Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!

Hope this year brings everyone more happiness, more prosperity, more good luck etc etc etc! :p

Seriously cant believe 2009 is finally gone, it feels so distant and yet all the memories of 2009 seems to be so near. Guess its time for us to look back and learn the past mistakes and reminisce on the good times :)

Work was busy as usual ytd, my migraine was still quite bad and the bosses got me doing office boy work ytd, delivering docs to ppl =.= Do u knw hw hotttt it is now in Penang? Seriously freaking bladi hot. My migraine just got worse TT^TT~ Anyway, they bought those HK style "Lou Poh Peng" as a new year treat. I think can buy number liao ahahaha :X It was nice though eh, but i was afraid eat liao sure got kang tao..sure enough...GOT! >_>

They asked to find some accs docs and by that time already 5pm, i told the PA, no way am i stayin back today, its gonna be a hellavu jam near queensbay coz apparently some taiwanese artists were gonna perform for countdown. So she told them i was leaving sharp, and she said they abit bo if i care? Duh them.

Jammed jammed peanut butter and jelly jam all the way home (&^#@%&* ;sob

Reached home, took 2 panadols again and slept. Woke up abt 10'ish feeling slightly better, thank god :) Took a long cold bath and stood under the shower thinking of the year b4 it ended lol..sort of drowns out alot of other thoughts in my head. Sat ard in front of pc, as usual, until it was time to countdown, and then, well, there it went. 2010 had finally I did feel somethin different though this time. But its the promises that id made to myself had suddenly come to position OwO~~

Alot of fireworks, well somewhat, some ship blasting, i think lol and there u have it, 2010 making its grand entrance. Surprisingly not much sms'es also tis time ard, just like XMas, which is kinda sad. And i didnt update the old contacts frm my old phone. The other day accidentally deleted alot of msgs in old phone and felt somewhat sad, coz im abit nostalgic and i knw i will nvr see those sms'es again :(

Well, come March, it will be 3 yrs since i started this blog. 3 yrs of life's ups n downs. 3 yrs of ppl coming n leaving and some still ard. 3yrs of me and the ppl i care about :)

Its always been the same, make resolutions and by the 2nd month, its gone. Im ever so determined to keep them this year. My korean language classes, my teachin diploma, my goin into intermediate lvl in dance class, and some other stuff which i swore i will keep tis yr !!! Jy me eh ;) Places to go on my wishlist this year? Korea, Japan or Taiwan :D *crosses fingers >_<* I want to smile more, worry less, laugh more, think less, love more and be more loved ;) The only mistake i ever did in my past r/ships last yr was thinkin i did not deserve to be loved. And selling my worth short of what it really is...tsk tsk :)

I have alot of other plans, but i dont wan to bore u guys with details, so ill post them slowly over the weeks :D Im gonna take life as it comes now, and ppl who dont deserve my attention shd just go away oh~ :)

So, what am i up to today? Well currently watching K-Drama, painting my nails while i get ideas on this post haha..actually started typing since ytd but wanted to put it all in a way that its not chaotic :p Ok la, shall not make this post too long, i knw some ppl dont like to read alot of words...must have picture wait, thats my siblings, i think =.= I remember them telling me, hw can u read this book? All words and no pics >_>


& maybe im making amends for what used to be
for by not saying much does not mean im ok with it.
Ive just refuse to let it become all my life.

&i believe, if i really cared for someone, i will nvr do anything to hurt them,
No matter what.
and the rest are just excuses to console myself.
but if u do still do it despite it all, means ur no longer afraid of them leaving, right?

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