Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doink peeps @ 26th Jan~! Wake upppppp!! Its only Tuesday~

And my eyes are slightly swollen... T^T~

Though it was such a nice nite to sleep (coz family switched on 2 air conds :O) but still i had the weirdest dreams, like in fairytale land :S Yet somehow, the dreams seems so familiar and cant pin where i saw them for now.. Think i dreamt most of the night away, and woke up puffy eyed :(

Just had lunch and feeling drowsy lol, as usual, coffee is not a saviour anymore, its more like an accomplice to make me even more sleepy =.= Morning was quiet as usual, peaceful but come afternoon, uncertainty *gulps* The minute i hear the *tak* on the intercom then its boo time...

Shall i list out what ive been doing in the morning? Refer to ytd's post. Lol. Except for 1-5, the rest are basically the same >_>""

Having dance class later though, and one more class next week and we're off for a month. Dance teacher goin backpackin to South Americe, cool eh? I wish i could do that too :) And she does it a few times a year :O Thinking of maybe taking up other classes while this one is on break..Hmm..

Continuation at home:

Damn irritated at assholes again. Sigh. Long story short, had to go collect sink & paint frm supplier, i dont knw why they like to do things when its almost time to go hm and shop's are abt to close and then rush me to order this and that like a mad woman. Maybe i shd start work at 1pm =.= Anyway halfway to shop, dam heavy rain and got wet from head to toe and to make it worse, it was after work hrs and jam like hell. I was basically shivering in the car :(

Came home, had something to eat and went to sleep fr an hr and went to dance class, and just came back home with a splitting headache. Sigh. Just popped 2 panadols and heading to bed soon i guess. Its been a tiring day and sudden rain didnt help much D:

Bery tired ><.

Oyasumi~~ ♥


When im free from all doubt,
Free from all mistrust,
Free from all pain & hurt,
Free from the demons in my soul
and the voices in my head,

When i will be able to smile without worry and doubt in my heart,
When i will be able to look at a person and not care what is goin through their head,
When i am able to be at peace with myself again,

Then i will be free .. :)

Tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no,

Kasaneta te hanasanaide ..

Wakarimasu ka? :)

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