Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hangover :S

In fact, i havent had a hangover in years..well not with other ppl that is.. coz there was a time in KL when i was totally under the influence of alcohol..but thats another story :S

It was roughly about 5buckets with the majority of 3ppl drinking the lot (one of them would be yours truly x.x) They seriously out to get me for all those times i ppk-ed them D: or maybe taking into account the next time i will come out again =.= u know la, hermit very hard to jio out one :x

Anyway, had a very funny start to the evening coz i was basically rushing out to meet up with them *and they were later than me ._.* . The reason i was in such a rush was coz i was out in the afternoon to get my....IPHONE! Yes! I finally got it XDDDD~! Will post piccy's later coz im still busy fiddling ard with it ahahahahaa :x

So yea, stories of my new toy will be in another post...thats if i dont fall asleep coz ive been sitting away from the pc these past 2 days staring at my phone :p and and on a side's been down for almost 3days now T^T~.. Come back soon wor..i miss looking at my ring :(

Continuing back to my pre-hangover nite..

The guys reached Qbay ard 9plus and i was ok being there 1st coz i was busy fiddling with my phone...:x Okok..shall not mention phone from now onwards :x Anyway, they reached and Vara did his overly dramatic act as usual and hugged me. Then i gave him my good my rush out, i actually left my purse at home..LOL! Seriously it wasnt on purpose lor coz i didnt put back in the bag i was using...and and...i was rushing out ma D: Imagine my surprise when i wanted to pay fr parking but bo purse ._. Heng i got alot of ta li kia in my car ok >_>" FML.

They did say wan belanja me de ma....and i really really forgot de D: Sadded.. lol :S And no license somemore ._.

In the end, we drank till almost 3am and all of us were dead drunk wtf.. and to think i had to drive back home without a license and woozy x.x Well i did the normal thing i always used to do...raced car back home :x I know la, dangerous right..but if i drive slowly..will fall asleep =.=

Anyway, was still having a hangover this morning when i woke up hesitantly coz mum wanted me to go buy new clothes for new job on monday lol...Oh well, since i cant audi, went with them lor...kidding la lol..i wanted to get some new clothes too :) its sort of a new start ma..must start fresh lolz :p

But then again, im poorer by a cpl of hundred bucks ._. and then i calculate the fact that i managed to get 5sets of clothing..ima bery happy chica :D Reject shop ftw lol..seriously they have alot of nice stuff recently :D

So, here i am tired as hell, and earlier came back burning up with my face turning red from the heat of all the alcohol i consumed last nite x.x so took a very long bath and now typing this and nodding off as we speak...

And im kena bullied in BN! T^T...ppl keep stealing my collection b4 i can complete...*cries*

They better dont force me to become a bitch lo...=.= lol..

Heading off to bed for now...shall post piccys (well they did take drunkard pics of us...hmm maybe i shdnt post it :x) and my new toy :3 tomoro bery exhausted liao...

Need to liee downnn... D:


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Im finally freeee...!! After almost 2yrs, ive finally moved on :)

Not to say it was all bad, there were some good in it too..i guess. Lol.. Its like eating bitter sweet chocos (the sweet part would be when im all alone in the office with nothing to do..LOL!) Man, im gonna miss those things for sure. And the fact that they've changed to 5day work =.=

Well, i think i made the right move :) Besides, i couldnt see any raise in anything soon with the old place but with this new one, i felt i could. Hoping for the best as usual ;) *fingers crossed*

Farewell my table...~

Yea yea, i know im being overly dramatic but im not completely lacking in emotions, that would certainly be an understatement. Even felt a sense of lost when i uninstalled audi from my pc :x plus clearing all my browsing history along with all the other stuff which does not concern work that i do when i have nothing to do or rather when i dont want to do anything.

Get me? Blahs.

Hopefully ive cleared my work and handed over to my manager, coz i dont think i wanna hear frm them for awhile :x Even my boss was like "Must pick up the phone if we cant find something ar" ...Shit! Let them see through me dy =.= We'll see... *whistles*

On another note, had my Jp test ytd and conclusion would be....


Die die die die =\ crazy sensei...with almost 11 pages of qns in less than 1hr =.= Front page was easy and i finished it fast so i could do the back part which was writing...manatau T^T!!! I wonder if the other students really so fast finish or they also play "ting tong tiang" one =.=

Knn. Epic phail.. now i bery bu shuang d.

Even though its not really the JP proficiency test which we will be having at the end of the year and its more like the teacher gauging us coz after this we'll be moving into lvl 2..still..

BO SONG!! ._.

But then again, bo song also bo pian d =\ Anyways, will be meeting up with vara and the old gang frm my Nissan days this coming Friday. Its been ages since i last saw them and its gonna nothing less than a crazy meet up :) AND yes, i wont ppk d...coz they say i always do =.= and this meet up was specially arranged for me x.x Oh wells, havent been out with friends for a while now so thats that :p Will take some piccys.. i hope ;)

And and and....Iphone here i cometh! :D Planning to get it this week hehe...hopefully la hor :D

Thats all folks!! for now.... Ciaozz!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Space Pang Pang!

