Sunday, January 31, 2010

If only....

I had slept like i was supposed to :S Having a major migraine session now and eyes are red x.x Didnt even know wat i was pressin in compy..until the last 2mins then i started to chain =.= could have actually made it, but then abit too late la...sigh..i feel so noob :( And why is 4k so bladi *&YTVSHKLS!!! Bahs =\

Joined the inter comp as well earlier using sae, disaster as well, maybe i shd jz quit :X

Anyway, not much of a Sunday, spent the day at home with the dog again...yes, dog sitter again while mum and sis went shopping. Now u would think, why not follow them so i dont have to be? Duh-uh? It will the same, except i will be 'sitting' in the car =.=

Watched old movies again, this time ard, was Volcano High, a korean movie with martial arts, magic in this high school lol..yea kinda lame at some points but Jang Hyuk is just too cute in this one..*drools* Intended to sleep after that, bt continued with another show and b4 i knew it, it was already evening >_>'

Audied awhile with Ven and Ray and that was my Sunday... ><. CNY better come soon..So i can 'sleep' more.. seriously though, i think i need to, my eye drops are out on my comp table again...was feeling very dry and couldnt help rubbing it alot :(

Guess gonna head off to bed, bt not sleeping yet :p Gonna watch Case 39, bro bought the dvd for us :D Heard the previews, sounded kinda cool..lets see how it goes :D

Oyasumi~~! And have a wonderful Monday ! Although some ppl are still not working... =.=

P/s: I seriously need a new haircut b4 CNY... lol :S


& im lucky to still have you :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aloha Saturday~~ :)

Im very very proud of myself now, jz managed to get the codes up and running for the zing mp3 which has come down with a stupid bug of incomplete codes which made the player unable to show itself =.= Been meaning to look into it fr a long time, since i tried changing my songs after Xmas, but was too lazy to read the codes. IMA GENIUS! :X Sorry....cant help be proud at this dumb hour.. *gloats gloats* :P

Work was dull, Saturdays normally are, but even more boring coz alot of normal ppl are not working. And even if they were, they're getting paid extra..something which moi is not. Bahs. Shall not dwell into that place for now.

Was not feeling well from ytd's flu and cough, and ended up leaving work early to go see doc...manatau the dam clinic was not open :( So went home, audied a few rounds and went to sleep. Wanted to follow mum for Thaipusam prayers, bt with the heat and the crowd, i decided not to.

Finally did go at ard 7plus and docs say it was allergies and i told him abt my constant tummy cramps and loss of appetite for the past week, he told me it was some kind edible bowel syndrome, related to stress. thats something new. I guess in a way, i might be, coz though im kinda free in the mornings, afternoons are like hell for me and it doesnt help when i have to do my stuff and the stuff my ex colleague left behind coz they nvr thought of a back up plan of getting her to hand over her work be leaving. So, i have to start from scratch =.=

Dumb asses? *nods*

Anyway, came back in time for audi comp, managed to get to 2nd rd today lolz, i shall prevail and get to 3rd rd next time :p Im still pissed with my 4k though, even used my sae to play with ppl 4k today =.= Double bahs. 4k sucks. But i still wanna be better at it ><.

Guess thats it, fast saturday went by.. Gonna head to bed soon, headache coming back and my mum murmuring something inaudible frm the kitchen. Doink.

Nites peeps :)


Je veux ton amour ~♥

& where u go? I miss you so.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Thaipusam peepos!!!! :D

Well not yet technically, but im wishing earlier~ :D

Gonna be a short post, coz ive been sneezing the entire afternoon away :( Suddenly de, working halfway on the designs (which i still hate, but the bosses accepted anyway :S) then started sneezing non stop, till my voice also cracked =.= Dam my sinus problem....

Came home, audied abit and joined comp with babe :) Though i got 4th for the 1st rd =.= oh wells, there's still tomoro and it really sucks when the 1st rd is 4k >_> *blames blames*

Currently chatting with meimei and raych, though my thoughts are flying away and feeling drowsy lol..and im bored with the FB games, coz after playin my normal games, i hv nthg else to do :S Must go find new games for my PSP d :p

Siannn!! Going to go play my show and get some shut eye...still have work tomoro, though its hols =.="

Goody nitey~!! ♥
Hola world on a Friday afternoon~ :)

First and foremost, this is what i was up to abt 1/3 of the morning...

Yup, redid my entire cafe lolzz, just loving my football stoves, dam cute can? :D

And my football tables, lmao! THEY'RE CUTE! :X

Dont ask me what i did with the other 2/3, coz frankly i cant remember. I think i was working though...i think..possibly...oh, doink me.

Been meaning to do it for the longest time, bt was always lazy and im not a very creative person :S When it comes to decorating that is. So any games that requires creative arrangement, i basically avoid coz well, i suck at it D:

Kinda sleepy (yes, again =.=) But for valid reasons eh..Slept ard 3plus coz resetted my pet mumoo to 5B and remaxed Ren's pet to 6B. I lost abt 400m in that reset though, but its ok :) One more down, now looking for babe's and onapin's reset partner. Jy save money guys, i try to absorb some of the losses this time ard :)

Cant believe its friday again, seems like ytd when i was talking abt the weekends when it was last week @_@, i wonder if i will be as happy though..

Oh wells, gonna go finish my "designing" work for boss b4 she comes in =.= have a great rest of friday guys~ :)


P/S: Still feeling down, if anyone cares to knw.
Im wondering where u are, when i need u the most.
It feels weird, a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach,
Something feels different, and im afraid to ask,
coz it might not be answers i wanna hear.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just made fruit smoothies with the new blender mum got from She's been meaning to get it for a few yrs now and finally she got it :) Dinner was awesome as expected. Loved mum's "tao eu bak" and to top it off "chai boey" . I was in cloud nine man haha :D Havent had such a good appetite in days.

Totally productive workday today, and was preoccupied most of the time. Though at some point, i was kinda pissed due to something which i had already mentioned but bosses didnt remember and treated as if i didn't know what i was doing, i let it slide coz i was just not in the mood to pick any fights today.

Am feeling kinda down tonite, coz of something i just found out and it hurts to know how the results of that incident will affect me. Sigh. I really dare not think of too far ahead.(sorry ray, really wasnt in the mood to audi..)

I should just stop thinking about tomoro, coz the past few months has taught me how fragile life can be. U can be happy one minute and completely sad the next. And though we're slowly healing and mending, i just wonder if we can completely forget the sad past for good and not let it be brought up again.

I dont know. I can only hope.

P/s: & i miss you, everyday.
"If we want to learn to love, we must first learn to forgive and let go of past hurts and grievances. Love means letting go of our fears, prejudices, egos and conditions."

"Today i let go of all my fears, the past has no power over me - today is the beginning of a new life."


Very sleepy this whole morning, courtesy of Halloween 2, lame ass bloody killing spree, where bodies are pilling up and no one knows about it until the Sheriff's daughter gets killed and thats almost the end of the movie =.= Michael Myers is one sick dude. Lets see what Angel Myers will do next >_>"

'Nuf said.

And dam italics wont go off the para above =.= Shd i switch to tumblr? Bah.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2nd post for the day~ woots! :D Actually it was because 1st post was a tad too long... :x

Anyway, came home ard 6'ish, quite a busy afternoon, coz shortly after i posted my first post, one of the bosses came in. Did her bidding as usual lol, and was quite preoccupied till it was time to go home. Waited for a supplier to get back to me until 6 but she was still busy so juz went home. Boss had the cheek to call me when i just reached home, well guess what, i didnt answer =.= He's been calling my hp abit too much, maybe i shd change number nw. I mean even when im in the office he calls my hp o.o?? Baka!

I wonder if ill get reprimanded soon for not answering, bt still i dont see that im at fault. And we're only rushing because he's givin in to the client too much and letting me knw of their decisions late late in the afternoon. Bah. Double bah!

