Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy happy Sunday!! :D

This is what bored ppl do on their days off D:~

Did some nail painting lol (dont mind the stubby fingers D:) Overall, not bad work :p Other than that, the rest of the day was spent blankly staring at the idiot box..both of them. Dug out the old Chow Sing Chi shows and laughed like hell :D And also scouting for suitable doll pics for baby lol. Im good with looking for my own pics but for other ppl, i take days >_>'

Wanted to join audi comp at nite, bt the line was crazy as hell. Kept dc'ing me every 5mins. Blasted streamyx. Pay them so they can fk up the connections. Though im not really sure if its the connection or the modem, coz havent managed to get the new modem up and running yet. Something very wrong with the settings and im rebelling against fixing it coz the last time i did, siblings said i spoiled it =.="

Summary of Sunday? Totally whooshed by and currently having the weekly pre monday blues.

Shall post this as soon possible b4 the dam net goes off again, though it does feel kinda stable now (and why wouldnt it be, its almost 1plus ._.)

Nites peeps and have a great week ahead !


& it would have been perfect, if only
you werent so preoccupied with ur phone,
sayin that u were lazy to reply long 'essays' and yet
how many times did u re-read it? and out loud even i could hear.
and kept replyin even though they didnt?
did u have even read mine? or juz deleted the moment u saw it?
i could have wrote a few and yet, u would reply none.
Has she become what i was? Has she become the important person in ur life like i used to be?
u consoling her, asking her to not be angry with u,
and if it was me, u would have just gotten angry at me instead.

Yes, it could have been perfect. But nothing ever is.

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