Due to my overwhelming boredom-ness and nothing to do-ness at the moment, ive decided to post ss's of me playin the new mode in dont ask =.=

New DreamForest map...
Not bad but the waterfall behind is a distraction to me *blames blames*

Was happily playing with bro's iphone earlier, till he went to bed and took it with him T^T...well im hoping ill be getting mine sometime this week :)

Also the fact that tomoro is my last day at work..wooot!

Though the big downside would be, im having Jp test tomoro...fuggity fug fug fug... x.x

Guess i should turn in earlier tonite...since its already 2am LOL! :x Bleh..

Nites! :)

P.s. Its always nvr a good time, not once. and its not that you dont have time, its you not wanting to make it :(

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Donkey Kong!!

Super Mario! Puzzle Bobble! Tetris! Streetfighter!

Lol..if ur wondering why the sudden shoutings of the names of the games of yesteryears *as in the games i used to go gaga over when i was a wee little girl* then dont ask me, coz it was a random thing i said when i missed an fm while audi-ing =.= Which resulted in the shoutings of even more old games by Jx lmao!

I mean honestly, those were the games which took up most of our times when we were younger. At first we would run to the arcade one school finished to play those games and then came those Nintendo game players. Remember those cassette type game cartridges? I did :) The 1st time mum bought it for us after striking lottery, we were like kiddies in the candy store. Dam overly excited idiots ok? :x

And mind you, those times, where got pirated games de, one cassette almost 30 to 100bucks lor depending of how many games were in there lol...

Then Gameboy came out and we were carrying our games all over the place..LOL! The evolution of gaming eh? :p

So, which was your favourite? Lets run down memory lane shall we? :D

Super Mario Bros! Who could forget Mario and

One of my fav games, Tetris, then came the portable version Brickgame? Lolol :D

Donkey Kong!! :DD

I used to run to the arcade with sis after school just to play this lor :x

Contra!! And even that time bro had a way of making the ammunition indef haha...chi kek! :p

Tonnes and tonnes of other old games came up which i couldnt possibly put all here when i was googling for old nintendo games..really brings back alot of fun memories lol :D Man, i feel like a dork now =.=! But i loved it ^^;

I wish life were as simple as it was back then when we were easily amused by the littlest things in life :p

Monday, July 26, 2010

Yay! Finally took out my pics and edited them! :D

Im pooped x.x Actually took them out when i reached home earlier and b4 i could edit them, i went to lay down and ended up sleeping for 3hrs straight. LOL! Its been a tiring day la :(

Was looking forward to audi's new patch coz pang pang mode was suppose to come out in this patch, plus more new songs lor. Sadly, due to dono wat technical problems, it didnt happen =.= I wonder what they did during the 10am to 7pm supposedly patch + maintenance >_>

And babe? I sorta lied :p i do still audi lmao...not as much la, but i still do. Its u who dont play. Hmph! I wanna break cpl d! =.=

Click here to preview Space Pang Pang lol :)

Yes, its kinda weird lol and kinda noisy, but still new mode :p Im actually looking forward to see when they will bring in the Rhythm Holic cats and dogs and shakers and stuff lmao :x Bleh..

Oh ya! My new headphone courtesy of a zhu.. :)

♥ Thanks babe :)

And just in time, the last one u gave me was going silent in one ear. And no its not coz im chu lu ok, its was..just..coz...i dono la! Ima good user ok? Not like someone i know ._. I think its the connection point problem...yes yes, i think thats wat it is :D

I think my pics are getting nicer no? Ok, totally random i know but still nice right?? Hehe :x Im planning to take up back my previous hobby which i sorta deserted, photography :D Only problem is most of the one day courses are in Nikons' KL campus. Hmmm.. shall plan soon :)

Should i add Nikon Dlsr D90 to my wishlist? :p

Must go dream of getting more money to fulfill my wonderful list of wonderful stuffies!

Note: Please scroll down for past posts coz i tend to post late and do alot of backposting :x Ps not a bery hardworking blogger *pouts* Thats if u wanna read la ._.


Hello hello hello all! Happy Monday! :D

I know i know, i shd be having Monday blues today, in a way i am but the thought that its gonna be my last 3days here has certainly cheered me up abit :D then its rest for a few days before i start new job :DD I was suppose to start today but current bosses refuse to let me clear my leave and say will pay for my 14days of leave...which means another half months' pay O_O; i wonder if they will actually pay me ._.

