Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello! Again!

Almost forgot to blog about this! Bro bought a stack of new dvd's to watch ytd and me having to watch the same old movies like xNNNNN times, was absolutely ecstatic!! So sis went thru his stash and found some nice ones among the the stack of lame ass, mindless body chopping, B-grade type movies which he loves so much. Dont ask, i dont get his choices at times ._.

So these were what we found,

Star-studded cast, although there were still limbs flying around, but the who cares when all the big names are there? We almost expect them to do it or we get extremely disappointed. Lmao! And Stallone leh! But i should say, i think he had his eyebrows done....extremely weird non macho look :x I suspect he had his whole face done :O I dont know, he just looks... weird and girly x.x

Really leh! If u guys have watched it, u shd knw wat i mean ok :S And i love Jet Li in here, so cute.. as in he looks like a mini GI Joe.. Kawaiii!! LOL! Jason Statham is cool as usual :3 and the dude from White Chicks, the one who loves white girls? Everytime i see him, i imagine him singing that song "A thousand Miles" and his face.. Hilarious! :D

Moving on..next!

Tho they were given extremely bad reviews, i kinda found damn entertaining leh, and funny shit. I mean i was literally laughing my head off for the entire show. The storyline was abit crappy i suppose, but the stand up comic and screwed up jokes made up for it lor. Me and sis laughed so hard, we were wtf-ing all the way lolol :x

Well me being an outdated person when it comes to movies, since i nvr watch it on the big screen for a very very very long time dy, hence i dont know hw long this one has been out, but if u havent watched it, and in need of some serious mindless laughing, this is the show! Seriously! :p

Okie! Enuf of snaking and back to work..i think? Hee!

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