Sunday, January 24, 2010

The clock in my room is dead. Time of death: 3.30pm.. =.="

Normally this wouldnt mean much to the normal ppl, but then again, im not really that normal am i? :D This unfortunate demise of my clock caused some minor yet annoying problems in my saturday routine (lol, omg, i sound like a psycho >_>) Just not that freaky :p

Ended up :
1) didnt sleep coz i thought i still had plenty of afternoon
2) lost track of my food in cafe world coz i thought i was still early =.=
3) really annoyed

Lol. I could have just looked for a new battery. But then if i did, i wouldnt have this post to amuse u guys right? :P

So, Saturday was spent audi'ing abit, fb'ing abit (Fb apps really having some problems today though), sleeping abit, watching dvd abit..well abit of everything :) Woke up kinda late, ard 7'ish coz i didnt sleep till abt almost 6 (coz i thought it was still 3.30 =.=) Audied abit more with babe and thought of joining compy. But mum was hovering ard my area and looking at me, she wanted me to take her buy dinner, bt kept asking me if i was free lol.. meaning me audi'ing is being extremely busy :X Ah ya, so i ditched compy today, there's always tomoro :)

Now there are reasons why i would normally avoid going out with her,

1) coz she always hides her real motives from me until we've left home
2) she always says, a matter of factly she wants to buy ONE thing only and i end up waiting in the car for 1/2 hr coz her ONE thing detoured into many many other things

In short, i always know im in for a long ride, but i still go =.="

Came home, had ramen for dinner :3 Its been awhile i had it, back when i was in kl, it was ramen almost everyday rofl :X Watched more dvd coz fb apps really down the entire nite D: and i thought my food was surely a goner, bt luckily not :)

I got an Amelia Bobblehead in my cafe!! Got it with the free cash they gave during Xmas!! Lol~ My random delights :3

Kinda warm nites lately, CNY is a coming thats why..but still cant stand the darn heat :S Wondering what i shd do another dvd or sleep and wake up early tomoro..either way, i will still end up waking up at 9plus.. Bah =\

And the theme song from the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" has been playin in my head the entire day. Wtf? I shd go sleep =.=

Babaizz ~ :D

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