So, went to new place and told them about my dilemma and they were very understanding and asked me to start on next Monday, which is so cool by me coz i get to rest for a few days hehehe :D Thankfully all is well, coz this thing has been bugging me for a few days now D:

Annnnd... sorry for the lack of posts.. i actually do have posts...halfway written ones though coz ive been taking piccys and well..i ermm...nvr took them out of ze camera..heheheh..ehehe..hmm.. Ok la! will take them out later tonite coz i wan to deco deco abit ma :( Some piccy's of bros' new car which he took back last Thursday lol.. and he's been asking me everyday, "U nvr post my car pics in ur blog ar!" =.=*

So yea, took pics of his car..ytd >_>"

I just a sinful weekend which i sorta enjoyed...guiltily though..abit :x Was on leave on Saturday (coz i got no other days to take leave ._.) and slept most of the day. Also got mum to cook her famous tao ew bak and in the end we bought like 2 pots worth of bak. Omg, so much guilt. LOL:x And had that for 2 days rofl ... One thing though, nvr regretted it hahahaha.. coz bery nice ok? After this must really diet d.. Fk! But eat with sambal was so dam....okok shall not continue on about sinful food d *pouts*

Met up with babe before he went back Kl on Sunday and he actually came over to take abit of mum's famous bak. Lol... i wonder if no bak u would have come or not =.=! But got a new headphone from him...which i took photos of...which is still in the dang camera. Blahs =\ And im kinda irritated with him atm coz he's so busy till beh reply me d ._. Angry. I wonder if its coz he got new friends in his banditnation game thats why bo time for me d :( Sadddd..

Ok la, im being lame and kinda tired coz this whole morning has been hectic. Since b4 i reached office ive been running here n there to site and suppliers and tons n tons of phone calls. Legs bery tired and just managed to have beehoon for lunch :( Good thing is, 2 more hrs before i cabut lol..i dont intend to stay on like i used to d.. i mean for wat? I shd be free-er d, but sadly it seems im more busy than usual ._.

Thank goodness my current good mood has sustained me throughout this whole morning else ill be extremely pissed and luan luan say things again :S

Back to work i suppose, must finish b4 bosses come back hurhur XD and btw they went to some meeting in town. So peace and quiet for meeee :3 Oh please let me get through this day without any pain x.x LOL. Buaizzzz!

P.s. I just realised i wrote alot in this post in just under 10mins. Ima such a cool chick :D

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mark X

Harpeee TGIF!! again.... :D

Yes, its that time of the week again, we rejoice for the weekends of sleeping in late and sleeping even later lol. Or to some ppl, sleeping the entire day *coughs*. Time to hang out with the family, do some shopping or just stay at home and enjoy being able TO stay at home *coughss*

Me? Im even more happy coz ima not working tomoro! Wooohooo! Well basically its my only day that i can take leave and try or rather a miserable attempt to clear my leave =.= Plus point would be, im gonna be an extra 1/2 richer next month. Heeee..

Which would mean my dream of getting an iphone that much closer...LOL! Sad right? But come to think of it, i rather enjoy the thrill of being able to work to get the stuff i want. Makes me appreciate it even more :p And the excitement is much more overwhelming :p Hahaha :x

Ah yes, this post would be a belated one coz i erm sorta gotten lazy over the weekend to complete it and also i intended to insert piccy's of bro's new car *which i just got out of camera today, Monday, July 26th* :x Well, better late than never right? :D That and my bro's constant bugging is getting to me ._.

So here it is, my total admiration of it... =.=

The front...

The back...

And everything else inside... lol :x

Should have taken more piccy's but i wasnt in a very creative mood. Basically we get that its a cool car lor. Just kidding la bro! We lubbbb ur car :p So when wanna take us kai kai ar? I wanna i wanna i wanna! :D

Cars, not really my th'ng...gadgets and gizmos and stuff, Yes! :p Though i do plan to get a slightly more newer car..My poor kancil is 10plus yrs old d, almost time for retirement T^T..

Oh wells, my wishlist just keeps getting longer n longer eh? Isnt it exciting??! Lmao :x

P.s. Was wishing for my Manhattan this weekend, but someone didnt make it again. Sadded :(

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I feel roasted. Like seriously Kenny Rogers + Nandos type roasted :(

After like the god knows how many times i walked to n fro to the project site. Funny thing is it was raining cats and dogs this morning and i was wet frm top to bottom coz i forgot my umbrella at home and had to run to the office across the road =.=

And now its hot like hell ._.

The reason im so freaking busy is coz my boss is sick (lol?) after taking over most of my stuff since i already leaving in a few days. So fast sick dy..hmmmm...

Anyway, my hair is still slightly wet from this morning and im starting to sneeze plus i had to basically swallow my lunch just now. I feel so so...overworked. LOL!

Ok la, enuf of break time *pouts* back to work....

I feel sick suddenly o_o;

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To my best friend

When your best friend gives up on friendship between the two of you sometimes the only thing you can do is say goodbye and wait for them to come back. If they won't let you try to fix your mistakes you really hurt them. And if they were the one to make the mistake then forgive them.

It hurts to lose the only friend you could tell everything to knowing they wouldn't tell a soul.

Hmm..saw this quote on FB earlier today. It kinda struck a chord with me coz i was just thinking of the same thing and was fairly surprised when i saw it :) I dono, maybe im thinking too much? But its been lingering on for a few days now.

