Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doyoubi desu!

Taihen desu x.x.............

Just came back from my 1st lecture today, and it was only from 2 to 5. Tomoro is going to be the killer one, from 10 to 5pm @___@;; Thank goodness its only once every month and 5months kao tim dy lol.. Only thing im worried about is doin my teaching practical. I mean its ok to teach ppl who genuinely dont know English and are strangers, bt teaching classmates as a rehearsal is really nerve wrecking. And to think im so used to getting up on stage =.= Boos.

Anyway, been hooked on this these few days and hence the lack of blogging and audiing and fbing and etc etc etc..

Yumeiro Pasterrie... :)

Yes yes, it looks kiddy, bt i like kiddy shows :p Actually watched a few different one before deciding that this one was more funny than the rest and best part, they make lots and lots of cakes and sweet stuff x.x And at the end of the show, there's a cooking demo. I so wanna make pudding! :(

Oh wells, time to continue my show! ;) Ja matane!

P.s. I wanna play Patapon 3.... RAWR!

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