Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ima back to grumble, rant and whine about my daily happenings :p People who cant stand it, can click the "x" button at the top and go on with ur happy lives ;)

Ok, im being a total spaz about all this. Maybe coz, despite saying that i need sleep, im still very much awake..and my sistas have finally decided to come online...all at the same time :O and very hyper x.x Lol~ Love ya guys :)

Oh! The drawing that i made during lunch...

Yay, with the color pens and color pencils! Whahahhaha :X But if u have to ask whats on top the E then pls DONT =.="

Im a horrible artist i knw, i shdnt even call myself an artist...ima terrible drawing person TT^TT~ Booo ~ :X

Work in the afternoon, not so fun. Bosses came in ler...haiyo, whole week nvr see them, then come and ruin my friday :S Though they didnt ask me to do much, but still i felt uncomfortable. And yet, i managed to remax another pet to 4B despite them being there. LOL! And halfway pp'ing, boss came sat at the desk beside me and i left Ren waiting for me ahahahahah :X Dam funny shit, and i wonder why i do such stuff :P I did warn him de..rofl~

But line was laggy as hell, and finished everything (3resets, 3 maxes) in 2hrs, which is dam dam long coz the page kept reloading itself =.= Wanted to do another one but, too tired and needed to head home ler D: Still planning on babe's and another pet's remax to 4B.. abit tricky and need some planning...hmmm..

Went home and audi'ed again lol, well actually afk'ing in audi coz i didnt really feel like getting bullied by random ppl tonite. Later babe and ivan came in along with ray then only i had the mood to play :D Forgot about comp all together though! D: And i remembered i earn fam points if i join, so yay babe, im a fam point contributor..lmao! :X

Came out ard 10'ish and here i am nw...pass 2 am...reaching 3 and extremely tired to the max..but still awake and watching anime @_@ Keel me? D:

Alot on my mind and i just feel like sleeping it away right now... pointless to think any further into it :)

Ja Matane~! :D


&if u only knew how the simplest thing u do can make me so happy one minute,
and sad the next..

I guess there does come a point when the truth does not matter anymore, coz we might nvr know wat is for sure.

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