Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is by far the grossest dish in Cafe World.....Martian Brain Bake o.O ....eerhhh :S

Yes, random. But seriously needed to share my distaste for the dish @_@;; and i swore i wouldnt cook it...and i just did :X. Couldnt help it, the portions are :S Oh well, i just wont look when the customers eat them :p

Soooo, Sunday came and Sunday has just left :(
Woke up early and family left for Ipoh, went back to sleep after they left :D Audied awhile when i woke again. Some sad incident happened in between and took the dog out for a run to clear my head. Came back, slept again after awhile. Oh well, it was a sad afternoon.

Audied again after that and family was back home shortly after that :) Just realised didnt have dinner tonight. Just had abit of the Wan Tou Long they bought back. It was nice, abit sour'ish but still very nice :)

And thats that. My Sunday :) Nothing much, yet enough. Heading off to bed i guess, this page has been opened since this afternoon and i just managed to finish it lol D:

Have a great Monday guys, and a great week ahead :)


You will nvr cease to amaze me on how much your words can hurt me.

On how much u can make it feel like im the bad person in your life and deserve to be treated as such.

Every word that came frm u today, even though it was just a few, and yet cuts so deep.

How would u react, if someone close to you, left in a fit of anger? Wouldnt u want to knw where they were, or if they were ok? That was all i intended, to find out if u were ok. And in the morning, if u were safely home..was that wrong too?

Didnt we always used to ask each other where we were goin? What did u mean by, why i have the need to knw where u go? Believe or not, dont think so highly of urself. Im just concerned for the person i call my best friend.

And yet, what do i get in return? U looking at me, with hatred and contempt like im out to catch what ur always doing. Ive given up on that :) U might nvr change the way u see the world but dont blame everyone else, esp the ppl who really care. Even if there is no one else, there is still me. I knw its not much and u might not need it from me, but its all i can offer.

I will nvr understand why uve become who uve become. Even when u were back here and doing the same stuff, u would have never asked me to shut up. i wonder if u knw, hw much those words hurt me the most. It felt like a part of me died inside. U say i was wrong, but only u knw the truth of what really happened.

Im torn. Do u knw?

.::& will it ever be the same? maybe not::.

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