Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mum's sweet potato dessert~ :D

The 1st Monday of 2010 officially came, and gone :)

In summary? Tiring day indeedy @_@ Maybe it was becoz ive been slacking for the past week or so since Xmas or maybe it was coz it was a dam hectic day. Alot of following up on orders, materials delivery, sourcing..bla bla bla..etc~ My ever so mundane life, lol :)

I wonder why i get bored with work so easily? I guess once the challenge of learning is gone, and it gets too repetitive, then well, i dont find interest in it anymore =\

Anyway, though it was hectic, couldnt help but feel extremely sleepy in the morning and i actually had 2 cups of coffee b4 it was 11 =.= Me gonna die of caffeine, me tell u, just u wait n see :(

And the worst part of it all? I havent even got my salary yet =.= and they had the cheek to ask me to do more work, at it was already 6 >_> ( bear in mind, no ot, no replacement, nada, zip, zilch D:<) Normally i wouldnt mind doin the extra work but, i dont feel like doin it for them. Is that so wrong? hmmmm...NOP.

Am tired, so shall retire soon...to bed i mean lol. My headache is back. I really shd have rested more over the hols..sheesh me.

4 more days and counting.....to the weekend :p


&we might forget how, when, why we got here,
but nvr forget what we went through to get here :)

Our actions are our choices, and no one has control over what we wanna do,
But, do we think how our actions affect the ppl we love?

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