Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aloha Saturday~~ :)

Im very very proud of myself now, jz managed to get the codes up and running for the zing mp3 which has come down with a stupid bug of incomplete codes which made the player unable to show itself =.= Been meaning to look into it fr a long time, since i tried changing my songs after Xmas, but was too lazy to read the codes. IMA GENIUS! :X Sorry....cant help be proud at this dumb hour.. *gloats gloats* :P

Work was dull, Saturdays normally are, but even more boring coz alot of normal ppl are not working. And even if they were, they're getting paid extra..something which moi is not. Bahs. Shall not dwell into that place for now.

Was not feeling well from ytd's flu and cough, and ended up leaving work early to go see doc...manatau the dam clinic was not open :( So went home, audied a few rounds and went to sleep. Wanted to follow mum for Thaipusam prayers, bt with the heat and the crowd, i decided not to.

Finally did go at ard 7plus and docs say it was allergies and i told him abt my constant tummy cramps and loss of appetite for the past week, he told me it was some kind edible bowel syndrome, related to stress. thats something new. I guess in a way, i might be, coz though im kinda free in the mornings, afternoons are like hell for me and it doesnt help when i have to do my stuff and the stuff my ex colleague left behind coz they nvr thought of a back up plan of getting her to hand over her work be leaving. So, i have to start from scratch =.=

Dumb asses? *nods*

Anyway, came back in time for audi comp, managed to get to 2nd rd today lolz, i shall prevail and get to 3rd rd next time :p Im still pissed with my 4k though, even used my sae to play with ppl 4k today =.= Double bahs. 4k sucks. But i still wanna be better at it ><.

Guess thats it, fast saturday went by.. Gonna head to bed soon, headache coming back and my mum murmuring something inaudible frm the kitchen. Doink.

Nites peeps :)


Je veux ton amour ~♥

& where u go? I miss you so.

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