Work has been quiet for me, which im fine with coz i have time to clear my pc of my erm...stuff? :p My work UNRELATED stuff :x Hahaha.. Things that i do when i cant concentrate at work and need some diversion...i think u catch my drift la hor ;)

They've been having interviews the whole afternoon and im happy! I know i shd feel nostalgic..but im NOT! And i know it sounds ebil but i dont really care? Lol :x At least they quickly hire ppl and i get to leave this Friday? Hurhur :D

Bah...*fingers crossed*

Back to work lor...see im such a moder emproyee hor? :p

P.s. Its been 5days since we last spoke.. Am i already forgotten?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Have u ever heard the phrase,

"If you love something then let it go, if it comes back then ur meant to be, if not then let it be?"

or something like that. Well in any case, I like my version coz it rhymes lol or rather it sounds cool :x

Mind you, this could be applied in any situation or r/s :)

Yea, we've all heard it, we've all faced it at some point, we've all tried doing it, problem is nobody ever reads the instructions in fine print below on how damn hard it is to really let go of something knowing it might nvr come back.

Or maybe its just me and my ocd's.

Monday T^T

..again... TT________________________TT~!

Cant believe my weekend came and leaving soon... huaaaaaa :(( And to think ive been doing absolutely nothing at home, slacking and loitering ard like a slacker :((

Oh btw, i lub being a slacker once a while xP!

Though i wish my weekends were slightly longer, as in no Sat work. Which is what i will get when i start new place..yay :DD And im thinking of taking this Sat off hurhur D: I know i know, despite saying how big a waste it is, but am gonna find out hw many more days of leave i have so i can take them all since its gonna be my last week here and new work officially starts next week.

Im hoping i dont have to postponed starting at new job coz current bosses are sorta giving me pain =.= Esp with my leaves >_> Blah, will sort everything out for sure at work tomoro..or shd i say later? Huaaaaa :((


Its 2am dy, shd i go to sleep or continue with my K-On? Oh ya, finished my Lovely Complex..loved it till the end, loved the beginning, middle parts and the ending.. DAISUKI! Lol :x Currently watching 2nd season of K-On which is also bery the cool :D

Sorta reminds me of when i was in a band last time D: Missed those days alot..

Oh wells, a few more epis and off to bed!

Oyasumi nasai! And have a great week ahead :D

P.s. Do you ever think of me even a little? Do you even miss me? Maybe not. Must be not. Sighs.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Laksa Day!!

Hehe.. its been awhile since mum made her speciality - Laksa ♥_♥ Recipes passed down from grandma who made the best laksa soup ever *drooools* And it takes alot of preparation works, cutting, fish de-boning, soup making which would normally take about half a day to finish and normally mum would make the soup the nite b4 bt this was completely spontaneous.

Thankfully, this time it was surprisingly fast according to mum. Maybe coz we were all so coordinated and everything was done b4 12 :D Just typin this is making me drool lmao :x and yes, we'll prolly be having this for a few days hahaha :p

FYI, our family are extreme Laksa lovers, esp the ones made by mum :D

And since we finished everything so fast, i had time to get the cam and snap away :P even mum was telling me how to take this and that hahahaha :DD. Anyway, here are the piccys!

First there was veggies....

And then more veggies...

Here came the fishies...
..which kinda reminded me of Manhanttan Fish Market..which ive yet to go :(

And then ze noodlez... :)

And and and and ze prawn....paste that is ~ :D

Finally!! Ze' Masterpiece!!

So thats it, my wonderfully lazy Sunday, which was spent eating , sleeping and watching anime. And oh ya, a Sg movie my bro imposed on us, and whn i mean imposed, i mean, forcing us to watch it or he will nvr lend us another movie again ._.*

So yea, threaten is more like it. But shhhh...u didnt hear it from me.... *pouts*

It was so so nia la, show was called "Being Human". Had its funny parts but ending sucked ttm. Like bo ending nia >_> So went back to anime after that. And slept. And ate. Hmmm.. :X

Man, looking back the pics i posted is making me feel hungry again. I...erm...gotta go do something!! Chyotto matte ne! :x

*slurps* :p

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Weekends :)

And im waiting to go

Actually the office manager made a suggestion to me ytd, well according to her, was boss' idea. She told me that since sat was a free-est day, i could take leave if i wanted to. In normal situations, i might have just taken the sats off and cleared my leave, BUT the fact that they recommended made me feel guai lan :p

Hey, its not worth taking a full day leave on a half day work lor..right? Though it would have been fun to sleep in, but like i said, they suggesting it meant they were trying to take advantage and let me finish up my leave. I take Monday then they know ar.. muahahahahaha!! Dumbasses :D

So until then ima gonna watch my anime at work LOL! Lalalala~ ;) Ahya, its my last week here, let me enjoy lor :D And i cant wait to go home and watch it coz ive found the best anime so far! Its funny and at times so close to home. Daisuki yo! ;)

Lovely Complex ♥

Summary, its about a guy and a girl who are always at each other's throat and ends up as best friends coz they have so much in common :) And the facial expression are damn amusing it makes me laugh out like crazy :DD Another twist would be, the girl is exceptionally tall and the guy is shorter than the average guys in school haha.. so the terms "amazon girl" and "midget" just flies ard constantly. I guess its the only show now that can make me laugh and cry at the same time lol :)

So, back to erm.. 'work'? or etc etc etc ;) Ja mata ne!

