Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the days are just crawling by.....

Hola peepos~! Time for another update on my daily nothings.,, and yet u guys still read..or do you? Hmmmm.. Now im wondering, do u guys come in and 'browse' through but never truely reading what i have to talk about? Ok, now im being paranoid :S Tell me im being paranoid before its gets out of hand! Now!! D:

This proves only one thing. I have FINALLY run out things to talk about. This is it. The end.

Its a lie though, i do have things to say, but somehow, it sounds better in my head than out here. Im having a horrid time putting my feelings and thoughts into words. Like i told baby last nite, i sat there in front of the pc, trying to express what im feeling and yet nothing seemed right. Sheesh. Been reading on random blogs and admire how ppl can seem to jz say wht they really feel, though some were really fkin lame, talking abt marketing strategies, etc etc and trying to sound really smart. annoys me =.= I dono, i jz dont dig that. Not on a personal blog, but then its not really my choice to say right? Ya, i cant tell them "Erm dont act smart can?" But i can as hell say it here! :p

There u go, a whole paragraph of something so random and yet u read it all, didnt u? Admeeeet it!!

Ytd, when i reached home, saw something really heart wrenching and reminded me of how heartless ppl can be. As i said, it was raining dam heavy and i was drenched in rain but as i reached my hse gate, i saw my neighbours dog outside the gate, just sitting there under the rain and it turned to look at me as i approached my gate and suddenly i felt a tug in my heart. These ppl had just one day, gotten a new dog and let this dog out of the hse..Yes! Just like that. Just shooed it out the house. And it has nowhere to go, so it just stayed out there, waiting to be accepted back into the family. Sleeping under trees and even going out to the field, far frm the hse to do its 'business' so it dont dirty the owner's hse. So sad lor.. i mean if i could i would take it in, but mum cant handle another dog, and mine is like mafia head like that. And we tried calling those ppl who saves dogs like this but no news from them. :( I hope they get what is coming to them. Karma.

Watchin the clock tick tock away, and yet not completely unbusy, currently workin on making photo profiles of jobs done by company. Kinda lame, but i divert once in awhileby looking for new doll pics for FB :p Ahhh!! Need to stop diverting frm other important stuff! Oh well, who am i kidding, i have no impt stuff...not now maybe.. =.=

CNY quickly come!! So i can rot at home instead of rotting at work!! :S

Gonna go continue my work b4 this post gets completely pointless D: and as i said, what u just read was not the point of this post. Well, except for the dog :D

Someone just shoot me nao :[

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