Went into audi abit, and saw ven. Its been awhile since we last played together, so i decided to join her. Well it was like she invited me in coz i was invisible lol... Chatted abit here and there, and left few mins b4 10 for dinner. Yes, very late dinner. And yet, i havent been having the appetite lately, ate a few spoonfuls and gave the rest to bro :S


Mum is cooking her specialty dish now for tomoro's dinner. Guess guess? Babe shd know eh? ;) Omg omg so niceee *drooollssss* and leave it overnite and it will just melt in your mouth... @__@;;;;

Going to bed soon, but sis is forcing me to watch Halloween 2 with her. More gore, head stomping, oozing brains, eyes popping out of heads...the lots =.= Am so gonna have more nightmares tonite. Sheesh-kabob >:(

Auf weidersehen~!


Someone once told me, "Why dont u just forget about it, let it go?"

I replied, "If only we were all robots
, with no memories, no history, no feelings, then yes maybe i could.."

In my journey for the perfect ending that does not exist, i have lost myself and who i really was before.

In my quest to hold on, i have lost my own grip on life.

Maybe it is time for me to open my palms, which i have clenched so tightly and let it go..

And the days are just crawling by.....

Hola peepos~! Time for another update on my daily nothings.,, and yet u guys still read..or do you? Hmmmm.. Now im wondering, do u guys come in and 'browse' through but never truely reading what i have to talk about? Ok, now im being paranoid :S Tell me im being paranoid before its gets out of hand! Now!! D:

This proves only one thing. I have FINALLY run out things to talk about. This is it. The end.

Its a lie though, i do have things to say, but somehow, it sounds better in my head than out here. Im having a horrid time putting my feelings and thoughts into words. Like i told baby last nite, i sat there in front of the pc, trying to express what im feeling and yet nothing seemed right. Sheesh. Been reading on random blogs and admire how ppl can seem to jz say wht they really feel, though some were really fkin lame, talking abt marketing strategies, etc etc and trying to sound really smart. annoys me =.= I dono, i jz dont dig that. Not on a personal blog, but then its not really my choice to say right? Ya, i cant tell them "Erm dont act smart can?" But i can as hell say it here! :p

There u go, a whole paragraph of something so random and yet u read it all, didnt u? Admeeeet it!!

Ytd, when i reached home, saw something really heart wrenching and reminded me of how heartless ppl can be. As i said, it was raining dam heavy and i was drenched in rain but as i reached my hse gate, i saw my neighbours dog outside the gate, just sitting there under the rain and it turned to look at me as i approached my gate and suddenly i felt a tug in my heart. These ppl had just one day, gotten a new dog and let this dog out of the hse..Yes! Just like that. Just shooed it out the house. And it has nowhere to go, so it just stayed out there, waiting to be accepted back into the family. Sleeping under trees and even going out to the field, far frm the hse to do its 'business' so it dont dirty the owner's hse. So sad lor.. i mean if i could i would take it in, but mum cant handle another dog, and mine is like mafia head like that. And we tried calling those ppl who saves dogs like this but no news from them. :( I hope they get what is coming to them. Karma.

Watchin the clock tick tock away, and yet not completely unbusy, currently workin on making photo profiles of jobs done by company. Kinda lame, but i divert once in awhileby looking for new doll pics for FB :p Ahhh!! Need to stop diverting frm other important stuff! Oh well, who am i kidding, i have no impt stuff...not now maybe.. =.=

CNY quickly come!! So i can rot at home instead of rotting at work!! :S

Gonna go continue my work b4 this post gets completely pointless D: and as i said, what u just read was not the point of this post. Well, except for the dog :D

Someone just shoot me nao :[

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doink peeps @ 26th Jan~! Wake upppppp!! Its only Tuesday~

And my eyes are slightly swollen... T^T~

Though it was such a nice nite to sleep (coz family switched on 2 air conds :O) but still i had the weirdest dreams, like in fairytale land :S Yet somehow, the dreams seems so familiar and cant pin where i saw them for now.. Think i dreamt most of the night away, and woke up puffy eyed :(

Just had lunch and feeling drowsy lol, as usual, coffee is not a saviour anymore, its more like an accomplice to make me even more sleepy =.= Morning was quiet as usual, peaceful but come afternoon, uncertainty *gulps* The minute i hear the *tak* on the intercom then its boo time...

Shall i list out what ive been doing in the morning? Refer to ytd's post. Lol. Except for 1-5, the rest are basically the same >_>""

Having dance class later though, and one more class next week and we're off for a month. Dance teacher goin backpackin to South Americe, cool eh? I wish i could do that too :) And she does it a few times a year :O Thinking of maybe taking up other classes while this one is on break..Hmm..

Continuation at home:

Damn irritated at assholes again. Sigh. Long story short, had to go collect sink & paint frm supplier, i dont knw why they like to do things when its almost time to go hm and shop's are abt to close and then rush me to order this and that like a mad woman. Maybe i shd start work at 1pm =.= Anyway halfway to shop, dam heavy rain and got wet from head to toe and to make it worse, it was after work hrs and jam like hell. I was basically shivering in the car :(

Came home, had something to eat and went to sleep fr an hr and went to dance class, and just came back home with a splitting headache. Sigh. Just popped 2 panadols and heading to bed soon i guess. Its been a tiring day and sudden rain didnt help much D:

Bery tired ><.

Oyasumi~~ ♥


When im free from all doubt,
Free from all mistrust,
Free from all pain & hurt,
Free from the demons in my soul
and the voices in my head,

When i will be able to smile without worry and doubt in my heart,
When i will be able to look at a person and not care what is goin through their head,
When i am able to be at peace with myself again,

Then i will be free .. :)

Tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no,

Kasaneta te hanasanaide ..

Wakarimasu ka? :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Its been a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly boring day today! Pfffft!! =.=

Forget about monday blues, this is like the rainbow colored monday with purpurs, oranges, yellows, bla bla etc etc! :x

This could have been me..but thank god ima model employee...LOL! :X

Yes, im that bored. And im getting extremely restless. Must find work where i get to leave the bladi office. And NO, dont say i have it good and get to FB everyday, its killing me loudly D:<. Lol, yes i might regret sayin this now and wished for these times to come back, but that's another post for the future :p Lol, am i not the best drama queen? Thank you, thank you~ :D
But seriously, dam friggin sleepy can? Only mondays can do this to me :S

Its lunch time now and so far the whole morning this is what ive been doin:
1) checked on wc's and basin prices and delivery for boss
2) check on sink price for boss
3) took down Xmas tree in reception area (actually postponed frm last week coz bo song do :X)
4) called supplier to request for better credit terms
5) FB
6) FB
7) more FB.. =.=

Its really amazing that i can even list out what ive been doing :( Though i hv a bad feeling bosses are coming in later today.... ;eeks. Planning to take half day leave tomoro or the day after though, need to go the bank in town to settle some stuff :) or shd i have taken it today? :S


They really did come in =.= And ask me to do ridiculous stuff again. Wanted to go collect payment frm some owner that they did a little painting for and since it was already 4, i figured might as well go after work then i could go home str8. But noooooo, asshole of a boss wants me to go now, for wat reasons, only God knows. And the wife asked to work on some pics of hers (excuse me, bt i was not hired for the purpose of designing =.=) I could go on n on abt their shitty attitude, but that would a waste of space on my page, so to summarize, they will always be assholes :)

Reached home with mum cleaning the place, coz air cond ppl came to fix the 2nd air cond in bro's room. Sat ard and Fb'ed abit :) and oh, got evey to my place in FFS!! My very 1st owner. Though she used her Raindevour to buy me last time, bt still the same to me :DD Currently very poor though, dont think ive been this poor in a long time lol.. :D

Welcome to my place Evey hun!

