Friday, July 9, 2010

Long weekend~

Happy happy TGIF!! :D and guess wad! I just realised tomoro is a holiday! Muahahahahaha~! Coz of... *takes calendar* OH! Coz of Penang's CM Bday! Lol...i didnt know that :tsk:

But the downside would be.. my 1st lectures for my teaching diploma is tomoro and sunday =.= How fml is that? Of all the dates, they picked this one. Blah..sadded. But still excited nonetheless...i guesss... :(

And very kin cheong...LOL :x

Thankfully, class for tomoro is at 2pm so can still sleep in abit :S Just wondering how many ppl are in my class and how its gonna be. I do knw i have to do practice training during one of those days.. Sweat x.x Pray that i dont turn blue from nervousness D: And yes, some of u are asking, why is she afraid when its not the 1st time to stand in front of the public? I dont know la! Its just different :x Sked! Blah blah blah...

What i can possibly imagine happening is me talking like a bullet train and saying things that dont make sense. Plus talk in horrible England. Neh neh....

Ok, shall not thinking abt it anymore and go watch my anime better...the more i think, the more petrified i become....*gulps*

What if i stutter......?

*slumps over kb and dies*

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