Friday, July 16, 2010


BUT! I had the urge to put in one more random, no link, totally pointless, no sense post :DD

*inserts evil and crazy laughter* Muahahahahaha!

My new roof for my cafe! Kawaii desu ne! :3

Yea, cafe world came out with a new feature where u get to deco the outside of ur cafe. Totally pointless and a good way to spend those coins which u have nowhere else to spend at. And yet, i have proven myself even more lame coz i spent 3m coins on this one and me is now bery poor :(

Bite me for my lame-ness ._.

Ok la, me shd really go sleep, coz me is posting junky posts and not making much sense.




Thursday, July 15, 2010


Got a new look in audi... retail therapy la katakan... well, pixelised retail therapy anyway but im happy, so what! =.=

Cute right right? But then again, she's always cute ba *coughsss* :p

Total random and useless post i know, but im in a irritable mood from just now, so i guess its a source of release =.= Blah.

Honestly hun, its the same excuse over n over again, and im starting to find it hard to believe it now. Maybe ur saving ur phone batt for more important calls and its ur way to get me to stop wasting it. U tell me if im wrong.

I resent the fact of how u always say im being not nice n unfriendly when thats all uve been to me these past few weeks. And what was that phrase u used to me when i said it was coz i was abit unhappy with myself? Oh yes, "Can still be nice wad." - can u use that for yrself regardless of the problems u have now? Asking ppl to do something is always easier isnt it?

The fact is, if i would to stop trying, we might not be talking anymore coz it seems that u really cant be bothered. So why am i still trying to be ur friend when u obviously dont need it? Lol. It should always work both ways..

In the end, im the fool, to think that our bond meant something when it was all just a joke :) And believe it or not, im actually sad.

Oh wells, heading home soon, raining now and i wanna go home and sleep >_>


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The sky is the limit :)

Recently instead of looking at the ground each time i walked coz i was afraid of falling, ive been looking at the sky any time i had the chance. And surprisingly, it feels liberating :)

Took this picture from my car while at the traffic lights near my house :)

These past couple of weeks has been a roller coaster of emotions. Anger, disappointment, feeling of loss, goodbyes, hellos, silence.. of coz there has been happiness, the ups and then the downs. For the 1st time in a long long time, im not sure what i should really do.

Work has been relatively carefree. Sure i have my busy times, but somehow, it seems less frustration on my side. Guess its coz im leaving soon :) And oh ya, the OM had the cheek to ask me to stay on for one more month. No way jose ! Reasons were coz they wanted me to train new staff. Lolz, i dont even know why tat should be a problem since they like firing ppl on the spot ._.

But also have been making choices and goin through with them and safe to say, im feeling much more happy with myself. It was a long due move and im proud that i finally saw the light and went toward it lol ..

There are also some things which i still have no solutions for..

I always said, the people who really care for you, will nvr leave you no matter how many times u shut them out and ask them to leave u alone. And ill always stood true to that, but now im starting to doubt my stand.

A few months ago i posted that i lost all my smses from my old phone and though at the time i felt i could do nothing more to salvage it coz my sis who got it from me, deleted it all coz i was taking too long to think whether i shd keep it or not. And it was ok, i suppose, for awhile. Until lately. Now i realise i miss those old smses, coz they were really out of care and lately i have received nothing like that.

I guess i will nvr get those anymore. Things have changed :)

Everyday i think, should i try again? Should i care as much as i did? And everytime, i get disappointed. Im starting to think its really not worth it. Not when im only treated as a spare.

There was a time when i did move on without u in my life, and i guess i could do it again.

But what should i do, really?

..time to look at the skies again and watch the clouds move :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


First of all, let me share with you my or rather my family's recent indulgence...

Tada!! Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence x.x

Yes yes, this was my sis' de birthday cake lol.. when i bought this i was calculating how much a yr we spend on cakes and the amount came out quite shockingly to me.. roughly about RM400? Ok la hor? Well i figure the reason why its so much its coz we love our cakes, esp the very sinful ones @_@; And the fact that everytime we buy it, we say its only once a year, but problem is, everyone's IS once a year. LOL. So it actual fact, its a minimum of 4 a year.

Oh forgive me father for i have sinned. Big time.

And we still love it ever so much regardless of bad it is for us. Tsk tsk why are humans so bo kia si ar?? Lol... :x I could think of a million reasons why we shd not stop this, and another million on why we should but ive unilaterally decided, talk is cheap and pointless. Its already been done, and in our fridge :p

Just do it! Nike style! Lol...blahs.

Am still hooked on anime watching since my last post :D and watched a really sad one ytd T_T which in summary potrayed ppl in Japan during an earthquake and the aftermath. Very sad show but in a way empowering and makes one feel nothing but grateful ..

