Friday, July 2, 2010


Happy Fly-day yet again! :D Lets all sing and dance the friday song...lalalala..:x

But then again, work has been kinda bearable these few days, coz most of the things i suddenly dont have to do dy O_O; The sample collecting , the meeting up with the sub-cons and telling them the work needed to be done. Suddenly no need me to follow all @_@;

Maybe, they're learning to grow up and feed themselves ba :) Or maybe, they suddenly feel im leaving becoz i have to do so many things at once. Lolz.. Either way, its still too late.

Im just waiting for the lecture *yawn* to begin. Im sure they're thinking of something up this very moment :p

Their 1st tactic was to send the OM in to interrogate me on why im leaving. *Laughs* So predictable la ppl ;) and them being overly nice, until it feels fake to me. Being my bestest of bestest friends and concerned on how much work i have to do.


Anyway, im thankful weekends are here so i dont have to put up with their fake-ness for 2 days.

Lets see what else they have up their sleeves kay? ;)

P.s. I wanna get my Iphone dy! Sooooon!! :DD

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