Thursday, July 15, 2010


Got a new look in audi... retail therapy la katakan... well, pixelised retail therapy anyway but im happy, so what! =.=

Cute right right? But then again, she's always cute ba *coughsss* :p

Total random and useless post i know, but im in a irritable mood from just now, so i guess its a source of release =.= Blah.

Honestly hun, its the same excuse over n over again, and im starting to find it hard to believe it now. Maybe ur saving ur phone batt for more important calls and its ur way to get me to stop wasting it. U tell me if im wrong.

I resent the fact of how u always say im being not nice n unfriendly when thats all uve been to me these past few weeks. And what was that phrase u used to me when i said it was coz i was abit unhappy with myself? Oh yes, "Can still be nice wad." - can u use that for yrself regardless of the problems u have now? Asking ppl to do something is always easier isnt it?

The fact is, if i would to stop trying, we might not be talking anymore coz it seems that u really cant be bothered. So why am i still trying to be ur friend when u obviously dont need it? Lol. It should always work both ways..

In the end, im the fool, to think that our bond meant something when it was all just a joke :) And believe it or not, im actually sad.

Oh wells, heading home soon, raining now and i wanna go home and sleep >_>


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