and Im feeling a slight paranoia cz of my JP exams this weekend *gulps* Hence the lack of sanity at the very moment. Mehsss...

Am currently waiting to clock out coz not is xmas song sien-ing, its also making me yawn...alot x.x Its putting me to sleep... *slaps self* T_T

So decided on doing something 'exciting' instead!

Alot of my outstation friends who plan to visit Penang, always ask me what the best sight seeing spots in Penang and if i could take them ard.. honestly having lived here all my life, well almost all my life, i seriously cannot think of any places at all which would be interesting ._. HONEST! Im not saying Pg is that bad, but em.....sorry really cant think of anything :X The only thing i feel worth mentioning is the food! Lol... or shd i also mention the mushrooming of malls now all over town? ._. which in a way reminds me of Sg lol...

So, i decided to do a little research myself, and find out what ppl thought were cool places to go to :x Lets just say its preparation and also to not 'sia sui' myself by telling ppl im from Pg ._.

Please take note that some of these places, i hv not been in a gazillion years =\

Penang Hill! I seriously cant remember the last time i took the trams up...i think we were all pretty young coz i remember being retardedly excited with the ride up :x Had a few school trips as well but was always ard the foothills after that bt nvr up there le...hmm, maybe i shd go up again and reminisce one of the days.. :)

Funny thing about Botanical Gardens was, i only remembered being chased ard by monkeys? Oh and that little stream we used to love picnicking by on the weekends, seriously, we really loved our picnics last time :p

Now this was something which alot of fond memories lol, once again images of being a retard comes to mind...happily jumping ard (like monkeys?) whenever we saw the jellyfish brought up by the waves by the side of the ferry lol... i conclude that i was a retard when i was young ._. Mum was working in Butterworth that time, and me and siblings would take the ferry just to meet up with her at Emporium Supermarket (woah i remembered the name!!) fr our CNY shopping :D

Penang Bird Park - was there only once in my lifetime ._. All i could remember was the sad looking birds which i at the time was almost compelled me to set them all free :x I wonder if its still like that :'(

Batu Feringghi! I loved this place at a kid, like i said, we loved our picnic leh.. we would scour for hidden places where it wasnt so crowded with ppl and swim like....retards? >_> Anway, this is one place i dont mind goin again soon ;)

Kek Lok Si - another place which family hasnt been to fr awhile now, very pretty lights which i can even see frm my home lol, and packed to the max x.x We really had a lot of places to take pics of last time....hmm, i wonder why we dont take them anymore. It feels like time stopped at tht time lol :(

Fort Cornwallis, with its big bad ass cannons lol. This ive been to recently, and no not to see the firepower cz im nt really interested in big guns o.o Lol :p It quite deserted most of the time and mum told us we used to live in the squatters ard the area when we were babies... so cham hor? We really were poor last time, bt im still thankful :) Ive been there a few times during CNY coz thats the time we would do live shows.. yes yes, i played the sax fr the jazz band and the viola fr the orchestra lol :) I kinda miss it now...

So there u have it, pretty amazing the places u can find online lol :p But most of the places are really heritage places, so unless ur interested in history *coughs* i shall nt tell u abt them here :p

Summary? Come for the food, even tho ive been having them most of my life, there are still little nooks and crannies to discover :D Even tho Penang is nt my birthplace, its always somewhere i call home :3

Tatas!! :D

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