Played abit of audi, but was extremely tired, it being Monday lol, and was nodding off while playin :X Wanted to finish this post, but suddenly brain stopped working =.= So loitered ard cafe world, robot wars....the normal games :D

Off to bed i guess, mum's constant pressing on the on/off button on tv is irritating me coz it went off accidently and apparently need to do like tat to make it turn on again. I didnt know that =.="" And she's been on it for 2hrs now O_O;; I somewhat kelian her but cant help but be amused at the same time :X Sorry mum

Wan-an !! :)

P/s: I might have over-analyzed, but right now all i feel is total numb-ness :)


Which would hurt more?
To be told the cold hard truth or
To be lied to?

Which one would you choose?

Been asking this question to quite a number of ppl over the weekend. Its a random thought which resulted from a not so random event. Something which i have been pondering upon but still cant come to a conclusion or a choice. I mean, who would want to feel any pain at all, bt its really inevitable sometimes..:)

Trying to be positive and be trusting to know that, what was said is the truth. Though what really transcended those days , i will nvr know for sure.

And though some of the thoughts of what might have happened hurts me, i have to put faith out and trust in what was declared.

So many tracks on the railroad, which one will take me to my happy place?

Confused? So am i :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The weekend is almost at its end, heck when i finish typing this, it will the end D: But then on a brighter side, it does mean its that much closer to CNY.. the remaining long hols we have frm then until Dec.. Unless i take leave that is :p

Woke up ard 9plus this morning coz was having bad tummy ache and couldnt sleep well (note, im explaining this coz i dont wan ppl to think i sleep alot..u knw who u are! =.=, and i was in the toilet when ur sms came, so my replyin late is nt coz i was me :X) But then again, after working my pets and my cafe, i tried to go back to bed. Think i tossed and turned though and woke up alot in between :S Actually was so tired, i fell asleep abt 9plus pm earlier and woke at ard 12...:X And im currently wide awake. Not good.

The day was mainly spent in audi, well most parts of the afternoon that is. Didnt really play much of the FB apps coz they've been giving a lot of problems of not loading these 2 days and its becoming really really annoying =.= Maybe its only me? Still dam irritating, when i cant even put out free dishes in cafe without the whole thing hangin on me. Bah.

See see! My cap bery cute right? Left 4 days nia...must show b4 :X.. Babe, ur helmet also bery cute eh :D

Insane perf is cool, if my comp line is good :) Can actually chase ppl also eh if my chain comes :p *chants* *its coming back, its coming back* Must have more chains like this....

Lol~ Come back chains!!! :X So i can win babe sometimes....or babe let me win can? D:

Kinda frustrated with my 4k though, it seems to be bery confusing these cpl of days, and now 8k is screwing with my head too TT^TT~ Annoyedddd D: Boo!!

Oh well, tiring audi day lol, maybe i was more irritated than tired i think..too pek chek ler =.= esp when my screen freezes..i dont think its my it? Anyway, came out abt 7plus, wanted to go back n join compy but didnt think will do any better and might end up more depressed. ;sob

So did the next best thing...played abit of FB and fell asleep while waiting for it to :S

Had a number of things to post about, but my brain seems to be telling to get ready for monday, and it is 2.40 now >_> Ahhhh.....monday blues. More like, working blues :(

Oh wells, to be continued tomoro then ;)

Guten nacht!!

P/s: Been asking ppl who read my blog if they think i blog too i? :S Blek


&thank you for being there :)
The clock in my room is dead. Time of death: 3.30pm.. =.="

Normally this wouldnt mean much to the normal ppl, but then again, im not really that normal am i? :D This unfortunate demise of my clock caused some minor yet annoying problems in my saturday routine (lol, omg, i sound like a psycho >_>) Just not that freaky :p

Ended up :
1) didnt sleep coz i thought i still had plenty of afternoon
2) lost track of my food in cafe world coz i thought i was still early =.=
3) really annoyed

Lol. I could have just looked for a new battery. But then if i did, i wouldnt have this post to amuse u guys right? :P

So, Saturday was spent audi'ing abit, fb'ing abit (Fb apps really having some problems today though), sleeping abit, watching dvd abit..well abit of everything :) Woke up kinda late, ard 7'ish coz i didnt sleep till abt almost 6 (coz i thought it was still 3.30 =.=) Audied abit more with babe and thought of joining compy. But mum was hovering ard my area and looking at me, she wanted me to take her buy dinner, bt kept asking me if i was free lol.. meaning me audi'ing is being extremely busy :X Ah ya, so i ditched compy today, there's always tomoro :)

Now there are reasons why i would normally avoid going out with her,

1) coz she always hides her real motives from me until we've left home
2) she always says, a matter of factly she wants to buy ONE thing only and i end up waiting in the car for 1/2 hr coz her ONE thing detoured into many many other things

In short, i always know im in for a long ride, but i still go =.="

Came home, had ramen for dinner :3 Its been awhile i had it, back when i was in kl, it was ramen almost everyday rofl :X Watched more dvd coz fb apps really down the entire nite D: and i thought my food was surely a goner, bt luckily not :)

I got an Amelia Bobblehead in my cafe!! Got it with the free cash they gave during Xmas!! Lol~ My random delights :3

Kinda warm nites lately, CNY is a coming thats why..but still cant stand the darn heat :S Wondering what i shd do another dvd or sleep and wake up early tomoro..either way, i will still end up waking up at 9plus.. Bah =\

And the theme song from the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" has been playin in my head the entire day. Wtf? I shd go sleep =.=

Babaizz ~ :D

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rainy saturday~ What a wonderful sleepin opportunity ~ :3

Working on saturday is is is...beyond cool..well unless u get paid for it, right babe? ;) I would gladly do it if only i was, but unfortunately im not, so thats that! Boo.

Work was quiet as usual, since im the only left in the office =.= until i got a call to be a driver again and fetch the indon worker to another site. Well, actually, the call came ytd but i didnt answer hahaha...wei after work liao hor, i dont answer office calls :X And and.. i didnt actually get a call, it was from a voice mail the boss left me. Now there's something i need to bring up...


Somehow i got a msg sayin i had a voice mail bt i nvr look at it and always delete the minute i get it, reason being, my old phone had limited sms space (coz i nvr deleted alot of my old sms'es :S) and also because its mainly from the bank ppl, asking me to sign up for this promo or that promo =.= So YES, i dont respond to voice mails. Sms me if its important, if not i will nvr know :S

Not sure why i checked this morning though. Maybe it was sixth sense, or a gut feeling =.= And i couldnt even remember how to access it a few times ZzzZZzz.. then i heard it! The asshole ask me to fetch in the morning. Well technically it was still morning, baru 11 nia lol :X Bodo.

Thought could leave early coz needed to get site supplies, manatau boss went to get :( So couldnt leave early.. ;sob

Oh wells, at home now and gonna take a nap coz my eyes are seriously closing as i type this :S

Laters~! :D

Ima back to grumble, rant and whine about my daily happenings :p People who cant stand it, can click the "x" button at the top and go on with ur happy lives ;)

Ok, im being a total spaz about all this. Maybe coz, despite saying that i need sleep, im still very much awake..and my sistas have finally decided to come online...all at the same time :O and very hyper x.x Lol~ Love ya guys :)

Oh! The drawing that i made during lunch...

Yay, with the color pens and color pencils! Whahahhaha :X But if u have to ask whats on top the E then pls DONT =.="

Im a horrible artist i knw, i shdnt even call myself an artist...ima terrible drawing person TT^TT~ Booo ~ :X

Work in the afternoon, not so fun. Bosses came in ler...haiyo, whole week nvr see them, then come and ruin my friday :S Though they didnt ask me to do much, but still i felt uncomfortable. And yet, i managed to remax another pet to 4B despite them being there. LOL! And halfway pp'ing, boss came sat at the desk beside me and i left Ren waiting for me ahahahahah :X Dam funny shit, and i wonder why i do such stuff :P I did warn him de..rofl~

But line was laggy as hell, and finished everything (3resets, 3 maxes) in 2hrs, which is dam dam long coz the page kept reloading itself =.= Wanted to do another one but, too tired and needed to head home ler D: Still planning on babe's and another pet's remax to 4B.. abit tricky and need some planning...hmmm..