My own online anime is almost finishing, so guess ill go search for new ones to watch d. And my bro is still being a stubborn ass when he keeps complaining that the reason why he doesnt have net connection is coz im using cable o.o I know right? Im speechless. And my suggestion that he uses cable too has been shot down with "Why would i wanna step back in technology?" =.= I dont think he remembers we're living in Malaysia Boleh ._. How can he compare to, let say, Korea? Stubborn ass la, and ive resorted to silence when it comes to that topic.

Funny part is, when i was using wireless, he also blamed me fr his no connection coz he blamed my wireless device being the culprit. Im starting to think i can never win. FML really.

Moving on....ive been joining exp compy again...when i remember. Dam the new timing and i know its not really new anymore but i liked when it was at 9pm ._. Anywayyyy, been really sucky :( sadness.. am trying to train back as much as i can, and if anything can do it, its the compy.. best way to force train myself :D And it did worked the last time lor ok?

One conclusion though, my 4k still sucks like hell and i think its coz i still hate it....Boos :(

Oh wells, time to wander off and ponder on unnecessary stuff ;)

P.s. I miss you...alot :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost forgot !!

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to my most annoying and sometimes sweet sis, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Lol.... :x

Love ya la! Despite ur sometimes extremely irritating "i dont know" replies =.=


P.s. Im sure she's still sleeping like a HO MIA WTF! =.=

Monday! Yay! =.=

Ok, its been ALMOST a week since my last post, and im seriously getting disturbed by the fact that i havent been blogging since last wed. But but but... i do have posts saved up in my acc, just that i didnt finish them .... *draws circle in the corner*


And my now feeble attempt to make up for my lack of posts are failing...seriously epic phailure to the max ._. My fingers are doing nothing bt hovering over the kb while waiting for my brain to come up with something funny and interesting to talk about.


Ok la, shall attempt again and blog about stuff i did that people might not be interested to read except me *cries*

So what have i been up over the weekend other than goin to lectures? And yes, if i had posted my friday or was it thursday post, u would know that my teaching diploma course just started. But then i didnt right? So how could have known? Bahs. CARE!

Anyway, yea, been goin to class for the past 2 days and its been well kinda interesting :D Of course saturday was a holiday and to sacrifice that to go for class was torture, bt still, it was either that or mum holding a knife by my bedroom door. LOL! JK! :x

Ytd class was a killer, almost 9hrs lecture x.x But thankfully the lecturer was a cool dude and it just swift by :) And we even had to teach out in front. And need i say that my grp was the best? :p Really! We were the last to go, but it was the best :D Muahahahahahaha *gloats gloats* As the lecturer was goin over each grps presentation, he was tellin all the mistakes or points to be taken into account but reach mine, he jz said, he couldnt find any fault at all, it was perfect. LOL! OMG! *shy*

I know im boasting like no ones business, but hey, its my blog ok! I can boast when i feel like it :p *head growing bigger* :x

Other than that, havent been having much time to do anything else, not even sleep T_T and to think it was hols on sat :( Thank god lectures are only once a month lol.. bt am having exams next month *gulps* and a teaching praticum assesment *double gulps*

Havent been loggin in to audi too lol..mia for now i guess since im still hooked on my animes. But i wish i can remember to log in for compy...i always seem to forget till its 8pm =.= Wtfish.

Well, hopefully its been a good post, and i hope i didnt just type a whole lot of nonsense coz im extremely sleepy @_@; despite the fact i did NOT watch WC finals last nite. And its finally over lol..i just wonder how many ppl on leave today :p

And im having Monday bluess.....lalalalalalalala~! =.=

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doyoubi desu!

Taihen desu x.x.............

Just came back from my 1st lecture today, and it was only from 2 to 5. Tomoro is going to be the killer one, from 10 to 5pm @___@;; Thank goodness its only once every month and 5months kao tim dy lol.. Only thing im worried about is doin my teaching practical. I mean its ok to teach ppl who genuinely dont know English and are strangers, bt teaching classmates as a rehearsal is really nerve wrecking. And to think im so used to getting up on stage =.= Boos.

Anyway, been hooked on this these few days and hence the lack of blogging and audiing and fbing and etc etc etc..

Yumeiro Pasterrie... :)

Yes yes, it looks kiddy, bt i like kiddy shows :p Actually watched a few different one before deciding that this one was more funny than the rest and best part, they make lots and lots of cakes and sweet stuff x.x And at the end of the show, there's a cooking demo. I so wanna make pudding! :(

Oh wells, time to continue my show! ;) Ja matane!

