Monday, January 25, 2010

Its been a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly boring day today! Pfffft!! =.=

Forget about monday blues, this is like the rainbow colored monday with purpurs, oranges, yellows, bla bla etc etc! :x

This could have been me..but thank god ima model employee...LOL! :X

Yes, im that bored. And im getting extremely restless. Must find work where i get to leave the bladi office. And NO, dont say i have it good and get to FB everyday, its killing me loudly D:<. Lol, yes i might regret sayin this now and wished for these times to come back, but that's another post for the future :p Lol, am i not the best drama queen? Thank you, thank you~ :D
But seriously, dam friggin sleepy can? Only mondays can do this to me :S

Its lunch time now and so far the whole morning this is what ive been doin:
1) checked on wc's and basin prices and delivery for boss
2) check on sink price for boss
3) took down Xmas tree in reception area (actually postponed frm last week coz bo song do :X)
4) called supplier to request for better credit terms
5) FB
6) FB
7) more FB.. =.=

Its really amazing that i can even list out what ive been doing :( Though i hv a bad feeling bosses are coming in later today.... ;eeks. Planning to take half day leave tomoro or the day after though, need to go the bank in town to settle some stuff :) or shd i have taken it today? :S


They really did come in =.= And ask me to do ridiculous stuff again. Wanted to go collect payment frm some owner that they did a little painting for and since it was already 4, i figured might as well go after work then i could go home str8. But noooooo, asshole of a boss wants me to go now, for wat reasons, only God knows. And the wife asked to work on some pics of hers (excuse me, bt i was not hired for the purpose of designing =.=) I could go on n on abt their shitty attitude, but that would a waste of space on my page, so to summarize, they will always be assholes :)

Reached home with mum cleaning the place, coz air cond ppl came to fix the 2nd air cond in bro's room. Sat ard and Fb'ed abit :) and oh, got evey to my place in FFS!! My very 1st owner. Though she used her Raindevour to buy me last time, bt still the same to me :DD Currently very poor though, dont think ive been this poor in a long time lol.. :D

Welcome to my place Evey hun!

Played abit of audi, but was extremely tired, it being Monday lol, and was nodding off while playin :X Wanted to finish this post, but suddenly brain stopped working =.= So loitered ard cafe world, robot wars....the normal games :D

Off to bed i guess, mum's constant pressing on the on/off button on tv is irritating me coz it went off accidently and apparently need to do like tat to make it turn on again. I didnt know that =.="" And she's been on it for 2hrs now O_O;; I somewhat kelian her but cant help but be amused at the same time :X Sorry mum

Wan-an !! :)

P/s: I might have over-analyzed, but right now all i feel is total numb-ness :)


Which would hurt more?
To be told the cold hard truth or
To be lied to?

Which one would you choose?

Been asking this question to quite a number of ppl over the weekend. Its a random thought which resulted from a not so random event. Something which i have been pondering upon but still cant come to a conclusion or a choice. I mean, who would want to feel any pain at all, bt its really inevitable sometimes..:)

Trying to be positive and be trusting to know that, what was said is the truth. Though what really transcended those days , i will nvr know for sure.

And though some of the thoughts of what might have happened hurts me, i have to put faith out and trust in what was declared.

So many tracks on the railroad, which one will take me to my happy place?

Confused? So am i :)

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