Thursday, January 14, 2010

I just had a whole bunch o' crap for dinner..a packet of mimi, some yoghurt, a cpl of Nips and some Chachos. Hmmm...

And uber uber sleepy today, coz instead of sleeping when i logged off ytd, i ended up putting on Van Helsing and watching till the end @_@!! Which came up to abt 4am...

Nothin much in the office in the morning, work as usual, except when it was almost 1, lady boss sms'es and says she wants 2 copies of the company profile instead of 1 and wanted it by 1.30 =.= It takes just that much time to print out the whole book. She could have told me earlier. Their attitude will nvr change. But did it anyway, and she came in, guess the sis must have said something to her, coz i did say out loud it was not easy to compile coz i couldnt find the original copies of the past projects, well, expected of her to tell on me. Still the bitch =.= Then ard 1.30, lady boss comes up to me and says, "Oh, got misunderstanding, i only need one for myself, the other u can give later"

WTF?? On purpose de hor, coz i did text her and told her i already have one copy done up. Fk.

Nvm lo, had lunch till 2 plus then went out to send some stuff to site, which was cool, get to snake out of the office for abit, though it was kinda hot outside, but still good to get out.

Came back, sat ard for awhile and went home. Didnt join compy today, actually went in but very blurry and sorta missed the apply button >_> Drowsy le at so went to sleep till abt 12plus x.x . Just finished watching some short story anime and now im heading to bed :x

Well, there's one thing im happy about. Its Friday tomoro :)



Where is the land in which i knew as, the make believe world in which i hide in from the cruel real world, has suddenly disappeared. Where is my lalaland?

What was before is no longer there and it hurts to know u dont see me as the person i was to you before. Only a person that is always butting in ur business..

If only it was as easy for me like it was for u, to forget that all our memories ever happened.

Coz still i miss the conversations.The jokes. The bond. And u.

Love is like M&M's..
Now you see it, now u dont.

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