Friday, July 23, 2010

Mark X

Harpeee TGIF!! again.... :D

Yes, its that time of the week again, we rejoice for the weekends of sleeping in late and sleeping even later lol. Or to some ppl, sleeping the entire day *coughs*. Time to hang out with the family, do some shopping or just stay at home and enjoy being able TO stay at home *coughss*

Me? Im even more happy coz ima not working tomoro! Wooohooo! Well basically its my only day that i can take leave and try or rather a miserable attempt to clear my leave =.= Plus point would be, im gonna be an extra 1/2 richer next month. Heeee..

Which would mean my dream of getting an iphone that much closer...LOL! Sad right? But come to think of it, i rather enjoy the thrill of being able to work to get the stuff i want. Makes me appreciate it even more :p And the excitement is much more overwhelming :p Hahaha :x

Ah yes, this post would be a belated one coz i erm sorta gotten lazy over the weekend to complete it and also i intended to insert piccy's of bro's new car *which i just got out of camera today, Monday, July 26th* :x Well, better late than never right? :D That and my bro's constant bugging is getting to me ._.

So here it is, my total admiration of it... =.=

The front...

The back...

And everything else inside... lol :x

Should have taken more piccy's but i wasnt in a very creative mood. Basically we get that its a cool car lor. Just kidding la bro! We lubbbb ur car :p So when wanna take us kai kai ar? I wanna i wanna i wanna! :D

Cars, not really my th'ng...gadgets and gizmos and stuff, Yes! :p Though i do plan to get a slightly more newer car..My poor kancil is 10plus yrs old d, almost time for retirement T^T..

Oh wells, my wishlist just keeps getting longer n longer eh? Isnt it exciting??! Lmao :x

P.s. Was wishing for my Manhattan this weekend, but someone didnt make it again. Sadded :(

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