Tuesday, July 13, 2010


First of all, let me share with you my or rather my family's recent indulgence...

Tada!! Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence x.x

Yes yes, this was my sis' de birthday cake lol.. when i bought this i was calculating how much a yr we spend on cakes and the amount came out quite shockingly to me.. roughly about RM400? Ok la hor? Well i figure the reason why its so much its coz we love our cakes, esp the very sinful ones @_@; And the fact that everytime we buy it, we say its only once a year, but problem is, everyone's IS once a year. LOL. So it actual fact, its a minimum of 4 a year.

Oh forgive me father for i have sinned. Big time.

And we still love it ever so much regardless of bad it is for us. Tsk tsk why are humans so bo kia si ar?? Lol... :x I could think of a million reasons why we shd not stop this, and another million on why we should but ive unilaterally decided, talk is cheap and pointless. Its already been done, and in our fridge :p

Just do it! Nike style! Lol...blahs.

Am still hooked on anime watching since my last post :D and watched a really sad one ytd T_T which in summary potrayed ppl in Japan during an earthquake and the aftermath. Very sad show but in a way empowering and makes one feel nothing but grateful ..

My own online anime is almost finishing, so guess ill go search for new ones to watch d. And my bro is still being a stubborn ass when he keeps complaining that the reason why he doesnt have net connection is coz im using cable o.o I know right? Im speechless. And my suggestion that he uses cable too has been shot down with "Why would i wanna step back in technology?" =.= I dont think he remembers we're living in Malaysia Boleh ._. How can he compare to, let say, Korea? Stubborn ass la, and ive resorted to silence when it comes to that topic.

Funny part is, when i was using wireless, he also blamed me fr his no connection coz he blamed my wireless device being the culprit. Im starting to think i can never win. FML really.

Moving on....ive been joining exp compy again...when i remember. Dam the new timing and i know its not really new anymore but i liked when it was at 9pm ._. Anywayyyy, been really sucky :( sadness.. am trying to train back as much as i can, and if anything can do it, its the compy.. best way to force train myself :D And it did worked the last time lor ok?

One conclusion though, my 4k still sucks like hell and i think its coz i still hate it....Boos :(

Oh wells, time to wander off and ponder on unnecessary stuff ;)

P.s. I miss you...alot :)

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