Thursday, January 21, 2010

Short post before i head off to bed :)

Left work at abt 5.30 coz OM wanted me to take her to site, which is good news for me coz i get to leave early hiak hiak :D Went home and audied with ivan who was playin with random lansi ppl :p (hey, thats according to him ) Shortly after that he suggested some fun fun (which reminds me of a certain someone :D) According to him, well this is b4 he went to sleep, he dreamt he was a main last nite..LOL! Since i wanted to rest abit so we tagged ...until he suddenly broke into a speech @___@;

Laugh si wo~ :)

Anyway, he left shortly for dinner and i continued on with baby and her friend. Not a good nite though to be at home. Mum had gone into one her emo moods today and got angry for reasons i feel a tad bit ridiculous. Earlier in the year, we told her to cook less for dinner coz we tend to eat quite late and she actually agreed to it, asking us nt to complain. And we were fine with it..sigh..long story short, we cant please her either way. Tired of reasoning with her at times.

So, the whole hse was tense throughout the nite coz of this, sis went out with dog, mum went out to find friends, bro locked himself in his room and i had audi i guess =\

Wanted to join compy and was clicking away 20secs b4 it came out and the dam lag made me 231st to apply! WTF? =.= So was just a spectator today :( Played with babe after that and yea i actually tried out the Insane perf d.. I actually got over 1M for some :O But still dont get it when i miss though ... need to read up in the forums abit tomoro.

Played abit of Fb, watched abit more of my shows and here i am...gonna head to bed soon and dam why is this post getting longer? And i still other stuff to post leh....thank god i cant remember what it was...haha :X

Off to bed! Its Pre-Friday excitement! Happy Thursday peeps!! :)


&its not whether i can or cant live without you.
its whether i wan or dont want to :)

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