Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rainy saturday~ What a wonderful sleepin opportunity ~ :3

Working on saturday is is is...beyond cool..well unless u get paid for it, right babe? ;) I would gladly do it if only i was, but unfortunately im not, so thats that! Boo.

Work was quiet as usual, since im the only left in the office =.= until i got a call to be a driver again and fetch the indon worker to another site. Well, actually, the call came ytd but i didnt answer hahaha...wei after work liao hor, i dont answer office calls :X And and.. i didnt actually get a call, it was from a voice mail the boss left me. Now there's something i need to bring up...


Somehow i got a msg sayin i had a voice mail bt i nvr look at it and always delete the minute i get it, reason being, my old phone had limited sms space (coz i nvr deleted alot of my old sms'es :S) and also because its mainly from the bank ppl, asking me to sign up for this promo or that promo =.= So YES, i dont respond to voice mails. Sms me if its important, if not i will nvr know :S

Not sure why i checked this morning though. Maybe it was sixth sense, or a gut feeling =.= And i couldnt even remember how to access it a few times ZzzZZzz.. then i heard it! The asshole ask me to fetch in the morning. Well technically it was still morning, baru 11 nia lol :X Bodo.

Thought could leave early coz needed to get site supplies, manatau boss went to get :( So couldnt leave early.. ;sob

Oh wells, at home now and gonna take a nap coz my eyes are seriously closing as i type this :S

Laters~! :D

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