Sunday, January 31, 2010

If only....

I had slept like i was supposed to :S Having a major migraine session now and eyes are red x.x Didnt even know wat i was pressin in compy..until the last 2mins then i started to chain =.= could have actually made it, but then abit too late la...sigh..i feel so noob :( And why is 4k so bladi *&YTVSHKLS!!! Bahs =\

Joined the inter comp as well earlier using sae, disaster as well, maybe i shd jz quit :X

Anyway, not much of a Sunday, spent the day at home with the dog again...yes, dog sitter again while mum and sis went shopping. Now u would think, why not follow them so i dont have to be? Duh-uh? It will the same, except i will be 'sitting' in the car =.=

Watched old movies again, this time ard, was Volcano High, a korean movie with martial arts, magic in this high school lol..yea kinda lame at some points but Jang Hyuk is just too cute in this one..*drools* Intended to sleep after that, bt continued with another show and b4 i knew it, it was already evening >_>'

Audied awhile with Ven and Ray and that was my Sunday... ><. CNY better come soon..So i can 'sleep' more.. seriously though, i think i need to, my eye drops are out on my comp table again...was feeling very dry and couldnt help rubbing it alot :(

Guess gonna head off to bed, bt not sleeping yet :p Gonna watch Case 39, bro bought the dvd for us :D Heard the previews, sounded kinda cool..lets see how it goes :D

Oyasumi~~! And have a wonderful Monday ! Although some ppl are still not working... =.=

P/s: I seriously need a new haircut b4 CNY... lol :S


& im lucky to still have you :)

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