P.s. I wanna play Patapon 3.... RAWR!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Long weekend~

Happy happy TGIF!! :D and guess wad! I just realised tomoro is a holiday! Muahahahahaha~! Coz of... *takes calendar* OH! Coz of Penang's CM Bday! Lol...i didnt know that :tsk:

But the downside would be.. my 1st lectures for my teaching diploma is tomoro and sunday =.= How fml is that? Of all the dates, they picked this one. Blah..sadded. But still excited nonetheless...i guesss... :(

And very kin cheong...LOL :x

Thankfully, class for tomoro is at 2pm so can still sleep in abit :S Just wondering how many ppl are in my class and how its gonna be. I do knw i have to do practice training during one of those days.. Sweat x.x Pray that i dont turn blue from nervousness D: And yes, some of u are asking, why is she afraid when its not the 1st time to stand in front of the public? I dont know la! Its just different :x Sked! Blah blah blah...

What i can possibly imagine happening is me talking like a bullet train and saying things that dont make sense. Plus talk in horrible England. Neh neh....

Ok, shall not thinking abt it anymore and go watch my anime better...the more i think, the more petrified i become....*gulps*

What if i stutter......?

*slumps over kb and dies*

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Durians, durians and more durians!!

And yummy yummy yummy oness!!! Especially the baby durians ♥!! Seriously, the past few days the ones we bought were heavenly delights lol :p But sorry ya, bo peektures coz too nice le, no time to snap also T^T! Really overdose of durians dy. Thank goodness the season is endin soon, as in the nice ones all sold out d ;)

Eat till i think all goin to fall sick soon :x But then again, have u heard of the old wives remedies of preventing heatiness? Wash your mouth and drink from the durian skin that u ate... Im serious! And im nt sure if its psychological or really works coz we're still very well :p *touch wood*

And and and, mum cooked her tao ew bak after so long! OMG! So bladi sinful but eat with rice and sambal walao bth x.x Im craving fr it again...Aiyo :(

Hmmm..what else?

Well, work has been the same. Other than the fact that the bosses are still treating me super nice and refraining me from goin to site ever so often lolz. I dono if they're still at it and trying to get me to stay by showing me how nice they are *rolls eyes* or what. Anyway, dont know, dont care :)

Im still thinking of taking my leave to clear the last week. I wonder if anyone can help me and tell me if after u get ur annual leave after one yr, and if u resign during that time, do we still get the leaves or its purata-ed. Or does it differ from company to company? Sigh. Just wanna be prepared b4 i bring the subject up -.-


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What if?

Got into a fender bender today while on the way home frm work.. My poor car was knocked frm the side. It was partly my fault too for reading smses while driving lol...i know, nothing to laugh about but im still trying to shake some of shock away x.x..

And i got a bruised shoulder as a reminder.

Have been trying to sleep since i reached home but havent been able to close my eyes and fall asleep. Too many things running in my head atm, and suddenly alot of "what if's" going through my mind.

U knw how they say, ur life flashes in front of ur eyes in situations like this? Well mine wasnt really tat bad but still after "debating" with the guy who banged into me and i got back back in my car, i suddenly was reminded of alot of things.

And how one second can actually change ur whole life.

I thought of my family, my friends, the things i havent done and wanting to do. I recalled the last sms i read b4 i heard the loud and horrid bang. "Bye" lol... was it really meant to be eternal goodbye fr me?

Regardless of it being kinda minor, i still am grateful it wasnt something worse. And im thankful im still able to sit here, even if im feeling insomniacal for now lol.

Thats why i nvr liked saying goodbye, for any occasions. Coz it just seems cursed for me.

P.s. Please dont say it to me again, can?


Finally LP'ed after 3 days of waiting and got our Gladiolus rings :) Totemo kireii desu ♥ Lolzz..

Despite the hiccups of me just waking up and doing it, hence the blur and noobish play (which im still not happy about...too many misses on my side) im still happy overall nonetheless.. in some ways :)

Finally Gladiolus ♥

And no, we didnt have audience this time round lolz, just did it, and passed the 2nd time (due to my out of mind, out of body situation at the time...bahs)

I still have a lot of posts i have yet to complete, but all of it are written halfway =.= Just somehow not in the mood to write for the moment. And i think my readers have given up on waiting on my updates..lolzz.

Just wanted to post a short one, only for this :)

P.s. Im stil alive, i think.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


As you can see, i havent been blogging much these few days, partly coz i suddenly ran out of things to blog about. No happy things, not even sad stuff coz i seem to be living in a daze.

Time seems to be moving faster when ur at a standstill....or maybe i think it does..hmm..

I wake up, get dressed, go to work, run in and out of office, to suppliers, meetings with subcons, supervise work progress, handle workers, etc etc etc.... and before i know it its already 6pm. And i still have a ton of paperwork all piled up on my table ._. Go home and stare at the idiot box, occasionally crawling into bed coz im just too tired to do much. Physical pain ftw. And the sometimes emotional pain. Cool!

Every single day, same routine. Im getting bored with life. With my life.

People u care about are supposed to make it all worthwhile, to make all of it forgotten at the end of the day. But lately i feel that its just the exact opposite. I hate letting go of relationships, esp ones which have been there for as long as i can remember. But somehow it seems inevitable. What should i do?

Teach me. Accomodate me. Love me. Just like before.

Dont ignore me. Neglect me. Treat me as invisible just cause u dont come online anymore.

