Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Donkey Kong!!

Super Mario! Puzzle Bobble! Tetris! Streetfighter!

Lol..if ur wondering why the sudden shoutings of the names of the games of yesteryears *as in the games i used to go gaga over when i was a wee little girl* then dont ask me, coz it was a random thing i said when i missed an fm while audi-ing =.= Which resulted in the shoutings of even more old games by Jx lmao!

I mean honestly, those were the games which took up most of our times when we were younger. At first we would run to the arcade one school finished to play those games and then came those Nintendo game players. Remember those cassette type game cartridges? I did :) The 1st time mum bought it for us after striking lottery, we were like kiddies in the candy store. Dam overly excited idiots ok? :x

And mind you, those times, where got pirated games de, one cassette almost 30 to 100bucks lor depending of how many games were in there lol...

Then Gameboy came out and we were carrying our games all over the place..LOL! The evolution of gaming eh? :p

So, which was your favourite? Lets run down memory lane shall we? :D

Super Mario Bros! Who could forget Mario and Luigi..lol

One of my fav games, Tetris, then came the portable version Brickgame? Lolol :D

Donkey Kong!! :DD

I used to run to the arcade with sis after school just to play this lor :x

Contra!! And even that time bro had a way of making the ammunition indef haha...chi kek! :p

Tonnes and tonnes of other old games came up which i couldnt possibly put all here when i was googling for old nintendo games..really brings back alot of fun memories lol :D Man, i feel like a dork now =.=! But i loved it ^^;

I wish life were as simple as it was back then when we were easily amused by the littlest things in life :p

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