Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday~ that was my intended starting when i was trying to blog ytd.

But it was short of anything but happy.
There's a sudden surge of choco supplies at home, i wonder why...

Though i dont really touch the stuff, been having quite alot of it, everytime i walk pass the kitchen and the thing is just lying there =.= . As if im not cute enough. Sigh. But then experiments have showns chocolates bring out the happy happy endorphines. I wonder why i still feel its bitter aftertaste. And not much happiness either.

Work was too dull to even mention and other stuff which i shall not comment on anymore due to its utter pointless-ness. Bosses didnt even come to the office, and FB that use to be my bestest companion during times like this didnt help one bit. It was just left idle coz i just can find anything else to play on it. There goes my cure for boredom. Shall find other means of entertainment then :)

I hope my Japanese classes start soon. Yup, enrolled myself for Jp classes, coz korean classes were lesser and the newest class already started their new session. Jp classes are more coz of the demand and so far there's abt 7 of us in the class already, 5 more to go. Prediction= classes will start in mid Feb :)

Went home and fell asleep when mom borrowed my pc to chk some stuff. Woke up an hr later, feeling even more moody than b4 i slept. Bla.

Played abit of Fb, continued my Chow Sing Chi marathon, chatted with JF and Sam, debated about brand slogans and that was my Monday.. and also chked with the both of them of whether they realised anything about my post ytd. Both didnt until i hinted >_> and JF's excuse was, "Nobody's EQ is as high as urs" =.= which i beg to differ. It all boils down to how much u knw a person, and sensing there's something more. Oh wells.

Eyes are currently slightly swollen coz of the weird dreams i was having last nite. The ghosts in my head have come out to play..

Should i even ask where u were tonite? Making up time? Anyway no long essays from me, coz it means nothin at all in ur eyes :)


I am like a lampost in your life.
When the Sun disappears
and your world is covered with darkness,
I shine as bright as i can to light your way
so u can you can find your way back,
But what happens when the Sun comes back up again?
I am just another lampost in the street,
Forgotten till the Sun goes away again.

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