Sunday, July 18, 2010

Laksa Day!!

Hehe.. its been awhile since mum made her speciality - Laksa ♥_♥ Recipes passed down from grandma who made the best laksa soup ever *drooools* And it takes alot of preparation works, cutting, fish de-boning, soup making which would normally take about half a day to finish and normally mum would make the soup the nite b4 bt this was completely spontaneous.

Thankfully, this time it was surprisingly fast according to mum. Maybe coz we were all so coordinated and everything was done b4 12 :D Just typin this is making me drool lmao :x and yes, we'll prolly be having this for a few days hahaha :p

FYI, our family are extreme Laksa lovers, esp the ones made by mum :D

And since we finished everything so fast, i had time to get the cam and snap away :P even mum was telling me how to take this and that hahahaha :DD. Anyway, here are the piccys!

First there was veggies....

And then more veggies...

Here came the fishies...
..which kinda reminded me of Manhanttan Fish Market..which ive yet to go :(

And then ze noodlez... :)

And and and and ze prawn....paste that is ~ :D

Finally!! Ze' Masterpiece!!

So thats it, my wonderfully lazy Sunday, which was spent eating , sleeping and watching anime. And oh ya, a Sg movie my bro imposed on us, and whn i mean imposed, i mean, forcing us to watch it or he will nvr lend us another movie again ._.*

So yea, threaten is more like it. But shhhh...u didnt hear it from me.... *pouts*

It was so so nia la, show was called "Being Human". Had its funny parts but ending sucked ttm. Like bo ending nia >_> So went back to anime after that. And slept. And ate. Hmmm.. :X

Man, looking back the pics i posted is making me feel hungry again. I...erm...gotta go do something!! Chyotto matte ne! :x

*slurps* :p

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