Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello world @ 7th Jan~

Its been a long long long day. Pretty tiring and bad tummy ache the entire day :(

Lost my cool a couple of times, even with the bosses lol. They kept calling n calling and calling. Asking me to check this, check that... Its still such a bladi small project and they think its building the KL twin towers =.=

Drove home in the rain. My best posts are normally in my head when im driving. But when i reach home, it all seems to disappear and i cant seem to put it like it was. Tried writing it down today but as soon as i grabbed a pen n paper, nothing came out =.=

Mum was out the entire day with aunt, they went to some temple up north. So had to get my own dinner. Had the best western food! The uncle go hols very long ler, n jst came back. Missed his mushroom chicken so much! Very nice :D

Sat ard, rested, fb'ed abit here n there, msn'ed with baby and here i am. 2.30am and im screwed with my still very bad tummy ache.

Isnt life ironic?


Confessions of a lost soul

What do we seek in life?
The world is an empty place and to go through it alone would be a unimaginable,
Hence we search for our other halves, ppl who will bear witness to our lives,
What we lived for, how we lived it, someone who will truly care and be grateful that u existed.
Who these ppl are, only u will know.
Some how, we need to be to acknowledged in life. To be remembered.
I am not perfect, nor will i ever be. So are u. So are all of us.
Yet, through imperfection, i try to see the glimmer of some perfection.
Through unhappiness, i try to smile and rejoice in the slight happiness there is to be found.

Yes, i might not hold much importance in ur eyes anymore,
For what used to be daily conversations has now become a pain to you.

Ego's are now playin their part, and stubborness is standing beside it, prodding it onwards. Its not a win win situation. What do u think?

No, this is not an emo post. Its just me trying to comprehend how ppl think, and its clear now that ppl will nvr love past what they see. Feelings are for amateurs.

Yes, i love you very much, bt i will not be a pawn in your quests. Nor will i continue to be an ego booster by saying i do.

And it hurts to think when i say "I have no one to count on" , will u still say "U still have me" ?

.:: & maybe its better to have not loved, thus i would not have lost ::.

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