Went home and audi'ed again lol, well actually afk'ing in audi coz i didnt really feel like getting bullied by random ppl tonite. Later babe and ivan came in along with ray then only i had the mood to play :D Forgot about comp all together though! D: And i remembered i earn fam points if i join, so yay babe, im a fam point contributor..lmao! :X

Came out ard 10'ish and here i am nw...pass 2 am...reaching 3 and extremely tired to the max..but still awake and watching anime @_@ Keel me? D:

Alot on my mind and i just feel like sleeping it away right now... pointless to think any further into it :)

Ja Matane~! :D


&if u only knew how the simplest thing u do can make me so happy one minute,
and sad the next..

I guess there does come a point when the truth does not matter anymore, coz we might nvr know wat is for sure.

Friday, January 22, 2010

TGIF!!! And and and....!!!

We wuv and mish bery u bery muchie T_T~

Hope u come back online soon ya and have a wonderful day today, tomoro, every single day! *loves*

Was uber tired ytd when i went home. Thank goodness family's emo bubble already broke and all is well in home sweet home :) Went in audi right after that (yes, ivan jio again lol, in his quest to get to main :D). Was joined shortly after that by yorke and baby and played till it was compy time. Ivan wanted to try it out so we went in. Poor dude, coz when we went left only 40secs b4 apply button come out and i told him to spam click the place we click for lic. He got 212th :(..he told after tat he click next to the bulletin and the button was way >>>>> over there lol :S Then i asked, lic button ma, and he said something which was quite true.. he doesnt lic alot :X

Well, i got in and he came to watch me pl-..die :( C9!! =.= and my lagginess and with a "cool" song didnt really help. Blame blame blame. Must be my pc problem :x Poor ivan really wanted to try it out ... lol :S

Came out slightly after 10 and oh yea, finally used the magic lamp and bought a cute cap..and its only for 7 days ...hahaha..random i know =.=

Oh wells, Fb'ed abit with my norm games (pls refer to Wed's post lol) and continued with my shows :) I noticed my page is filled with cafe world food lately O_O; totally random again, but still a revelation on my part.

Discussed with the gang on our plans and luckily had wenny to help out coz i think i might not have the time to compile and research on how to do it. Thank god she was on hols till Monday :3 Still need to draw though....:S

Which is what im doing at work today.. Basically been postponing because...i drawing TT^TT~ There's a reason i opted for science class last time..THIS IS IT! Nvm, jyjyjy me! D:

Another random revelation! I realised last nite, i actually could get another counter for cafe world! So i didnt have to watch my food spoil in the morning! =.='''''' I wonder why im so full of random thoughts lately, my posts are so all over the place...omg i cant even be coherent here! Bite me :S

5th day of withdrawal... it sucks to be missing someone so much when that person doesnt even a little.

OMG, i jz found color pencils in the office! *reminds me of primary school somehow* Weeee!! Gtg color color~!! Rofl~



&soon it will all disappear, so i keep telling myself.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Totally random i knw..but i was like so ijsafau8t8904qet0q3tgjpaejgahhlfa GG! about it =.=

Lemme explain what happened, 1st time was becoz my itchy fingers (and abit of OCD) made me cook pancakes, and tat only takes 45mins to cook. Since i had to go out to collect something and send over to the site, i thought i would make it back in time for sure! Sort of a challenge :S Wat! Dont say anything! Shhhh! Endedddddddddd uppppp i came back 2hrs later. FK! Long story and back & forth many times >_> And it was abt 8 stoves worth of food zzzzz.. THEN! My itchy finger decided to cook french toast which takes even less coz i tot since gonna be lunch, ill jz do it and go tapao...and i went to tapao b4 i took it out... and i came see..FLIES! *cry cry cry* Another 8 stoves gone.

Then i saw there were new dishes out, so decided to try the 2hr ones, and DONO WHY for some reason the last 4 stoves, i went and cooked the 5mins dish! O_O; of coz u might ask whats so wrong with that, WELL, if u dont have counters to serve it then YES its a problem =.= So, ended up watching the food spoil and to add insult to injury, the notification came out for the medal T_T

Totally random rant i knw. But who cares D:

So, the day has been totally productive, with some irritation in between, which is a norm and i dont really give a hoot :D Since bosses sacked colleague just like tat, i was waiting for the repercussions to start. As in, since she was asked to leave immediately, her job and whatever work she did was not left to anyone. Though i did expect it would actually bounce to me, i think i had the perfect comeback line, "I dont know" ? :p And yay, got to use it alot today hahahaha :X

Proves them right to think that they are GOD =.=

I can try to do whtever it is she did, bt they cant do much when i cant. And if they decide to blow their top off at me, they got another thing coming ;)

I love my work, i love my work, i love my work! *chants to psyche oneself*

I kinda dread going home today.. i wonder if everyone is still in their own bubble, i knw for sure mum will be :( I realised when there are situations like this, i have nowhere else to go. Virtual land was my hideaway, but nowadays virtual land brings me more sadness than happiness.


& its nice to know that you were there, thanks for acting like you cared,
& thanks for watching as i fall, and letting me know we were done, much for my happy ending.
Short post before i head off to bed :)

Left work at abt 5.30 coz OM wanted me to take her to site, which is good news for me coz i get to leave early hiak hiak :D Went home and audied with ivan who was playin with random lansi ppl :p (hey, thats according to him ) Shortly after that he suggested some fun fun (which reminds me of a certain someone :D) According to him, well this is b4 he went to sleep, he dreamt he was a main last nite..LOL! Since i wanted to rest abit so we tagged ...until he suddenly broke into a speech @___@;

Laugh si wo~ :)

Anyway, he left shortly for dinner and i continued on with baby and her friend. Not a good nite though to be at home. Mum had gone into one her emo moods today and got angry for reasons i feel a tad bit ridiculous. Earlier in the year, we told her to cook less for dinner coz we tend to eat quite late and she actually agreed to it, asking us nt to complain. And we were fine with it..sigh..long story short, we cant please her either way. Tired of reasoning with her at times.

So, the whole hse was tense throughout the nite coz of this, sis went out with dog, mum went out to find friends, bro locked himself in his room and i had audi i guess =\

Wanted to join compy and was clicking away 20secs b4 it came out and the dam lag made me 231st to apply! WTF? =.= So was just a spectator today :( Played with babe after that and yea i actually tried out the Insane perf d.. I actually got over 1M for some :O But still dont get it when i miss though ... need to read up in the forums abit tomoro.

Played abit of Fb, watched abit more of my shows and here i am...gonna head to bed soon and dam why is this post getting longer? And i still other stuff to post leh....thank god i cant remember what it was...haha :X

Off to bed! Its Pre-Friday excitement! Happy Thursday peeps!! :)


&its not whether i can or cant live without you.
its whether i wan or dont want to :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

H.O.H.O.!!!! Happy Wet-nessday!!! Eh...oops lol~

If u guys think im refreshed frm my early sleep last night, u are gravely mistaken. Ima a girl who is sleep deprived and right now my limbs dont feel like they belong to me at all =\ I think i need more nights of sleeping early ;sob

I also think its my bad sleeping habits when i only slept roughly ard 5hrs on a average weekday and even on weekends when i think i sleep more, i actually dont O_O;; coz i end up thinking hoho i can sleep later coz i dont need to wake up early but somehow or rather i waking up earlier than i do for work? Irony much? Can someone keel me nao pls?

OH! My job description! Im a driver now =.= i jz sent one the indon workers to another site. Totally random, but remember, ima girl is who sleep deprived. I dont know how ive survived until now... another random thingy i did today, i listed the games that im currently playing in Fb... LOL! Shhhhh! =.=

1. FFS - Lolz, my faithful companion and yet i dont reply any more msgs except frm close friends and pets. And also to get my daily 10M! Slurp! And working pets of course lolzz..

