Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ahhh Looooor~!

Hee, i actually just woke up x.x coz i ended up sleeping at about 6am last nite lol... aiya, happy it was a day i didnt have exams or classes or work! Triple combos which i have been having for the past cpl of months :(

Neways, i apologise for the lack of postings and updates here, just didnt have the time cz was worried sick for my last exams last Thursday :D Yeap, its done! All is left is my 30hr assessment which ill only be doing after CNY hehe.. Exam was epic tho, started at 7.30pm and went on to almost 12.30am! LOL! Cool right? One thing good about courses like this, it didnt really matter what time we finished, even Julian (one of our teachers and the owner of the centre) said, we could do it up to midnight if we wanted....which we did? Rofl :x

Even then, we didnt really have enuf time, but was too exhausted liao, and brain juices dry D:

So, whats been up with me?

Hmmm... *thinks* To say nothing would be an understatement, but not overwhelming at the same time? Me is dono what me is saying...:p

Anyway, like i said, been studying fr the past week, too many things to look into for this particular subject le, now only i know how bad my grammar is ..but its become kinda interesting now that i sort of understand the basic rules :) Grammar rox! *i feel like such a geek :x* and my group of classmates are a crazy bunch and we always hv a great time in class :D Im so gonna miss them since the course is over, but im hoping we'll keep in touch :) So, shall just wait for my results in early Jan and hoping i do well *fingers crossed*

Also have been rather involved in Steps lol, the mall is just too dam enticing :x It kinda reminds me of HS5 , beautiful graphics, lousy gameplay, as in i cant perf well ._. But then again, nt everyone has problems with that *coughs*...*u know who you are*....*coughssss* Mum has been on my back when she saw it, says im gettin too engrossed in a new game again ._. Its not like i play alot of it, coz all the ppl who started b4 me already pass me lvl like so much ...doh la really, so yuan wang de T_T Most of the time im online but afk-ing just to listen to the songs :(

Was planning to record a vid coz i look too dam hot not to (in Steps la i mean), but my damn graphic card is so bery de lousy which reminded me of my better one which is with my pc guy....this is the result of not sending my pc for its monthly repairs like last time lol. Dam it, its been like 5months? Geez =\ Thankfully evey says she'll help lol :D

Random note - bosses are back to talking again, after like erm more than a month? Lol, guess it was kinda time they did lol, i could tell :p Which at some point is good fr me, coz im not the messenger anymore.. yay! Not that i minded....erm wait ya, i did mind >_>

Oh wells, i guess all is good at work for now? Despite being tired most of the time.

There's also been new relationships which were totally the CMOG type, but i guess, is good in a way, but now i try not to put so much or think too deep into it, but more of enjoying it as it is and see where it goes :)

I always planned to update at work, but the whole building's net is totally cmi ._. really gets on my nerves at times, actually most of the times, up to the point that my hp is also having problem getting any coverage 7&*(%#IJWSFJKD3852qwrlrear ANNOYED AH!

Ah well, ill be having Jp exams next Sunday x.x and it will be the end of my "enjoyment" of having exams fr the time being.. really drains a person x.x but it was times :x Which i could just go back to studyin full time lol D:

That being said, i might poofie for a few more days to prep fr Jp test, but fret not, i shall try to update, even if they're short one :D


P.s. Sry late posting again....kinda slept the weekend away hurhurhur :S

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