Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its only Saturday!!! Cant believe how cool it is to wake up only to realise u dont have to go to work!..lololol :X

Slept uber late last nite, was too excited with Full House - the Kdrama ima watchin now. Yea, yea ive watched b4 last time bt still its cool to just sit around and watch dvd after dvd after dvd without a care in the world :p Though my brain feels abit toasted now...too much :S

But still work up early @_@ Dont know why, must be the thought of not having to leave home :p And also Cafe World dishes..hahaha..Though at this point, my dishes cant really finish x.x i have like 50k servings for one my dishes >_>'' Guess ill have to start making 5 days dishes now lol..

Anyway, woke up, slept back, woke and slept back a few times :x Continued with my drama in the afternoon, though sis had to go out and ask me to wait fr her, and i did eh...after about an hr and went back to watching it hahahah :p Slept abit more after that...

Woke up and msn'ed ren to reset and remax my latest pet to 2b then had dinner and tot of audi'ing for abit with ray :D But the abit turned out to be 4hrs lol....... all coz of a very very extremely bored ken who went to play maple alone came in coz he was that bored hahaha..poor ken :p

Wanted to log off at about 12 initially but ken 'wah-ed' me, saying its the 1st time he heard say wanna log off before him. HMPH! A challenge huh? Ok lor..see who will last :p Played till abt 1plus he said last song...tired le..LOL! (actually i said b4 him, bt he didnt see, coz he was looking fr song heeee :D) U lose! :DD

So, that was my saturday come n gone...and to think i still have sunday! :D Cooolio~~ Now watching Sister act 2 before i go to bed^^

So, have a great Sunday peeps and happy holidays~!


&i just wish i didn't care what happens.
but i cant.

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