2. Cafe World - Still goin on with this, but did the unthinkable this morning, made food and let it spoil jz to get one of the medals. Shaddap >_>' but not as active coz im having a problem of too much food hence nw makin mostly food tat will take me abt 6hrs or more.

3. Robot Wars - yes, i came back to this game and jz turned 96 tis morning rofl ;sweat. And some guy commented on my RW page saying he's wondering why he gets so much hits frm the same person when he only come in and spends his energy and keep his money in the bank. Duh-uh? Dude! Dont whine! I dont see who i attk also k? (shd be referring to me right?) Dont play and complain like a little girl =.= I told my sis, these ppl are obsessed bunch, and she said i was even worse coz i complained abt them >_>''

4. Treasure Madness - lame new game which i tried after seeing my sis play and nw im way ahead lolzz...again, she calls me obsessed. I just dont see it? Its jz a treasure digging up game with minigames.. Bla. 'nuf said

5. Slots - Lol, yes i still play this. Just came back to it after a long hiatus coz of the reasons stated above. *pull slots* *ka-ching!*

6. Scratch offs - As per above slots, stopped at the same time, came back same time coz they go together gether lol... *scratch scratch*

7. Pull Tabs - Ive said enough. The list is getting longer than intended.

Other games which are not bookmarked but go in a few times a week are, FarmTown, Pet Society and Yoville. Im such a freak. Just shoot me nao D:

Another thing! OM out of the blue ask me ytd did i play Pet Society O_O! When my boss was there somemore! I wonder if it was out of total randomness or did she see me Fb'ing at work? LOL!! Am i gonna get sacked? HAHAHAHAHA! Maybe im doing this to get caught? For the thrill lolzz... And its not my fault that i dont have work to do, do u know hw hard it is to pretend to be working when u dont have any fucking work to do? Sheesh.

1 and 1/2 hrs b4 i go home....*cocks gun*

And i wanna try audi's new insane perf thingy leh! I cant even choose the dam mode!! FUG! HAGDAHDGREU!! This is very the saddening coz i even tried changin my resolution ytd and it didnt work anymore!! Nooooooooo!!! My audi sucks big time! ;wild

Just found out why lady boss has not been around these cpl of days, she has actually lol'ing i wont be so bad lar...can i say, she deserves it? :X

Crap, this post is getting too long. Shall stop now and post another one when it passes 12..LOL! Im such a blogger addict..Guess ive been reading quite a number blogs thats why...:S

P/s: Thanks ivan for sms-laming with me, making me abittt more occupied hahaha :X

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I dont think ive ever ever ever ever ever everrrrrrrrrrr been so sleepy b4 =.=

This is by far the most sleepiest Tuesday since i started working here..I was practically a walking zombie throughout the entire day >_> Dam those weird dreams last nite...i hope i dont get anymore tonight :(

Cant blog much today, had dance class even, so now its body pain = more tired @_@

Had to work out some stuff with the gang though and though i tried looking at the html codes, nthg seemed to be goin in. It all seemed to alien for me =.=

New resolution for 2010 - shall try step by step to sleep earlier. Today is before 2am.. lol :S

Ok, gtg to lay down, really cant take, and my eyes are turning red and teary x.x Im off to bag some z's man ;)

P/s : Gratz baby on reaching max with me :)


& i still think of you,
everyday :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday~ that was my intended starting when i was trying to blog ytd.

But it was short of anything but happy.
There's a sudden surge of choco supplies at home, i wonder why...

Though i dont really touch the stuff, been having quite alot of it, everytime i walk pass the kitchen and the thing is just lying there =.= . As if im not cute enough. Sigh. But then experiments have showns chocolates bring out the happy happy endorphines. I wonder why i still feel its bitter aftertaste. And not much happiness either.

Work was too dull to even mention and other stuff which i shall not comment on anymore due to its utter pointless-ness. Bosses didnt even come to the office, and FB that use to be my bestest companion during times like this didnt help one bit. It was just left idle coz i just can find anything else to play on it. There goes my cure for boredom. Shall find other means of entertainment then :)

I hope my Japanese classes start soon. Yup, enrolled myself for Jp classes, coz korean classes were lesser and the newest class already started their new session. Jp classes are more coz of the demand and so far there's abt 7 of us in the class already, 5 more to go. Prediction= classes will start in mid Feb :)

Went home and fell asleep when mom borrowed my pc to chk some stuff. Woke up an hr later, feeling even more moody than b4 i slept. Bla.

Played abit of Fb, continued my Chow Sing Chi marathon, chatted with JF and Sam, debated about brand slogans and that was my Monday.. and also chked with the both of them of whether they realised anything about my post ytd. Both didnt until i hinted >_> and JF's excuse was, "Nobody's EQ is as high as urs" =.= which i beg to differ. It all boils down to how much u knw a person, and sensing there's something more. Oh wells.

Eyes are currently slightly swollen coz of the weird dreams i was having last nite. The ghosts in my head have come out to play..

Should i even ask where u were tonite? Making up time? Anyway no long essays from me, coz it means nothin at all in ur eyes :)


I am like a lampost in your life.
When the Sun disappears
and your world is covered with darkness,
I shine as bright as i can to light your way
so u can you can find your way back,
But what happens when the Sun comes back up again?
I am just another lampost in the street,
Forgotten till the Sun goes away again.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy happy Sunday!! :D

This is what bored ppl do on their days off D:~

Did some nail painting lol (dont mind the stubby fingers D:) Overall, not bad work :p Other than that, the rest of the day was spent blankly staring at the idiot box..both of them. Dug out the old Chow Sing Chi shows and laughed like hell :D And also scouting for suitable doll pics for baby lol. Im good with looking for my own pics but for other ppl, i take days >_>'

Wanted to join audi comp at nite, bt the line was crazy as hell. Kept dc'ing me every 5mins. Blasted streamyx. Pay them so they can fk up the connections. Though im not really sure if its the connection or the modem, coz havent managed to get the new modem up and running yet. Something very wrong with the settings and im rebelling against fixing it coz the last time i did, siblings said i spoiled it =.="

Summary of Sunday? Totally whooshed by and currently having the weekly pre monday blues.

Shall post this as soon possible b4 the dam net goes off again, though it does feel kinda stable now (and why wouldnt it be, its almost 1plus ._.)

Nites peeps and have a great week ahead !


& it would have been perfect, if only
you werent so preoccupied with ur phone,
sayin that u were lazy to reply long 'essays' and yet
how many times did u re-read it? and out loud even i could hear.
and kept replyin even though they didnt?
did u have even read mine? or juz deleted the moment u saw it?
i could have wrote a few and yet, u would reply none.
Has she become what i was? Has she become the important person in ur life like i used to be?
u consoling her, asking her to not be angry with u,
and if it was me, u would have just gotten angry at me instead.

Yes, it could have been perfect. But nothing ever is.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet the LaLaLand'ers :D

Created out of total random-ness and the spontaneity lol :) Which me likey :3 Since babe just left his guild coz they were stalking him and getting him to play in FAM channel all the time @_@ and since ivan said his guild not nice and i wanted to quit coz Ahp hasnt been replyin me when i see him in game. I dont mind small fam's bt at least we can chat. Oh well. So just a matter a factly i asked babe to cr8 one for us and he did :O Ur very cute when u do things like that haha :p and LaLaLand IS my favourite kind of land :D Thats why sir pat calls me lalaland princess :S

And oh, welcome back to Penang babe :)

But babe, can u work on the fam intro abit? Wat is Land? =.= Lazy bum :p

Friday was a killer day at work, running in and out of the office to the project site. Meeting with the door supplier, collecting supplies for work. And its getting so hot when its nearing CNY x.x But it was cool coz, i get to leave the office since i cant stand the OM, bt hey, no hard feelings eh? Lol..

