Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hangover :S

In fact, i havent had a hangover in years..well not with other ppl that is.. coz there was a time in KL when i was totally under the influence of alcohol..but thats another story :S

It was roughly about 5buckets with the majority of 3ppl drinking the lot (one of them would be yours truly x.x) They seriously out to get me for all those times i ppk-ed them D: or maybe taking into account the next time i will come out again =.= u know la, hermit very hard to jio out one :x

Anyway, had a very funny start to the evening coz i was basically rushing out to meet up with them *and they were later than me ._.* . The reason i was in such a rush was coz i was out in the afternoon to get my....IPHONE! Yes! I finally got it XDDDD~! Will post piccy's later coz im still busy fiddling ard with it ahahahahaa :x

So yea, stories of my new toy will be in another post...thats if i dont fall asleep coz ive been sitting away from the pc these past 2 days staring at my phone :p and and on a side's been down for almost 3days now T^T~.. Come back soon wor..i miss looking at my ring :(

Continuing back to my pre-hangover nite..

The guys reached Qbay ard 9plus and i was ok being there 1st coz i was busy fiddling with my phone...:x Okok..shall not mention phone from now onwards :x Anyway, they reached and Vara did his overly dramatic act as usual and hugged me. Then i gave him my good my rush out, i actually left my purse at home..LOL! Seriously it wasnt on purpose lor coz i didnt put back in the bag i was using...and and...i was rushing out ma D: Imagine my surprise when i wanted to pay fr parking but bo purse ._. Heng i got alot of ta li kia in my car ok >_>" FML.

They did say wan belanja me de ma....and i really really forgot de D: Sadded.. lol :S And no license somemore ._.

In the end, we drank till almost 3am and all of us were dead drunk wtf.. and to think i had to drive back home without a license and woozy x.x Well i did the normal thing i always used to do...raced car back home :x I know la, dangerous right..but if i drive slowly..will fall asleep =.=

Anyway, was still having a hangover this morning when i woke up hesitantly coz mum wanted me to go buy new clothes for new job on monday lol...Oh well, since i cant audi, went with them lor...kidding la lol..i wanted to get some new clothes too :) its sort of a new start ma..must start fresh lolz :p

But then again, im poorer by a cpl of hundred bucks ._. and then i calculate the fact that i managed to get 5sets of clothing..ima bery happy chica :D Reject shop ftw lol..seriously they have alot of nice stuff recently :D

So, here i am tired as hell, and earlier came back burning up with my face turning red from the heat of all the alcohol i consumed last nite x.x so took a very long bath and now typing this and nodding off as we speak...

And im kena bullied in BN! T^T...ppl keep stealing my collection b4 i can complete...*cries*

They better dont force me to become a bitch lo...=.= lol..

Heading off to bed for now...shall post piccys (well they did take drunkard pics of us...hmm maybe i shdnt post it :x) and my new toy :3 tomoro bery exhausted liao...

Need to liee downnn... D:


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