Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To my best friend

When your best friend gives up on friendship between the two of you sometimes the only thing you can do is say goodbye and wait for them to come back. If they won't let you try to fix your mistakes you really hurt them. And if they were the one to make the mistake then forgive them.

It hurts to lose the only friend you could tell everything to knowing they wouldn't tell a soul.

Hmm..saw this quote on FB earlier today. It kinda struck a chord with me coz i was just thinking of the same thing and was fairly surprised when i saw it :) I dono, maybe im thinking too much? But its been lingering on for a few days now.

Work has been quiet for me, which im fine with coz i have time to clear my pc of my erm...stuff? :p My work UNRELATED stuff :x Hahaha.. Things that i do when i cant concentrate at work and need some diversion...i think u catch my drift la hor ;)

They've been having interviews the whole afternoon and im happy! I know i shd feel nostalgic..but im NOT! And i know it sounds ebil but i dont really care? Lol :x At least they quickly hire ppl and i get to leave earlier....like this Friday? Hurhur :D

Bah...*fingers crossed*

Back to work lor...see im such a moder emproyee hor? :p

P.s. Its been 5days since we last spoke.. Am i already forgotten?

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