Saturday was day alone in office :) She doesnt work on saturdays =.= and such a quiet day it was. I was so dam lazy to do much work, and just did the urgent stuff. Heck there wasnt even much phone calls comin in @_@ Fb'ed till i didnt wat to play anymore, and was even flipping through my audi songs to burn lolz. As usual, sat in front of the clock out timer till it was 1 and cabut cabut balik! :D

Afternoon was spent in front of pc and tv..think im killin my eyes x.x Abit of dvd's, abit of fb games, which btw are getting less and less..Its like a clone of every single that is popular..sheesh. I just leave it on and dont play much of anything except for the normal old games that i used to :(

Fell asleep at abt 6'ish ( and no i dont sleep alot k? =.=) woke abt 8plus. Played some fb games and well, thats about it. And "I" got pawned in audi...and its my pc's fault... TT^TT~ And no its not ppl dont like me lor, must be they can smell its not me :D Oh well, as if i care if ppl dont like me? Duh =.=

And its finally here! My 5months overdue souvenier/bday present/xmas present from Korea all bundled into 1! =.= But im still happy its here..Thanks babe :D

So, thats Saturday for me :) And so we move forth to Sunday which i will be writing and posting later hahaha :X . Fine! Ill post it tomoro so u ppl dont get too bored reading about my weekend :p

Adios hombres!! ^^

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I just had a whole bunch o' crap for dinner..a packet of mimi, some yoghurt, a cpl of Nips and some Chachos. Hmmm...

And uber uber sleepy today, coz instead of sleeping when i logged off ytd, i ended up putting on Van Helsing and watching till the end @_@!! Which came up to abt 4am...

Nothin much in the office in the morning, work as usual, except when it was almost 1, lady boss sms'es and says she wants 2 copies of the company profile instead of 1 and wanted it by 1.30 =.= It takes just that much time to print out the whole book. She could have told me earlier. Their attitude will nvr change. But did it anyway, and she came in, guess the sis must have said something to her, coz i did say out loud it was not easy to compile coz i couldnt find the original copies of the past projects, well, expected of her to tell on me. Still the bitch =.= Then ard 1.30, lady boss comes up to me and says, "Oh, got misunderstanding, i only need one for myself, the other u can give later"

WTF?? On purpose de hor, coz i did text her and told her i already have one copy done up. Fk.

Nvm lo, had lunch till 2 plus then went out to send some stuff to site, which was cool, get to snake out of the office for abit, though it was kinda hot outside, but still good to get out.

Came back, sat ard for awhile and went home. Didnt join compy today, actually went in but very blurry and sorta missed the apply button >_> Drowsy le at so went to sleep till abt 12plus x.x . Just finished watching some short story anime and now im heading to bed :x

Well, there's one thing im happy about. Its Friday tomoro :)



Where is the land in which i knew as, the make believe world in which i hide in from the cruel real world, has suddenly disappeared. Where is my lalaland?

What was before is no longer there and it hurts to know u dont see me as the person i was to you before. Only a person that is always butting in ur business..

If only it was as easy for me like it was for u, to forget that all our memories ever happened.

Coz still i miss the conversations.The jokes. The bond. And u.

Love is like M&M's..
Now you see it, now u dont.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And then there were 2....

Ahhh...Wednesday~ and what a quiet day it was..considering there were only 2 ppl working as of now! =.=

Did my own work, kept quiet and didnt talk to the whistle blower at all the whole morning. Come lunch time, tapao'ed my lunch back to the office and sat at my own table, playin fb and eating my lunch. No way does this mean ur my new best friend since the other colleague is gone.

Lady boss came in the afternoon, and i was waiting to see when she would ask me for a meeting. She waited for her And guess what time they had to call me? 5.30 =.= ..well once an ass, always an ass :)

Couldnt stand the talk they were giving, about not doing office politics, bla, bla, when it was the wife doing all the lyin shit. Telling my colleague i told on her, sayin she was gossiping to my boss. WTF? IUUIEIUHIJAOPKFP{}LQ{JPOTGL:GA:AGM!!!! Basket! She is the one doing all the fk up office politics, so i just set the record straight in front of ball-less hubby. Telling them str8 why i was not satisfied with the OM. And her as the highest in the office after the bosses, could push responsibility which was obviously hers. I didnt really care if they sacked me on the spot which btw, they dont have the balls to :)

So, after stating my dissatisfaction, sat there for 45mins listening to alot of bull which i knw is not true and she was acting like she so respected in the business...bla bla bla...when outside suppliers have been cursing them like hell lol...yes, i might be green in this line of business, bt its not my 1st day working. They're jz so full of themselves and hypocrites. Telling the staff not to do this and that but doing it themselves. I wish they dont keep saying they're Christians,coz unless they change their heartless ways, God would not be happy.

Ah well, enough of them, this will be my last post about them, wasting my blog space but i wanted to be reminded of some ppl can be :p

Anyway, reached hm ard 7'ish, barely stepping into house when colleague (now ex) called to complain, bla bla bla...another 40mins on the phone listening to her repeat the whole thing over n over again. Tired x.x If i didnt say my phone was gettin hot, she wouldnt have stopped =.=

Audi compy again today :) Didnt make pass 1st rd though..LOL! Tough luck, had suiker, ktkr, poodle and shyuun in my room and didnt help that it was cc4, and full room lags me like hell with constant freezes. But it was cool coz i chanced the entire way :D Proud eh~ Hahahahah :x

And thats the entire nite for me...quite pooped, and brain dead from all the hoo haa of these 2 days. Sitting in front of pc, staring with mouth wide open @___@

Also applyin for jobs :) The talk didnt do much fr me, coz i cant possibly work for such ppl who dont really care and would kill u off as soon as they have a chance. Its not worth the measly amount im being paid. Its buying me time, coz as soon i get one, im outta there :)

Gonna go lie down now...tired as hell with horrid back pains.



& soon you will be a distant memory,
and i wont remember why i did in the 1st place :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Screwed up Tuesday.

Lousy day at work, had some work disputes with the OM again =.= She really knws hw to push responsibility away. Big sigh. And my colleague sort of raised her voice because she was gettin too annoying and asking same qns every single day. Wtf. But after that, she had a premonition that the Om will go and tell on her ....which she did. Really fk up. Cant settle by herself, need to tell bosses. Bitch.

I left office early, b4 5, becoz boss wanted me to go collect a sink frm a supplier and sent it over to the site. I was really curious, why were he so persistent on me leaving asap? At 7plus, i found out why. They sacked my colleague. Fk up right?

She called to say wat happened, and though i disagree with her sometimes with work matters, the next day we're ok dy coz its only work. But not for the old bird. Super sensitive and goes cryin to the sis everytime we say something which does not agree with her. Welcome to the real world lady, not everything goes ur way =.=

Its just really unfair and heartless of them to just sack her like that, but she did them a piece of her mind and i guess in a way, its good to just let them knw wat ppl think of them. I have a feeling they might qn me also, coz it seems i havent been nice too. Well, fk her, i dont see a reason to be nice to a tattle tale. Bigh sighss. I hate this kind of working environment. No co-operation, no team work. And its just so few of us.

Gotta find me a new job soon, have been lookin and applyin tonite d..hopefully something comes up soon coz i have a feeling i will be burdened with colleague's work load. Shit.

Just when i thought 2010 was gonna be a good year..hopefully it gets better soon :(

Anyway, went into audi comp again tonite, coz wanted to clear my head, and got into 2nd round lol :D...1st rd mode was c9, which i didnt think i would do so well, but apprently there are others who suck more..hahaha :X . 2nd round was cc8 which i flunked. Abit wth, considering it shd be my better mode. Im getting noobier by the day.

