Thursday, January 21, 2010


Totally random i knw..but i was like so ijsafau8t8904qet0q3tgjpaejgahhlfa GG! about it =.=

Lemme explain what happened, 1st time was becoz my itchy fingers (and abit of OCD) made me cook pancakes, and tat only takes 45mins to cook. Since i had to go out to collect something and send over to the site, i thought i would make it back in time for sure! Sort of a challenge :S Wat! Dont say anything! Shhhh! Endedddddddddd uppppp i came back 2hrs later. FK! Long story and back & forth many times >_> And it was abt 8 stoves worth of food zzzzz.. THEN! My itchy finger decided to cook french toast which takes even less coz i tot since gonna be lunch, ill jz do it and go tapao...and i went to tapao b4 i took it out... and i came see..FLIES! *cry cry cry* Another 8 stoves gone.

Then i saw there were new dishes out, so decided to try the 2hr ones, and DONO WHY for some reason the last 4 stoves, i went and cooked the 5mins dish! O_O; of coz u might ask whats so wrong with that, WELL, if u dont have counters to serve it then YES its a problem =.= So, ended up watching the food spoil and to add insult to injury, the notification came out for the medal T_T

Totally random rant i knw. But who cares D:

So, the day has been totally productive, with some irritation in between, which is a norm and i dont really give a hoot :D Since bosses sacked colleague just like tat, i was waiting for the repercussions to start. As in, since she was asked to leave immediately, her job and whatever work she did was not left to anyone. Though i did expect it would actually bounce to me, i think i had the perfect comeback line, "I dont know" ? :p And yay, got to use it alot today hahahaha :X

Proves them right to think that they are GOD =.=

I can try to do whtever it is she did, bt they cant do much when i cant. And if they decide to blow their top off at me, they got another thing coming ;)

I love my work, i love my work, i love my work! *chants to psyche oneself*

I kinda dread going home today.. i wonder if everyone is still in their own bubble, i knw for sure mum will be :( I realised when there are situations like this, i have nowhere else to go. Virtual land was my hideaway, but nowadays virtual land brings me more sadness than happiness.


& its nice to know that you were there, thanks for acting like you cared,
& thanks for watching as i fall, and letting me know we were done, much for my happy ending.

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