Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday T^T

..again... TT________________________TT~!

Cant believe my weekend came and leaving soon... huaaaaaa :(( And to think ive been doing absolutely nothing at home, slacking and loitering ard like a slacker :((

Oh btw, i lub being a slacker once a while xP!

Though i wish my weekends were slightly longer, as in no Sat work. Which is what i will get when i start new place..yay :DD And im thinking of taking this Sat off hurhur D: I know i know, despite saying how big a waste it is, but am gonna find out hw many more days of leave i have so i can take them all since its gonna be my last week here and new work officially starts next week.

Im hoping i dont have to postponed starting at new job coz current bosses are sorta giving me pain =.= Esp with my leaves >_> Blah, will sort everything out for sure at work tomoro..or shd i say later? Huaaaaa :((


Its 2am dy, shd i go to sleep or continue with my K-On? Oh ya, finished my Lovely Complex..loved it till the end, loved the beginning, middle parts and the ending.. DAISUKI! Lol :x Currently watching 2nd season of K-On which is also bery the cool :D

Sorta reminds me of when i was in a band last time D: Missed those days alot..

Oh wells, a few more epis and off to bed!

Oyasumi nasai! And have a great week ahead :D

P.s. Do you ever think of me even a little? Do you even miss me? Maybe not. Must be not. Sighs.

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