Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Thaipusam peepos!!!! :D

Well not yet technically, but im wishing earlier~ :D

Gonna be a short post, coz ive been sneezing the entire afternoon away :( Suddenly de, working halfway on the designs (which i still hate, but the bosses accepted anyway :S) then started sneezing non stop, till my voice also cracked =.= Dam my sinus problem....

Came home, audied abit and joined comp with babe :) Though i got 4th for the 1st rd =.= oh wells, there's still tomoro and it really sucks when the 1st rd is 4k >_> *blames blames*

Currently chatting with meimei and raych, though my thoughts are flying away and feeling drowsy lol..and im bored with the FB games, coz after playin my normal games, i hv nthg else to do :S Must go find new games for my PSP d :p

Siannn!! Going to go play my show and get some shut eye...still have work tomoro, though its hols =.="

Goody nitey~!! ♥

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