Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2nd post for the day~ woots! :D Actually it was because 1st post was a tad too long... :x

Anyway, came home ard 6'ish, quite a busy afternoon, coz shortly after i posted my first post, one of the bosses came in. Did her bidding as usual lol, and was quite preoccupied till it was time to go home. Waited for a supplier to get back to me until 6 but she was still busy so juz went home. Boss had the cheek to call me when i just reached home, well guess what, i didnt answer =.= He's been calling my hp abit too much, maybe i shd change number nw. I mean even when im in the office he calls my hp o.o?? Baka!

I wonder if ill get reprimanded soon for not answering, bt still i dont see that im at fault. And we're only rushing because he's givin in to the client too much and letting me knw of their decisions late late in the afternoon. Bah. Double bah!

Went into audi abit, and saw ven. Its been awhile since we last played together, so i decided to join her. Well it was like she invited me in coz i was invisible lol... Chatted abit here and there, and left few mins b4 10 for dinner. Yes, very late dinner. And yet, i havent been having the appetite lately, ate a few spoonfuls and gave the rest to bro :S


Mum is cooking her specialty dish now for tomoro's dinner. Guess guess? Babe shd know eh? ;) Omg omg so niceee *drooollssss* and leave it overnite and it will just melt in your mouth... @__@;;;;

Going to bed soon, but sis is forcing me to watch Halloween 2 with her. More gore, head stomping, oozing brains, eyes popping out of heads...the lots =.= Am so gonna have more nightmares tonite. Sheesh-kabob >:(

Auf weidersehen~!


Someone once told me, "Why dont u just forget about it, let it go?"

I replied, "If only we were all robots
, with no memories, no history, no feelings, then yes maybe i could.."

In my journey for the perfect ending that does not exist, i have lost myself and who i really was before.

In my quest to hold on, i have lost my own grip on life.

Maybe it is time for me to open my palms, which i have clenched so tightly and let it go..

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