And yes, u do it. As stubborn as u are and refute it. U do it.

Its been 3 days, 72hrs, 4320mins, 259,200secs.
And all i asked was for less than 5mins of all that time,
But here i am, still waiting :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I woke up startled this morning, i mean really in shock and also very sad. Had the worst possible dream ever since i can bad that i could actually count it as a nightmare :(

And the worst part is, i still remember every detail till now.. feeling kinda down coz of it and if it would to ever happen to me in rl, i would not be able to pick myself up for a long time. Yeap, its that bad D:

Dont ask me to explain what it was about, coz it hurts too much. The things that were said, the actions and the feeling of being deserted by the ppl u care about. Heavy huh? Tell me about it lol..ive nvr felt so down waking up from a dream since i cant remember when le..Maybe its the the emotional roller coaster ive been going through these few days and the unanswered qns that keep running in my mind...Lolzz :)

I just hope i feel better soon and forget all about that horrid dream i had :(

Anyway, work was a hoot today..had the noisy client over to sign off on some variation orders and decide on paints and stuff..boring actually lol. It sort of spoiled my saturday coz its the only day of the week i get to relax on the job =.= Bosses are tryin to expediate on this work coz scared im leaving then they cant handle it by themselves le. Bahs...

And they finally gave me the "why are u leaving", "why u shdnt leave" lecture le =.= After almost 1 week on handing in my resignation lolz, they finally came up on what to tell me or to persuade me to stay on. Summary? Lousy job of doing it. Maybe coz i already made up my mind and well what they have to say is a load of crap. They just say these things when ppl are leaving and everything goes back to normal, if not worse if i decide to stay on ._.

So, everything they had to say was erm...expected. It even felt like they were putting me down at some point, idiots dono how to talk, coz it made me even more adamant to leave *not that i wasnt before :p*

And thats that, end of this journey in this company for me :) I think a little change in environment is good, no? :D

Also picked up the appointment letter from new place after work today, very pro lor and very systematic. So far so good :) Hoping for the best *fingers crossed* ;)

Things to do today : Finish of our remaining hearts needed to get new ring. Maybe cbp to speed it up :p 400 more.....jyjyjy me ><..

Have a wonderful Saturday all!! :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekends again n again..

and again and But still thankful that it is the weekends :p

Work has been...erm...cute these cpl of days. Bosses have been extremely nice to me, which makes me feel very suspicious. They got something up their sleeves for sure =.= AND this afternoon even bought me lunch coz we were at site and was waiting for the plaster ceiling guy to come.

A VERY BIG PRAWN BEHIND A VERY SMALL ROCK (or udang sebalik this case, udang besar -.-)

Seriously la, since when have they ever been so nice. Even the samples and stuff they go and take themselves wor.. and at site, they will go chk and i dont have to stand there and monitor the workers ler.. shoooo niceeee worrrrr ..Ya right ._.

Somemore had the cheek to tell me, so tired running up and down to get the clients stuff, uh duh? i also know lor, i have been getting wad all this while. And whatever happen to her husband saying when i was running up n down like a mad woman, "Like this also tired meh?"...I shd have said the exact same thing to her hor? :p

Idiots. Bahs.

One thing though, regardless of how nice they are now, its only coz they want me to stay and after i say i will, they will turn ard and kill u. Yep, these are the ppl that they are. Oh wells, let karma deal with them :)

Just abit not used to them thanking me for every little thing they ask me to do and if they do ask me to do stuff, it will end with, "when ur free then do" god! Hillarious!

But i gotta prepare for the storm when they realise they cant pull me back anymore...Hmmm..bring it on guys, im ready when u are ;)

For now, i shall continue having fun with the remaining days that i have here and i wonder if i can leave 12 days earlier since its the number of leaves i have left. Hmmm..i wonder if they purata it or not de..Must go do some research ._.

Heart counts as of today = 439 x.x Jyjyjy me!

P.s. No such thing as selective answering hun! It either reply or never replyin anymore. I don care! -.-


Happy Fly-day yet again! :D Lets all sing and dance the friday song...lalalala..:x

But then again, work has been kinda bearable these few days, coz most of the things i suddenly dont have to do dy O_O; The sample collecting , the meeting up with the sub-cons and telling them the work needed to be done. Suddenly no need me to follow all @_@;

Maybe, they're learning to grow up and feed themselves ba :) Or maybe, they suddenly feel im leaving becoz i have to do so many things at once. Lolz.. Either way, its still too late.

Im just waiting for the lecture *yawn* to begin. Im sure they're thinking of something up this very moment :p

Their 1st tactic was to send the OM in to interrogate me on why im leaving. *Laughs* So predictable la ppl ;) and them being overly nice, until it feels fake to me. Being my bestest of bestest friends and concerned on how much work i have to do.


Anyway, im thankful weekends are here so i dont have to put up with their fake-ness for 2 days.

Lets see what else they have up their sleeves kay? ;)

P.s. I wanna get my Iphone dy! Sooooon!! :DD