Havent done much the entire night except updating my resume and sending out application and also thinking of wat to say if they do talk to me tomoro. I hate this type of conversations but im pretty much set on telling the truth, whether they like it or not. Fk work.

Time to rest, really moodless nite.


&im constantly amazed on how heartless people can really be.

Monday, January 11, 2010


What a slow slow monday...yes, i had work to do, but the time sure crawled @__@;;

Oh ya, officially moved to another table, my ex-colleague which just left last week lol. His place is more hidden and thus making me more sleepy. No complaints though, at least im not directly facing the bosses office and yet i can see if they come over :DDD

And sis came to find me for lunch today, treated her yummy claypot yee mee :D Its been awhile since we both had and i thought why not...and besides needed her to follow me to bank ..LOL! I know what ur thinking! No! It was not a bribe....she was the one who suggested it btw ;sob

One of my 2010 resolutions, to settle of my credit card debts in underway! Just paid off my HSBC card off and im free frm one card so far and counting! :D More to come and soon ill be debt free...yay!! So happy that my resolutions are happening, slowly but surely ^^

Hoho! To be home! :p

Just came back frm bi-monthly grocery shopping with mum...she's been buggin me to go for a few days now and im always very lazy to do it on a weekend..jz the amount of ppl ard and the jam..arhhhh :S. Decided to make her happy and suggested to her lol, hey, im a good daughter ..sometimes...well i try :)

Before i left the office, the boss suddenly decided to come in. Wtf? Already after working hrs, and she is expecting us to stay ard and do stuff for her? No way, as soon and the timer hit 5.30, i was outta there. Sadly horrid jam all the way home and then all the way to farlim =.= Penang traffic is getting worse by the day..sheesh.

And groceries can so expensive nowadays =.= Dont think we bought alot of stuff, bt it would normally come up a cpl of hundred each time. Thank god it didnt reach 200 today though...BUT STILL SO LITTLE STUFF! :S..ive been meaning to complain each time, bt the pain in my pockets numb the workings of me brain =.=

Oh well...had pan mee for dinner and then went into audi, then thought, might as well join compy since so long bo kicked out in 1st rd btw...can i blame the fact i nvr warm up? Can? D: and oh, met someone i didnt want to in same room as me...lousy luck i shd see him tonite =.= and his small talk was lame. Bla. So, lost (4th coz dam laggy and no perf zzzz) and left. And thats that.

Now feeling slightly feverish, maybe i really shd try sleeping b4 1?? LOL! Ill try :x

Im kinda surprised that Monday is over..but in a good way :) Sorta been feeling numb since ytd...hmmm..

Ok, bath bath and rest! :) Ciaozz~


& how we try to comprehend the incomprehensible.

.::Si tu amor no merezco, no me ames, mas quédate otro día::.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is by far the grossest dish in Cafe World.....Martian Brain Bake o.O ....eerhhh :S

Yes, random. But seriously needed to share my distaste for the dish @_@;; and i swore i wouldnt cook it...and i just did :X. Couldnt help it, the portions are :S Oh well, i just wont look when the customers eat them :p

Soooo, Sunday came and Sunday has just left :(
Woke up early and family left for Ipoh, went back to sleep after they left :D Audied awhile when i woke again. Some sad incident happened in between and took the dog out for a run to clear my head. Came back, slept again after awhile. Oh well, it was a sad afternoon.

Audied again after that and family was back home shortly after that :) Just realised didnt have dinner tonight. Just had abit of the Wan Tou Long they bought back. It was nice, abit sour'ish but still very nice :)

And thats that. My Sunday :) Nothing much, yet enough. Heading off to bed i guess, this page has been opened since this afternoon and i just managed to finish it lol D:

Have a great Monday guys, and a great week ahead :)


You will nvr cease to amaze me on how much your words can hurt me.

On how much u can make it feel like im the bad person in your life and deserve to be treated as such.

Every word that came frm u today, even though it was just a few, and yet cuts so deep.

How would u react, if someone close to you, left in a fit of anger? Wouldnt u want to knw where they were, or if they were ok? That was all i intended, to find out if u were ok. And in the morning, if u were safely home..was that wrong too?

Didnt we always used to ask each other where we were goin? What did u mean by, why i have the need to knw where u go? Believe or not, dont think so highly of urself. Im just concerned for the person i call my best friend.

And yet, what do i get in return? U looking at me, with hatred and contempt like im out to catch what ur always doing. Ive given up on that :) U might nvr change the way u see the world but dont blame everyone else, esp the ppl who really care. Even if there is no one else, there is still me. I knw its not much and u might not need it from me, but its all i can offer.

I will nvr understand why uve become who uve become. Even when u were back here and doing the same stuff, u would have never asked me to shut up. i wonder if u knw, hw much those words hurt me the most. It felt like a part of me died inside. U say i was wrong, but only u knw the truth of what really happened.

Im torn. Do u knw?

.::& will it ever be the same? maybe not::.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is me, on a working saturday...the damn time just wont move! :x

Well, as predicted, i was alone at the office today :) So, ended doing more things then i usually do on normal days lol..which is cool by me, coz not much disruptions and i dont get pissed as much :p Boss came in at ard 12'ish but just to ask me to do some scanning for him and he was at the pantry on the phone most of the time :)

He left shortly and i wanted to leave sharp! I only act that way when its saturday :x But as u can see, i sat there and waited n waited for 5 bladi mins to pass @_@ And the thing is, that dam machine is 10mins slow, and it was actually already 10mins past 1. Plus side, i can come in 10mins later :p

Drove home under the very very hot sun. My god, once its near CNY's the temps go up like crazy x.x Reached home, bathed and played some Fb and fell asleep watching Monster House :D

Woke up to abit more FB lol then audied for abit with babe for a few games and then myself (hey, i cant change mode, so stayed on since it was already changed :X)

Did nothing much throughout the nite, though family asked me if i wanted to follow them to Ipoh tomoro, but have to wake up early and i..erm...abit...lazy :S . Most prolly, i will stay at home d :p

Off to bed i guess, still very sleepy...dont think i will ever get enough sleep to make up for all the non sleep i do D:



&i wish u would count on me at times like this, like u used to.
i pray that you will be alright and safe tonight

Hello world on a Saturday morning~!!! :D , well a very early Saturday morning :p Weekends are here! Wootsss!

Its time for sleep, sleep and more sleep~ :p

Work was cool today, not much disturbance from colleagues. Peaceful working :3 Though it was a busy day in the afternoon, i still managed to get everything done and by 6, i was outta there :) Though im still working on saturday (my opinion? God didnt invent humans to work on a saturday ><) but then again, its all about the money eh? So, cant complain, just do it! Nike style! :D Its only half a day, alittle bit of Fb, a little bit slacking, a little bit of coffee and im paid~ Lolol :D

Thankfully, i might be alone at work tomoro too! Hurhur XD~

And and and! I slept when i came home jz now :DD So proud of meself, though it was only abt 2 hrs but i did wide awake again @___@;;; and its almost 3 again! Hmmmmm =.= Had a cpl balls of takoyaki for dinner and been watching dvd's after dvd's since i woke. Just cant seem to shake the habit of sleeping late TT^TT~

Oh well, got to go force myself to sleep, coz frankly i might be living up my panda nick very soon >_>'''

Oh oh! Took an ss of my cafe earlier (please dont ask =.=) coz i liked the VIP meal ...LOL! It looked cute ok! Bleh.

Cute right? Right?? lolzzz..

I was bored. 'nuf said =.=


& i wish it was easier.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hoho!! Happy Fly-day peepos!! :D Time flies even faster in 2010 :O Next thing u knw, ull be celebrating 2011! :p Lol~

Ima office-alone today. One of my colleagues last day was ytd, and another one is on mc today, which leaves the office manager and she sits far far away frm me :D So i count myself as alone..LOL!

