Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Space Pang Pang!

Due to my overwhelming boredom-ness and nothing to do-ness at the moment, ive decided to post ss's of me playin the new mode in dont ask =.=

New DreamForest map...
Not bad but the waterfall behind is a distraction to me *blames blames*

Was happily playing with bro's iphone earlier, till he went to bed and took it with him T^T...well im hoping ill be getting mine sometime this week :)

Also the fact that tomoro is my last day at work..wooot!

Though the big downside would be, im having Jp test tomoro...fuggity fug fug fug... x.x

Guess i should turn in earlier tonite...since its already 2am LOL! :x Bleh..

Nites! :)

P.s. Its always nvr a good time, not once. and its not that you dont have time, its you not wanting to make it :(

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