Kinda scary though coz i wonder if my workload has just been added :( Sure, he's the graphics guy, but then they dont really care and i might just end up doin some of his work =.= Time to ask for a salary raise? *grins* :p

I really shd sleep early, thats wat i tell myself when i wake up, when i go to work, when im at work, when its after lunch, when its time to go home... its sorta a chant that i do but then it nvr works coz the minute im home i do everything else but sleep x.x

SLEEP EARLIER MAG! *slaps myself*

And my sleep earlier is nvr early, its about the same time i sleep each nite..3am =.= Though i did catch abit of zzz's when i went home, think abt 1/2hr and i think its alright to extend my sleepin time again. Wth is wrong with me? Lol..:X

Thank god its friday! Must must must must promise myself to rest more this weekend! AhhhH!!

Other than my poor sleeping habits, there's really nthg much ( seriously guys, why do u still read my blog? Even i..well i do read, coz its my blog and i like to read my crap lol) Bad bad bad bad tummy ache the entire day. Dam those meds, plus side? I dont even feel like eating anything :S

Anyway, have a great friday guys! *prays it ends soon* >_<''


Found this song a few days back while watching Toy Story 2 :)

It reminds me of the friends i had and lost, partly some due to my neglect....

They say, real friends will nvr leave yr side, no matter what u do to them.
You will always stay in their hearts.
But im sorry for those that i left behind and neglected,
I might have not done it on purpose, but the guilt still lingers in my mind.
One day, i hope our paths will cross again, then i will nvr let u go :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello world @ 7th Jan~

Its been a long long long day. Pretty tiring and bad tummy ache the entire day :(

Lost my cool a couple of times, even with the bosses lol. They kept calling n calling and calling. Asking me to check this, check that... Its still such a bladi small project and they think its building the KL twin towers =.=

Drove home in the rain. My best posts are normally in my head when im driving. But when i reach home, it all seems to disappear and i cant seem to put it like it was. Tried writing it down today but as soon as i grabbed a pen n paper, nothing came out =.=

Mum was out the entire day with aunt, they went to some temple up north. So had to get my own dinner. Had the best western food! The uncle go hols very long ler, n jst came back. Missed his mushroom chicken so much! Very nice :D

Sat ard, rested, fb'ed abit here n there, msn'ed with baby and here i am. 2.30am and im screwed with my still very bad tummy ache.

Isnt life ironic?


Confessions of a lost soul

What do we seek in life?
The world is an empty place and to go through it alone would be a unimaginable,
Hence we search for our other halves, ppl who will bear witness to our lives,
What we lived for, how we lived it, someone who will truly care and be grateful that u existed.
Who these ppl are, only u will know.
Some how, we need to be to acknowledged in life. To be remembered.
I am not perfect, nor will i ever be. So are u. So are all of us.
Yet, through imperfection, i try to see the glimmer of some perfection.
Through unhappiness, i try to smile and rejoice in the slight happiness there is to be found.

Yes, i might not hold much importance in ur eyes anymore,
For what used to be daily conversations has now become a pain to you.

Ego's are now playin their part, and stubborness is standing beside it, prodding it onwards. Its not a win win situation. What do u think?

No, this is not an emo post. Its just me trying to comprehend how ppl think, and its clear now that ppl will nvr love past what they see. Feelings are for amateurs.

Yes, i love you very much, bt i will not be a pawn in your quests. Nor will i continue to be an ego booster by saying i do.

And it hurts to think when i say "I have no one to count on" , will u still say "U still have me" ?

.:: & maybe its better to have not loved, thus i would not have lost ::.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ho Ho! Its Wednesday!! :D

Nothing much to blog about today though lol, jz normal working day. Busy in the 1st part of the morning and it sort of slowed towards the end of the day. So left office sharp today :D

Currently continuing this post at work now lol, coz when i started typin this post last nite, about 3 sentences through i realise, i had nothing left to blog about @_@ Not that now is any good coz i still have nada to blog :X

My life is a bore. Work is taking all the fun left in my mundane world. I need more excitement in life :p

Anyway, slept awhile b4 goin for dance class last nite. Classes are getting tougher by the day, i almost couldnt feel my feet ytd. I wonder why ppl pay to insert pain on themselves lol. And they do it ever so willingly :p

Still a cool class though and had lots of fun as usual :D

Played abit of Fb and felt sleepy after awhile, so just watched a dvd and fell asleep lol.

Slacking at work today, bt net kept goin off alot, so just sat ard...much ado about nothing =.= Havin' tummy ache though, must that med mum ask me to take >_>''

Well, guess thats about it folks o_o, havent been doin much these few days, slightly missin audi but missin you much :)


& i cant change the past, all i can do is to try to make the future better.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mum's sweet potato dessert~ :D

The 1st Monday of 2010 officially came, and gone :)

In summary? Tiring day indeedy @_@ Maybe it was becoz ive been slacking for the past week or so since Xmas or maybe it was coz it was a dam hectic day. Alot of following up on orders, materials delivery, sourcing..bla bla bla..etc~ My ever so mundane life, lol :)

I wonder why i get bored with work so easily? I guess once the challenge of learning is gone, and it gets too repetitive, then well, i dont find interest in it anymore =\

Anyway, though it was hectic, couldnt help but feel extremely sleepy in the morning and i actually had 2 cups of coffee b4 it was 11 =.= Me gonna die of caffeine, me tell u, just u wait n see :(

And the worst part of it all? I havent even got my salary yet =.= and they had the cheek to ask me to do more work, at it was already 6 >_> ( bear in mind, no ot, no replacement, nada, zip, zilch D:<) Normally i wouldnt mind doin the extra work but, i dont feel like doin it for them. Is that so wrong? hmmmm...NOP.

Am tired, so shall retire bed i mean lol. My headache is back. I really shd have rested more over the hols..sheesh me.

4 more days and the weekend :p


&we might forget how, when, why we got here,
but nvr forget what we went through to get here :)

Our actions are our choices, and no one has control over what we wanna do,
But, do we think how our actions affect the ppl we love?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st Monday blues of 2010~ D:

Shall be a very short post for today...well, ill try to make it short =p Dont think ill have any problems though coz all i did was Fb, dvd, bed, Fb, dvd, bed...etc etc..:S

Though i must say, im extremely sleepy TT^TT~ Dont think i slept as much as i needed to. Slept late, roughly ard 4 - 5am and woke b4 9...hmmm.. i dont think im this hardworking when im working :p Mum commented to me earlier..." I dont understand why u dont sleep more, must get up and ur cafe" LOL....blah :X

Its an addiction, or rather, a sense of kiasuism...omg...another one of my infamous OCD's ;sob

Anyway, cant remember much of what i did, logged on FB early morning and left it on, while i got back to sleep.. i think i slept...i think...hmmm..i distinctly remember mum n sis coming home at abt 10'ish after droppin the dog at the doggie spa (yes, doggie spa =.=)

Mum n bro headed off to mainland while me n sis hung ard at home, watch some csi, some other old old old show..intended to sleep, but lepak'ed ard and in the end didnt sleep much. Even watched Pretty Woman :O

Audied abit with ray and was feeling tired awhile after that, so decided to log off early and rest..and yet....TADA! Here i am still :S

Fuck, its 1.30 am =.= Wth have i been doin since 10pm?

Thats it, im going to sleep! Oh ya, before i forget...a sample of random-ness in our family..

Bro bought this cake on New Year's Eve, we just had it tonite lol...

This was the convo between me n him:
Me: Huh? Why u buy cake?
Bro: Dono? Saja? It looked pretty :D
Me: Oh..ok =.=

Yes! The epitome of random-ness. Even to post about it is totally random and pointless and yet im posting it nonetheless, why? Coz i can and i dont care :p

Nite nite guys~ Have a great week ahead ~ !! :DD

P/s: Bro just asked if i tried his cake, if i had said "no" on my part then i would be as termed by him "a sinner" . Dont ask =.=''


&Revenge might be sweet but the aftertaste is bitter :)